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  1. Demetrios - because l'm most of the way there but can't motivate myself to go through it all again for the deaths and stuff.
  2. Yes, this one in particular is annoying. Are we just mean to concentrate on one stat, and hope it comes up at the end, while doing crap at everything else?
  3. Taking a break from spyro 3 after going straight through 1 + 2. On a bit of a vehicle rush at the moment; finished Table Top Racing after 2 years (lol) and just started onrush. Might throw in some trackmania turbo too.
  4. Table Top Racing World Tour Enjoyment 8.5 Challenge 6 I gave up on this for a long time due to the drift events before learning that downgrading handling and installing drift tyres was possible! That made it easy and I cleaned up the last trophies. Great game. Probably better than Trackmania Turbo. Going to try onrush now.
  5. Meh. I got the spyro 1&2 plat and the best trophies were the level specific ones. Finding all the gems and stuff was easy with sparx so was a bit tedious. If I understand though, not all eggs are required, which could save some tie. Is it 100 that are needed?
  6. I gave up on the drift events. Then I was told that you can degrade the handling of your set car for an event and put drift tires on. I thought the car was locked for some reason. Went back two days ago and tidies up all the drift events easily after this. For this last race, as has been said above, you can just drift around and entire lap after the clock runs down.
  7. Do I really need to clarify that Sony banning it on their system doesn't mean its banned everywhere? I hope people aren't so stupid as to assume that. I've even said these games that aren't allowed on PS4 are completely unviolated on Switch. Are Sony concerned with PR or are they on a morale crusade? Who cares, the result is the same. Given this only happened when Calafornia took control would indicated the latter likely plays a part though. Either way its completely insulting bullshit
  8. Exactly this. The problem has never been paedo shit because that is already banned under existing censorship (certification) bodies. It's the fact that Sony California have said "no, the current status of what is allowed in adult rated games is too tolerant, we aren't going to allow this" and proceeded to censor and ban material a cross the world. Inevitably their censorship just relates to representations of the female body and sexuality.
  9. It's also about why a game was the most disappointing, so the discussion is fair enough. You are right that I didn't specify a specific game though, so let's say omega labyrinth, given it wasn't even released in the west due to Sony's new censorship policy.
  10. Except that hasn't happened and there have been no big complaints about any misinformed idea that it has. Minors, as in underage girls, should be off limits of course. But I've only seen one problematic 15 year old and, OK, if this fictional character had their age changed I would accept that alteration. Sony's censorship goes far, far beyond that and pertains to depictions of adults in adult rated games.
  11. There's literally a thread here listing and discussing the censored games. There are too many for me to list now. Edit: this is old, but has pictures. Since been confirmed by numerous devs to be the cause of delayed and neutered games on ps4
  12. Thank you, although "efforts" is too kind a term. "bittchin" is probably more appropriate (which, if off topic in a thread, is a fair point for criticism - but in the case of SK was definitely appropriate).
  13. That's because none of the mainstream media sites will touch the subject and Sony ban devs from talking about the certification process. Basically, Sony now ignores the rating bodies and just censors what it doesn't like. To be more precise, Sony US, based in California, do as they have been given full control to roll out global "standards". This means even Japanese games only ever to be released in Japan are judged by California standards. All documentation, including questions and complaints, have to be in English and goto the US, so if none of your staff speak English you're screwed. Games have been banned and heavily censored on PS4. Funny thing is, these same game are NOT censored on Switch (because this isn't a rating oard thing, it's a Sony "moral" crusade.).
  14. The I think what you are complaining about is people being disrespectful to each other, not anything to do with censorship right? Unless you think talk about censorship holds a special status - like how we apparently aren't allowed to criticise religion in case people get upset. I think there are probably rules about not being disrespectful to others already. Correct me if I'm wrong. The way you phrased this around censorship was very strange.
  15. So you are tired of reading about it? Easier solution than trying to get this site to shut down conversion don't you think? You could start by not creating threads about it yourself, then move on to not reading other threads about it. Because, as you said, you don't care. Maybe just respect that other people do?