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  1. It's been a while since I've actually had to wait until Christmas to get games, but next I'm going to get a PSVR Aim controller and likely borderlands VR, Firewall and Farpoint.
  2. Nothing for vita or VR still? Just the same old AAA PS4 games that can be found much cheaper elsewhere
  3. Astro Bot without a doubt. It really did reinvigorate my love for gaming after a generation of just playing the same old formulaic games. Most astounding game since Mario 64
  4. It's incredibly dull. Generic in the extreme. Hasn't even got appealing environments given the source material. Avoid. Sorry, didn't read all responses.
  5. Those I mentioned were on PlayStation and 2. I didn't mention earlier ones as they are just not easy to get into for modern gamers. If you want to though 6 is the best. I ordered them as I did as 9 has aged very well due to the graphical style and funny characterisations; 8 has more of a cinematic feel after that, larger in scope and with a much better card game than 9; by this time you'll hopefully love the series enough to overlook the aging graphics of 7. 10 is ok. Decent story and shouldn't be missed, but some boring elements. If you didn't like the previous games though it's good you won't get to it as it won't change your mind. As to recurring elements: eidolons(sp)/GFS/summons, Cid as a character name and type, enemies, turn based battles with some type of active time system...
  6. They are largely all completely separate games. Like most of the Takes series I guess. Get into it certainly. I'd go with 9, then 8, then 7, then 10 then, well, that's it. Don't bother with 12 through to 15.
  7. I'd only renew ps plus if they start regularly adding VR games. Now offers massively more value.
  8. I wouldn't mind if I could just set up a US account, but on VITA that's difficult if you want the trophies on your account.
  9. For me, needing to have 3 other game playing friends to make the most of it. Haven't had that since I was a teenager. Plus it was repetitive as fuck.
  10. I've been waiting for rebirth3 to come on sale after getting the first two for around £4 each. I'm giving up hope on EU VITA sales now though. Really is disgraceful.
  11. The only one I had interest in was Romancing Saga 2 but, as expected, no sale on the VITA version. For me the VITA didn't die when Sony stopped making first party games for it, or even immediately when the Switch was released, but it died when Sony stopped putting the games on sale. I want games to play on the go, and I want to get trophies, but I'm not going to pay a VITA tax for these old games.
  12. You may as well. It's free as many times as you can be bothered to make a new email and account. Quite a few good games to download. I'm playing Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits at the moment as I never got around to it on PS2.
  13. Maybe we should organise a Player Update Day. We all update the 30 players below us manually. Sure there will be a lot of overlap but it'll make it unlikely many will be missed.
  14. Astro Bot. Not difficult, but fun, and one of the greatest games ever made.
  15. "Team Account Allowance"? So people can share their account and have multiple people contribute and this is allowed here? That sucks. At least have a stamp or something to label "Team Accounts" if they are found out and/or on a voluntary basis.