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  1. Ok, thanks, don't know how I missed that, it just seemed a bit counter intuitive I guess.
  2. I guess. If shameful platinum means anything to someone it would probably apply to this. I don't really recognise that concept though, so I don't feel ashamed that I have it. For me, I would use the term curio. It was a strange, intriguing (cheap) thing to try and it gave me something to do on a bus ride. I don't have any other cheap platinums I don't think - well apart from Sound Shapes autopop - so I'm not into collecting plats for the sake of it, but Mayo was something to try.
  3. Trophy hunting is a fun way to see every aspect of a game, play it in different ways etc. The value of trophies has always been in that. Also, they have a rarity count for a reason (people who want bragging rights or to feel more accomplished). The main factor impacting someone's level is how much free time they gave, then how much money, then how much they care about trophies, then finally trophy difficulty. If you don't enjoy trophies because you feel you aren't stacking up to others who basically buy easy plat games then I'm not judging, I'd just suggest you look at it from a slightly different perspective - that of how much fun and accomplishment you feel in getting trophies, not how it shows you measure up to other people. I like trophies as extra challenges and memorable milestones, but my 39% completion rate is testimony to my willingness to drop a game I'm not enjoying. Quick question: would it be better for you if PSN had rarity of a trophy impact things like level? Does level matter to you?
  4. The hardware seems more exciting than the jump of this gen was. Sony's censorship policy makes it completely irrelevant though.
  5. They've already said: "#metoo" and other such irrelevant crap. Murder cannot be taught? Seriously? And rape is not a violent act in the same way I guess? Thinking "Sexual stuff" is a bad influence but mutilation not is just...wow, there are no words.
  6. Grindy is not the same as challenging. The former is elitist merely in the fact that those with less time can't get them.
  7. Aaah, so no S rank unless you buy DLC? Well that's a bit rubbish.
  8. Ok, so I bought Soul Calibur6 6, Shenmue 1+2 and Blue Reflection at the weekend. Started them all but have no idea which one I'm going to really work on first...probably Shenmue. Oh, and I'm still working on Conception 2 on the daily commute.
  9. Does the comparative ranking take into account DLC. If so it's a rubbish system, if not it's a great system...
  10. Obviously P4G, but I also enjoyed the first Hyperdimension Neptunia Rebirth game, so will get the others but only when they are on sale. World of Final Fantasy is great. Digimon games are OK. There are loads of good PSP games but they don't have trophies unfortunately. Ratchet and Clank, Sly and J&D gsmes...
  11. Almost embarrassed to write this but, ok, how do you use the camera? I've bought it, but just keep passing it from hand to hand trying to push a button! Any help would be appreciated. Great game by the way. Highly recommended while it's on sale.
  12. PS4 Censored List (recent) https://www.oneangrygamer.net/sony-ps4-censorship-policy-censored-games/
  13. Tales of symphonies plat. One of my favourite games ever nearly ruined because I decided to go for one of the most tedious and long winded plats. Fortunately I have no probably just giving up if I don't enjoy the trophy, but I'd really love to have a plat for this game as it's so fantastic otherwise.
  14. Yes, but my point is that for me all trophies are merely a step on the way to platinum. The colour is irrelevant to me if it is not platinum. I realise this is subjective, but my feeling is that once I've got the plat the game is finished, before that it's not. It's that binary for me. Others are different, they may value gold trophies too, as you do. That's fine too. Others feel they need to get all the DLC trophies to fully finish a game. That's fine too. Just giving my feelings is all. It occurs to me that, if people really wanted trophy ranks to mean anything, they would suggest facial recognition, or maybe having thumbprint recognition on PS5 controllers, as necessary to unlock a trophy on a profile. A far bigger issue than stacking is people using shareplay or just getting others to get trophies for them. Even on these type of sites you hear people unashamedly tell of how they let others play on their profile. I'm a bit OCD and don't allow this, but I'm sure everyone at the top of the leaderboards share profiles, otherwise they must not sleep.
  15. This is why I only really care about platinum trophies to be honest