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  1. Thanks for the warning. Hopefully saving a backup to the cloud regularly should provide sufficient insurance.
  2. I played it without the sound lol.
  3. Well, I finished it, then replayed everything again, but more quickly. Then used a guide to get the last few collectibles! It was epic!!!
  4. Tales of Vesperia. Well, not really too hard, just too long. Same with finishing Symphonia, would rather plat several other games than repeat that one 4 more times.
  5. I know right, I need people to hear about my really impressive Lego Movie platinum, lol.
  6. Lego Movie (VITA) Enjoyment - 7 Difficulty 2 Never played a lego game before really, but being on the VITA meant it killed some bus time. No missable trophies which I like. I got a couple of other lego games years ago with my VITA - might give them a go now.
  7. Chasing 100% is something I've never cared about for this reason. I like going for plats, when it's fun. One of the reasons I preferred the trophy system to the achievement system on 360
  8. Astrobot is an absolute must. Mario 64 levels of wonder. Resi7 is good too. I recommend avoiding Moss by the way. Don't know why this tedious title got such great reviews.
  9. Its an easy plat,cespecially with a guide. My biggest issue was getting all the cards but that was resolved with a patch thankfully. If you have issues on death march then you can just set up to get your enemies to kill each other then just dispatch the last (certain skills in the game are very overpowered)
  10. Well, I wanted my 50th plat to be ni no kuni 2 because ni no kuni was my first trophy and... Well, don't know really, lol
  11. It probably sounds strange, but I wish they would stop porting Vita games. I would prefer the portable version, but will feel now I'm not getting the best possible version unless I go PS4 (especially if things are added or improved like in TX for example). I know, options are a stupid thing to complain about.
  12. Speed runs and no save runs.
  13. OK, cool, thanks. Although, in all honestly, I doubt I'll ever work up the motivation to go back to save scumming. Nice to know I'll have the option though.
  14. I own the PS4 version but got bored of the endgame grind for trophies. Does this mean I can't download it now? Deleted it for hardrive space)
  15. Hopefully Sony just release a BC version and non BC version. I have no desire to pay again to play games I can already play on my PS4. Unfortunately, features like this will mean Sony have to make performance cuts in other areas to still keep a consumer acceptable price point.