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  1. Granblue Fantasy: Versus - they have slutshamed yet another character. Zeta has been put in a very unflattering pair of spanks because her original skirt and underwear was considered too racey by Sony.
  2. Labyrinth Life, and every other game Sony decide to censor for ideological (not legal) reasons. Getting continually slapped round the face and insulted by Sony is not my idea of a good time.
  3. Will have to get along together at this price.
  4. I played the first and returned it after a few hours play. It's lazy, floaty, and no fun. Avoid in my opinion. But that's just one opinion, generally it reviews well. Plus, any platformer after Astro Bot will inevitably seem shit (but no, really, this is bland and the platforming is not sharp).
  5. God of War since it's on PS Now for the next few months. Ok really am finding it a bit of a tedious slog at the moment though.
  6. 13 December 2013. So a little under 6 years. I skipped most of the PS3 life as I had a 360 and only got one just before my PS4
  7. Oh yeah, forgot about the browser thing. I'll check it out after work and let you know if I have issues.
  8. I have s launch PS4 and have never had a hard drive problem. Of course I don't mind deleting games after finishing/plat-ing them. The only people who seem to have issues are those who obsessively keep loads of games installed "just in case". While I have loads of PS4 games to play still I might jump aboard early (although might wait for a second hand one to avoid paying Sony ATM). If I can play my backlog with practically zero loading time on ps5 I'll get through them far quicker!The haptics sounds good, and will hopefully be integrated into new PSVR2 controllers too. I'm also keen to see if the new data heavy UI will keep track of trophy progress like on xbone.
  9. As I said, I'll bow down to your superior knowledge of the radically new FIFAs. As I made very clear, I've played the newer ones and know the gameplay to not be any harder at all, but if the similar looking trophies are radically harder then fair enough. I just haven't experienced the actual on pitch play to be any harder at all. Not saying I disbelieve you.
  10. Speakers were great when used and the tiny LED took approximately zero power. The battery issues are due to the battery used, not power pulled.
  11. They are also making it standard that you can download only sections of a game - handy if I don't care about multiplayer for example; I also want to see what this more data heavy UI will do for trophies - seems ideal to replicate the Xbox achievement tracker system...
  12. Unless CPU AI so suddenly improved leaps and bounds (it hasn't, I know that) then I don't see how the trophies have gotten harder since I last played and got the plat for 14. They are basically the same trophies. But, anyway, I'll bow to your superior experience on newer, radically new FIFA games.
  13. Fun. If the trophies are a long grind I'll just give them up.
  14. After finally catching on (ok, reading) that it's easy to get endless ps now free trials, I've downloaded God of War and Abzu. I'll be working my way through the downloadable selection for a while.
  15. Because the trophy lists are pretty much identical and the games are not getting any more complex (I have played newer ones with friends, just not had any interest in playing them seriously or giving EA money for the above mentioned reasons). Fair enough, I was referring to FIFA exclusively as that's what the thread was about, but I see now you were talking more generally