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  1. Thanks so much for the explanation. If player 2 gets some trophies then I guess it isn’t totally Sony’s fault, although I’m sure, like many things, a lack of Foresight from them means things are much more difficult than they have to be for devs in this respect. The number of devs having problems with this type of thing on Sony’s infrastructure is clear.
  2. This is even worse! Thanks for the heads up. So, to be clear, if we play as normal and my wife gets the trophy I can use that same save and switch to single player? Or on a single player save I can select my used character? Or kills are saved separately to game progress? Not ever tried single player.
  3. It’s a fun little game. Nothing missable. Be warned though that player 2 gets no trophies 😕
  4. Are you new? Do you think devs can manage to get player 2 earn achievements on Xbox but mysteriously forget to do so on PlayStation? If a game is server based then player 2 will usually earn trophies on PlayStation, but if it isn’t then they do not a large amount of the time. This is not some fanboy rubbish I’m spouting, I haven’t had an Xbox since 360 and don’t plan on getting one, it’s just a fact that Sony’s infrastructure for trophies and account management seems rushed and I’ll thought out. They know this, they specifically said they were fixing the issue when the PS4 was about to be released but didn’t. I was hoping on PS5 it would be resolved.
  5. Just a heads up that, frustratingly, player 2 does NOT(!) earn trophies! Very disappointing that this is still an issue on PlayStation (has never been a problem in Xbox, and I doubt it will be for this game either). To go into more detail, it doesn’t recognise player 2 as a story character inhabiting the world, Player 2 cannot advance the story, sleep, or save the game. They are just a passenger. It’s not Resi5 levels of broken though, Player 2 at least gets their own persistent inventory it seems. Although I don’t think twice the coins are given out so getting new equipment is going to be twice as hard as usual. If anyone has any workarounds please let me know. Really can’t believe this crap has been going on since PS3 and Sony still haven’t fixed the infrastructure.
  6. At this point, I’ll believe it when I see it. Very easy to say something isn’t censored to get pre orders and sales, and then claim such things are not censorship after release, therefore you weren’t lying. Many people are even so moronic that they think self censorship is not even censorship.
  7. I gave up on the plat 10 minutes after starting and realising that the fantastic game my wife and I had enjoyed on 360 was ruined in the PS4 version, just as it was on the PS3, through not having individual save states in local co-op.
  8. My first plat on this account was 119. I had and account prior to this which I lost when my PS3 was stolen and I forgot the password to recover, not sure what the number was there.
  9. Yakuza 5. I love the series so much, and this was incredible fun. Just the right side of challenging, and encourages you to play every aspect of this phenomenal game Astro Bot is a close second, given it’s one of the best platformers ever made snd made me fall in love with VR all over again…but it’s over too quickly and isn’t particularly varied as a plat
  10. Thanks for the heads up on this. Always willing to try anything in VR, doubly so when it’s free!
  11. The new firmware update, currently in beta, updates Now to give specific times games leave.
  12. Cool, Blue Reflection is one of the few physical games I have left as I’ve never really gotten around to it but always planned to
  13. Might have been PS Now. Same difference. @patrickogorman19 Different opinions I guess. The method of taking shots in that game is different to every other tennis game I have ever played; it was either awful or just not explained well.
  14. More online multiplayer stuff? Still PVZ at least has couch co-op, so could be fun with the wife. Tennis too might be good, the last tennis game they gave free (AO something) was god awful in how it controlled so hopefully this is more traditional. Edit: Damnit! It’s made by the same developer!
  15. Well, I took a quick peak and your profile was only showing the PS5 games, nothing else, and I just thought it was strange. It’s back to showing everything now though. Must have been some type of glitch or something. It was like all your PS4 games where hidden and it showed stats like that. I hope you like 4 better than I did! It’s a good game overall.