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  1. Couldn't get it to work on VITA, but used the other method of jumping on the tree and over the side, which was easy enough to do.
  2. Great. I'm waiting for confirmation none of them are newly censored by Sony before buying so having them all released at once would be really helpful.
  3. Ok. I haven't had any problem with my profile, but it would be a shame if lots of people's details are outdated because the site has forgotten them for some reason, it basically makes everyone's position incorrect and all the stats too. Good to know they are starting to be auto-updated now. Hopefully it doesn't go back to a situation were auto-updates stop and the ones already far outdated can be brought back up to date without user involvement.
  4. I think I was lucky getting there before any glitches. I just played normally and, after a few days, found myself getting diamond cups regularly. Cheaters ruin it for everyone if what you say is true.
  5. 11 months!? The whole game took me 5 months to plat, but I spent much of that only playing single player before moving to the daily and weekly challenges. Can't see how it could take twice that just for the online unless something has radically changed. I'm not especially great at games I'll add. Maybe people are cheating and making it much harder to get the top trophy.
  6. Any idea why it doesn't update automatically? I've recently updated someone and they jumped over 9000 points and it shows they have achieved trophies recently. Does it only update automatically if people log in to the site? I'm now doubting everything! Lol
  7. Just get the top trophies and persevere. It only takes maybe half an hour a day. A bit of practice is all it takes. You'll find you'll do it more easily on some types of events than others. Then again, I did it before all these exploits people talk about - perhaps there are cheaters making it harder to get the top times now? Haven't played it for a long time.
  8. Great game. Really enjoyed it. Such a shame about the sequel, which basically became a tedious stealth game
  9. I think the only game I've replayed in the last 20 years is astro bot. Such a phenomenal game. Truly breathtaking
  10. Such a shame. I'll try it due to the VR (and I don't have any of the few DLC trophies as I stopped playing after getting the plat) but I was hoping for some new trophy challenges
  11. I haven't played this yet either (waiting for a physical game of the year addition with all DLC because I'm cheap) but in my opinion there are 5 things which lead to plats being rare. 1) yes, difficulty of a trophy. None of these trophies require great skill; 2) missable trophies. People generally don't want to play a whole game again just for one trophy missed the first time. No missable trophies here; 3) trophies were guides are needed, realistically, such as for well hidden collectables. No need for a guide here; 4) glitches trophies. Not the case here; 5) a game not being fun, especially with the huge number of games available. Not the case here I understand. In short, many non trophy hunters will get a platinum if none of the above are true, such as with this game, and so the rarity will be much lower than any games incorporating one of the above.
  12. Meh, oh well. I was never going to win with a few anyway. Perhaps next time round. RPGs are my favourite genre but sometimes I just give up at the grind. Thought this might help.
  13. So, I've only just seen this thread and would like to be included but can someone explain how the scoring works as I'm a bit lost. I seem to have 7 RPGs since Feb...(don't know if I can use the spreadsheet on my phone)
  14. Most games are a few pounds used so, as long as you aren't thinking about online play, this is a great time to get a PS3. Even if PS5 is BC I'd still recommend you buy the games you want now before they rise in price in the even that PS5 can play them.
  15. Tales of symphonia. Would love to have it, but it requires several more playthroughs and I'd rather actually have fun with new games. Maybe over the years I'll grind it down.