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  1. Well PS Now games can be played online without plus. I was happy enough with that. Of course, I don’t have gaming friends, so nobody to pressure me into playing certain games with them.
  2. Think LBP3 does, but don’t quote me on that. Stopped playing it due to the horrendous load times.
  3. Another bloody PS Now game! This is why I never have both services at once and Sony lose my money (other than this one month when I got it a month early due to the BF deal).
  4. Might sound strange, but next time try gently pressing the tip of each faceplate forwards each other and see if the vibration stops. Mine did the same. I think maybe the way the faceplate slot in can lead to them becoming a little loose. Interested to know if it’s just mine.
  5. For me it’s all the time I save not waiting around gif loading. That’s massive for people with limited game time. Next to that it’s the PS Plus Collection. Several games I never hit around to. The controller is great too. Really excited for what comes from that. bad point - I started to notice a slight noise akin to vibration. Maybe the coil whine people have been mentioning. But, funny thing is, if I very slightly push the two face plates together the noise disappears. So I’m thinking the hook mechanism they use for attaching those face plates can lead to them becoming slightly misaligned perhaps. That, or my hands where just dampening the vibration.
  6. Ok, guess I’ll get an auto pop plat once it hits PS Plus then 🤷‍♂️
  7. £2.40 per hour of entertainment is not terrible. I suspect you might feel differently if you hadn’t played the original(?). Still, I don’t pay this amount because I get all my games physical. Even if I had paid the top end you mention of £60 the trade in value (when the shops open) is £41, so £19 overall for a game that would never be played again once completed anyway. So 90p per hour.
  8. It’s actually not a disc game uninstalling, it’s digital games ( Astro Bot Pre-installed and My Time in Portia PS Now). But I’m sure the tip could be helpful for others.
  9. I’ve heard this has happened with people’s disc games, but it’s happened twice to me now. Once with Astro Bot, the other with a PS Now game (Tales of Portia). I take it this is a known glitch without a fix or workaround yet? If anyone has a solution that doesn’t involve waiting she’s to redownload a game that would be great!
  10. Great game, but would have been so much better in VR. The precision of jumping in true 3D (VR) is superior and the collectibles more fun to find. Overall though a nice game; showed of the controller, nice trip down memory lane, and can’t turn your nose up at 4hrs of free game.
  11. Thanks! Still trying to get used to the UI LOL
  12. No issues, but haven’t played much yet. Quick go of Astro but mainly downloading games from the PS Collection (which is taking forever) while working from home. No coil whirl or crashing, one quick question though: where can I see the controller battery status?
  13. That’s what I’m thinking, but would love to have faster load times on Skyrim VR snd hopefully better res if it’s dynamic. Been waiting for the PS5 before playing properly.
  14. I heard that the PS5 may not be able to play 3D blu rays, which I do watch occasionally through PSVR. I don’t know when I’ll get an adapter (nor if it’s even worth attaching the PSVR to PS5 or just leave it on PS4), so I was hoping someone with all the requisite parts could check for me whether 3D movies work through PSVR on PS5. Sorry, I rambled a bit.