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  1. Easy. Astro Bot Rescue mission. One of the greatest games ever made. Any other suggestion would detract from that suggestion, so I’m morally obligated not to make any more. I have it and you’re correct. I played an hour, saw I really wanted to play more, but decided to play on PS5 in the hope there are auto improvements or an update patch (sadly, I’m thinking the update patch is unlikely now thanks to MS)
  2. I used to stay up until 3am playing games then get up for work at half 6. Work and a wife really pushed into my all important game playing time. Im “only” 37 now, but I’m just not able to even contemplate that any longer. I’m asleep by half 12 and need that sold 6 hours to not feel like a zombie all day. The pleasures of age, lol.
  3. Really. Didn’t know that. Learn something new every day. Still not really important though, the controller “commands” are not processed by the console during streaming, everything is sent back and forth over the servers.
  4. The game isn’t underrated, it’s well know and well loved. A similar game that is a bit more underrated (especially as I think it’s even better, with a more interesting story and more engaging (real time) combat) is Tokyo Xanadu Ex+. It’s on PS Now so I suggest you get a free trial if you haven’t already given it a go. Whom
  5. It doesn’t require anything accept a once per week connection to allow the license. Yes, a connection is required to stream anything. Sony have stacks of ps3s snd I presume PS4 (at least the “guys” so I don’t see why they can’t do the same with ps5s. It’s already the case that only PS4 games can be downloaded and ps3 only streamed. There are separate menus. Not really. PS3 games are playable snd that was never compatible with a ds4. Obviously haptics etc would be lost.
  6. I think everything is set up for subscription services to be the next big battleground. With MS already confirming all next gen first party games are added to Gamepass, Sony would simply be throwing in the towel if PS5 games were not added to some extent. When they are streamed no local processing is required, streaming doesn’t need local power, that’s why MS can send Gamepass to phones and Sony can send it to weak laptops and used to send to smart TVs. Thinking about it, it would be ludicrous if Sony let you stream PS5 games to mobile and other devices and not a PS4, and it would also be ludicrous not to allow streaming to those devices. The only benefit would be selling more loss making hardware. Of course the infrastructure may not be in place for a year or so... Really don’t know how this is all going to pan out.
  7. Interesting question I think. I know there will likely be restrictions because of not having the Dualsense controller but, assuming PS5 games will be added to PS Now (which they undoubtedly will), do you think we’ll be able to stream to a PS4. Im getting PS5 anyway, and I kind of hope this doesn’t happen because I don’t want the whole industry going subscription based, but do you think this will happen? and would you use a PS5 streaming service if it was limited to lower resolutions? If not immediately then later down the line?
  8. They dont have to go after anyone. They have to compete with Gamepass, or try to stop the subscription model being the future of gaming. If the former then it would be cheaper snd less risky to put their own games on PS Now day one rather than buy out another company, but I have reservations about how that would have to impact quality. In fantasy land, presuming they need to, I would say snap up some big Japanese developers and lean into that advantage Sony have always had. Maybe Square Enix, Konami or Capcom. To match Bethesda though Sony would have to get Take Two, and they don’t have the money. Another option would be to team up with Nintendo and do a joint PlayStation Nintendo Streaming Service. Ninty aren’t as immune to Gamepass as people presume. It only takes one generation of parents getting their kids Gamepass because it’s cheaper and Ninty games start losing their nostalgic appeal.
  9. Really excited for the game. I tend to dislike most extreme social activists anyway, so Rowling’s third wave intersectional feminism coming into conflict with the more extreme trans rights positions means it’s basically a wash for me and doesn’t need to impact this purchasing decision.
  10. Depends on the game. The very rare new experiences, the Uber fantastic games, I’ll play just for the joy of it even if I have all the trophies snd even if I have completed everything it has to offer. This gen it’s been true of one game - Astro Bot Rescue Mission. For every other game I am usually bored by the time I get the platinum or 100%. Most plays require you to go through the story and most other things and the final couple of trophies are grinds. Would I still game as much without trophies? Maybe No, because I enjoy the trophy challenges, then again maybe yes because I tend not to start games at all if they have a lot of buggy trophies or ones I won’t enjoy such as speed runs. But this latter is mainly because of a lack of true innovation these days and the fact I’ve been gaming for 3 decades...
  11. Sony already gave us the dimensions: 390mm x 104mm x 260mm (width x height x depth when horizontal, not including base stand) or 15.354 inches x 4.094 x 10.236 so, 15.5 inches with stand when vertical. Time to rearrange some shelves... I must say, the lighting in these pictures is terrible, it looks so much worse than the promo shots. It’ll look better with the lights on I think. Not that I care about looks. I saw this months ago. I’m thinking it actually looks quite good “face on” like this and I may orient are it this way depending on what I can do with the cables.
  12. Whether game saves will be compatible between platforms is entirely dependant on the developers. Sony have cloud functionality, you can already share saves between ps3, PS4 and ps vita, so no problem on that end. I don’t imagine a developer would not use that option, it will just lose them sales.
  13. In case you didn’t already know, the console is already bundled with Astro Bot, a platform game pre installed. Apparently it’s akin to a full blown game in length but we don’t know for sure. Slightly off topic - there’s always the option to get a year of PS Now. For less than the price of a PS5 game you get hundreds of PS4 games to download and hundreds more ps3 games to stream. Admittedly they aren’t native PS5 games. Similarly PS Plus for PS5 comes with 18 of the biggest PS4 games. Its not what we bought a new console for but it’s something. Whether we get actual bundles with a PS5 game will depend on retailers doing “deals” but that depends on supply. I’m actually optimistic because Song says they have more PS5 consoles at launch than they did PS4, yet I doubt they’ll have the same market share: MS are killing it with low budget and finance options even if they don’t have the games.
  14. I doubt Astro bot will have a platinum, so I’d say Spider-Man. The original was a very easy plat. Yes it is. That’s already been confirmed.