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  1. They aren’t removing it, it’s already a confirmed feature. It would also make PS Now and PS+ subscriptions much less appealing, which I where the majority of Sony’s growth potential is when you look at where MS get their money.
  2. Yes, seems to be happening all over the world lately, lol.
  3. Don’t the games usually advertise that themselves quite heavily? (I don’t really play those kind of online games anymore)
  4. So, a franchise needs at least two main line games (so I can’t have Astro Bot this gen unfortunately), so: 3rd - Mario 4th - mario 5th - Final Fantasy 6th - Final Fantasy 7th - Elder Scrolls 8th - Dragon Quest Builders
  5. Any accept FFXV, which was terrible in every conceivable way. I voted for DW11 though
  6. Everyone’s different. I never got Plus to play online. Was still good value back when they were giving me 6 games a month. No interest in online multiplayer. Dropped out of my FIFA/COD phase some time ago. Each to their own though.
  7. I really don’t find any value in PS+ compared to PS Now though. The latter is far superior in terms of the number of great games you get.
  8. Lol, sure, who wants 400+ downloadable PS4 games for £50 (less with current sale)?
  9. Then I recommend PS Now instead.
  10. Apparently the remaster is “exceptional” but I haven’t had the chance to try it myself yet
  11. Only buy the PC version as console versions are censored.
  12. Sony has put games like Spider-man, God of War, Persona 5, Bloodborne, Control on there as examples, plus there are so many other great games I didn’t know much about until I found them in PS Now. And good luck finding JRPGs on Game Pass. I’m not knocking that service, I just don’t understand why people still see it as better now that PS Now allowed you to download more games and is cheaper. That’s all. I mean, what games do you think Sony needs to put on to make it worthwhile?
  13. Yeah, if you just started they actually reduced the difficulty some time ago.
  14. Different stroke I guess. PS Now is cheaper and has far, far more games. Even downloadable. The one and only benefit game pass has is that it gets games at launch. I never play games at launch of course, a large backlog and games generally getting patched shortly after release doesn’t really make games at release essential. Also, you do not need PS Plus to play PS Now games online.
  15. I let mine lapse after I got PS Now because it’s just so much better value. PS Plus became a waste of money for me when they stopped providing VITA games.