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  1. Not dragon quest heroes 2. So much worse than the original (which is great, get that if you haven't). Ni No Kuni 2 is a really good game. Haven't played DOS2. I mainly just wanted to tell you to avoid dragon quest heroes 2
  2. I will generally look at a guide before starting because there are often missable trophies which require that you do so - no in game markers or hints at all ( I don't have time to play trial and error across multiple playthroughs as I largely like JRPGs which can take hundreds of hours). I'll then have no more than 3 games on the go across PS4 and VITA, one usually being a small pallet cleanser for when long games seem like too much effort. If I finish a game to my liking but have a long grind to an easy plat, I may well just give up. Life is too short (e.g. Diablo3)
  3. It can be improved. Think of it that way if the term "broken" is problematic for you.
  4. I quite deliberately worded my statement. The platinum is a fun target. Taking it away removes that fun target, which is present in lots of other games. It is not the sole target, neither should it be, but it informs my decision on how much fun I may have with a game when I'm deciding on the next game to play. With so many games in my backlog, the grind of RDR2, and the fact the plat would not be fun...
  5. I care nothing for other people's profiles or leaderboards etc. I do think this is a nice way for me to measure myself however. A cool feature, and the main bar would be the most convenient place for me, but if other people are against that then put it somewhere else.
  6. This. Just to emphasise again, I'm not an elitist, a completionist, or anything else. I have crap plats and autopop plats, alongside 200hr investment games. I'd like a way to show how many of each I have. A nice little ribbon for a hard plat is all good, it's not like you are looking to give out cowpat awards for our easy ones.
  7. I love this idea!! I have a few very easy plats that I found fun, don't regret, but do feel ruin my profile a little. Devaluing them in this way I would consider a good thing. I also don't really go for very rare plats, but I feel these ribbons would be the motivation I need to have fun doing so. I do think they should be on the main profile bar as you suggest.
  8. Skyrim is not the greatest first choice. You should try astro bot. Everybody should try astro bot. By doing so you'll build up an easy tolerance, play one of the greatest platformers ever made, and ensure that you are motivated to get through any motion sickness moving forward.
  9. It's just that removing the platinum takes away a big fun target in a game for me...
  10. Have you only just seen this? It's been this way for years. It's the main benefit of plus. They are actually forcing people away from plus in my view by removing 4 of the games while increasing the price. I will not be renewing certainly. Not unless they add VR games.
  11. Don't give Sony any of your money. Get the Switch version or, if that's not possible and you can stomach being repeatedly insulted, ensure you get the PS4 version secondhand so Sony don't benefit. Personally I couldn't play a game while being continually reminded that I've been stolen from (I've played Criminal Girls, but that was a change required by the ratings bodies and so I could direct my annoyance elsewhere, not at the platform I was supporting).
  12. Astro Bot. Nothing else even comes close.
  13. With the reduction in n game another price rise in Europe is unacceptable. I'm already very much on the fence renewing, and probably won't unless VR games are added.
  14. I haven't played that, but I got the plat on riddled corpses and found it an incredibly fun game.
  15. Currently going for the kingdom hearts games at home (just started 1) and the Hyperdimension Neptunia games when out (on Rebirth2). That's the next couple of years sorted.