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  1. @TomoTakino Thanks for that man, but don’t worry about the tiles for me, I don’t even know where I’d use them! I do appreciate your commitment to this thread though, and everyone’s help and encouragement. I’m sad I’ve finished the Yakuza Kiryu series. But looking forward to 7. Judgment is OK, I’m just not enamoured of the characters or combat. I like it enough to go for the plat though, and have already done the Puyo Puyo and drone challenges, which most say are the hardest parts. I doubt I’ll get all the plats unless some remasters happen really, as I’ve retired my PS3 permanently I think. I also don’t think I’ll get the PS5 version of judgment as I planned because, well, I just don’t like it enough to replay. Hope you enjoy it more though. Most seem to think it’s great.
  2. Should be good - if it’s ever released on PC or Switch. I won’t be playing any censored or self censored PlayStation version.
  3. I think the complaint was about forced online, not that it’s co-op. I would love to play this with the wife, but not so much that I’d buy an extra console and TV...local co-op should be a thing. Of course sometimes it isn’t possible, but taking up a PS Plus spot, especially the only native PS5 game, with a game that the vast majority can’t access is going to cause some consternation. That’s the other issue.
  4. @TomoTakino Just finished the plat for Yakuza 6. What a great end to the series and Kiryu’s story (perhaps). Im going to have to go back to Judgment now as I’m most of the way through the plat but, despite so much being the same, the Yakuza games, and Kiryu and the gang, are just far more engaging. Not much to say about the plat. Apart from my wasting hours finding and feeding cats because I figured it was needed for the “all minigames” trophy, whereas in fact I just completely forgot to play Mahjong, lol. I prefer the plat challenges from the previous games, but as this is the 7th I’ve played, I’m ok skipping it for something simpler this time. So, once I finish Judgment (yawn) I’ll be giving North Star a go.
  5. Still no drop on Pantsu Hunter or My Aunt is a Witch. Hopefully soon
  6. I came to say exactly this. Although other ways of differentiating would be ok too, such as a border around the image for example.
  7. Well, I’m glad about having a PSVR compatible game in SW Squadrons. Disappointed with VF5 because I’ve been playing it in Judgment and Yakuza 6 recently...haven’t heard of the last one, will have to look that up now
  8. Ok, well I’m not that supportive, will wait until it goes on a sale for a few £, as that’s all it seems to be worth.
  9. Omg! Game looks awful, but I’m just glad Sony are letting “up-skirts” and “jiggle physics” in their games again! This bodes well. If the game is cheap I might buy it just to support this type of content.
  10. They would almost certainly have decided on what platforms the game would, or at least could, release on as part of the business plan for the game.
  11. That’s why i specifically clarified “self censored”. As in they toned down the game from what it would have been so it is allowed straight through on Sony consoles, and obviously just release that neutered game elsewhere too as 1) that’s cheaper than making multiple versions and 2) it avoids people not buying the Sony version as it’s censored and thus not buying any version as they only have a Sony console.
  12. I’d have done do too, except, watching this video, indicates to me that this game has been massively self censored to get it through Sony’s new puritanical policies...unless this plat guide avoids all the really good CGs that is
  13. Just checked the EU. It hasn’t. Incredibly frustrating, there are a couple of games I’ve been waiting to go on sale for ages.
  14. Sadly this doesn’t appear to be an EU sale. Here in the U.K. Pantsu Hunter is still full price. I do recommend people get Metropolis Lux Obscura, but the sale on this is not even as low as past sales. My Aunt is a Witch is also on sale, but again, at a much higher price than in the US. I real hope this proper sale comes to the U.K.
  15. You realise that my post was after I had played the game right? If it was an amazing experience my post clearly would have been different.