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  1. Meh, if the devs want speedruns to be part of the challenge for their game on repeat playthroughs they can. I no longer feel like it can go against “suspense” or lose the “heart pounding” nature of its play if it’s already a repeat playthrough. As I hate speedruns I just decided this game has no platinum, and thus is of lesser interest to me. As I have lots of games I am very interested in, with more being released all the time, I’ll unfortunately just never play this game. But, heh, if they want speedruns they can have speedruns.
  2. We haven’t lost it, it’s just been moved forward a few days 🤷‍♂️
  3. GT7. Currently trying to get these bloody gold licenses out the way. On S9 now. 0.2 off so should get that today I hope. I understand S10 is the hardest / most frustrating but can hopefully get that done today too if I have time. After that it’s just a simple grind of online matches and that 30 minute 855,000 race.
  4. Turned out not to be as bad as S7. Finished with 1.5 secs to spare. Just stay on the line and straight as you can around the wide corners. Water doesn’t come into it if you stay on track and the time is lenient.
  5. Oh, lol. Don’t know how I made that mistake. Thanks.
  6. Are you sure? great if so, but after checking again online. maybe they did change it in the end? was different in the original, which was before online took off.
  7. There’s couch co-op in this one? Thank god!!! I couldn’t buy the first as it was only online, and no way I’m buying another PS5 just so I can play co-op with the wife.
  8. Personally, my best game was 5. If you haven’t tried it I’d not wait. Brilliant game and adds a lot of variety. Doing them in order means having to get through 4 though, which was my worst.
  9. 9 - Comprising of 8 Yakuza games and Yonder.
  10. I consider a platinum the indicator of completion for the trophy campaign (rather than narrative campaign) in my games. I enjoy going after the trophy campaigns, often more than the more linear narrative campaigns depending on game.
  11. As it’s taken me 8 1/2 years to get 115 plats, It’s not something I’d ever be troubled by. Don’t stress though, I imagine it’ll be fixed by the time it’s ever an issues.
  12. Thanks for the reply. Still bloody amazing that Sony can’t sort this out. They were meant to fix the known issue when PS4 released, yet here we are.
  13. Does anyone know yet if second player gets all trophies when playing locally? Games on PS have always been extremely inconsistent in this respect.
  14. If a game only has half the campaign (meaning no trophy campaign) that immediately halves my interest in the game. And given how many complete games I have in my backlog and interest list, I’ll likely never get to these. Especially if I’ve already completed the story campaign previously, as is the case with this and many retro titles. Trophies are more important for old games than new ones even as they add some essential newness.
  15. It’s very easy compared to pretty much every other Yakuza plat. Easier than Judgment certainly, as the drone racing is more forgiving. The minigames are easy (the one that caused people issues originally in Judgment is removed). Mahjong is the same as ever, so if you have any of the Yakuza plats you’ll know what the expect (in fact it’s easier than some as specific hands aren’t required if I recall correctly).