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  1. That one’s up next. I’ve really disliked 4 in terms of the plat. Looking forward to actually needing to play the mini games and such. Still, hoping the story is much better than 4.
  2. And talking of wasting I have to do Hard difficulty to unlock legendary, because normal was needed for its own trophy...I know they fixed this with later releases but, man, hate difficulty trophies that don’t stack!
  3. Fuck Komaki. Seriously, fuck him. just had my first attempt. Got to him with several minutes left and nearly full life. He battered me. How the fuck do you fight this cheating c*nt?! He locked me up by kicking me back and forward into a wall. Twice. And when I tried to hit him he just dodges. i’m sure I could work it out eventually, but I don’t see why I should waste my life with the previous 12 easy as fuck fights just get to this arsehole. seriously fuck this c*nt. I don’t care if he’s my mentor, hiding behind 12 arseholes to waste my life is not acceptable. 2nd try. Got to him again. Same deal. But instead of wall locking me he just kept throwing me after blocks which, as far as I’m aware, cannot be avoided. Time isn’t a problem at all. His fucking cheap fighting style is. Actually, none of that’s a problem. It’s having to waste at least 15 minutes before you get another attempt with tedious and irrelevant fights. Note to all devs: respect a player’s time or they will grow to hate your game. 3rd try I finally did it. Was flashing health, but got lucky. Went in with a heat move, did the head but. Then realised I had enough time just to keep blocking him to get my heat up and keep using the head but. 3 did the job. The luck was in him hitting me rather than throwing. It helps if you stay a bit back to draw the combo but some can’t be blocked.
  4. Games installed: 344.5Gb Media: 799.1Mb Saved Data: 6.40Gb Other: 65.31Gb Left 250.3Gb Mainly PS4 games, only PS5 games are Sackboy (disc), No Man’s Sky, Astros Playroom, Worms Rumble, Destruction Allstars, Bugsnax, Dead by Daylight,
  5. Fallout 4, just stuck at 99% settlement happiness. Followed several guides, none worked, convinced it’s glitched. Diablo 3. The grind was just too much, better things to do with my life, lol.
  6. It’s at £1.79 again, just grabbed it and having loads of fun.
  7. I’ve just done 0-3 on Ps5 and had no real issue. Ex hard baseball was very tight but manageable. I don’t think it’s open frame rate, think it’s locked
  8. Recently beat my “record” by finishing Yakuza 0 after 3 years 10 months. originally couldn’t do Mahjong and gave up, but after teaching myself I went back and managed to do it and then it was pretty easy run to the plat. In fact I’ve done the next 3 Yakuza games too as I’ve learned to love mahjong.
  9. Yes, very happy. Haven’t played many ps5 only games yet, but back compat is smooth and saves me loads of time at loading screens. Controller is not perfect (loss of the gap between 1 and 2 shoulder buttons means my finger has slipped down and hit the wrong button multiple times, plus one of my face buttons has gone mooshy), but the console itself is great and super fast at everything. I do have the issue of the face plates vibrating at an annoying frequency, but placing a paperback on top fixed that until I find something more permanent (some putty in the hook holes I’m thinking)
  10. I’d say any elder scrolls after Morrowind. Combat is simplistic, story verges between dull and non-existent, there’s no real diversity to activities in the game such as mini games and such to break the monotony, and they are often full of bugs and poor performance areas.
  11. Thanks for that and, yes, batting is tougher than previously. The old method of waiting for your bat to hitch and then hitting doesn’t work as the window for hitting is just so tight at 60fps. You now actually have to watch the ball and judge speed and distance before hitting. More realistic but more difficult. I’ve hit a bit of a motivation wall with 4. Not sure if it’s the new character, slow story, slow movement (it’s like the engine can’t cope and they had to slow traversal and have more environmental pop in) or just burnout as this is my 5th successive game, but I haven’t even finished part one (although I have done all the substories for the part). Plat is obviously easier though, as there is no need to complete the mini games, which I’m actually a bit sad about.
  12. I can’t imagine they’d wait on SoP for such a routine announcement unless it was a very, very, good month, or it wasn’t so routine (PS Now integration or something).
  13. If they are waiting for State of Play, that’s 10pm GMT tomorrow by the way.
  14. No biggy. It is usually half 4 on this last Wednesday. You weren’t to know. Lol.
  15. Hope it isn’t remake. Or any other game I own, lol. New games or AA are the way to go I think.