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  1. I play too many games concurrently to finish very many in a timely manner. I'm currently playing Final Fantasy X-2, Iconoclasts, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Joker drops tonight!), I just started Horizon Zero Dawn, and all of that with rounds of Tetris 99 peppered in. I played through that game a zillion times as a kid on my SNES. I got so good at it I'd rarely die. I tried playing it again a few months ago and I was terrible. A couple decades away from the game will really deteriorate your Smash TV skills...
  2. Are you confident that Gamestop will still exist by the time the PS5 is released? That's a serious consideration at this point. You are a marketer's dream customer.
  3. I'm using the Star Wars Battlefront II theme. The game may be controversial, but at least the theme looks great. I have trouble finding themes I like. They usually either (1) make the text on the main UI too difficult to see, (2) have an ugly background color for sub menus, or (3) have a really annoying noise associated with moving the cursor from item to item (sometimes all three!). I've tried several others, but always reject them after trying them out. The Battlefront II theme is one of the few I've liked.
  4. I'm in the boat of: 1. I hate EA. 2. I trust Respawn. I know EA has the ultimate control, but it does seem that Respawn has the longest leash and the greatest autonomy of all the EA studios. So I'm more hopeful than not at this point.
  5. I think the most important thing is to wait about 10 seconds after the helicopter lands before you exit the booth. That gives the arriving troops time to thin out the enemies. I had the same problem before I tried that strategy - I'd get slaughtered as soon as I stepped out of the booth. Also, place your C4 around the booth and detonate it just before exiting. Funny side story, I actually had a dog run into the booth at the height of the grenade explosions. Jump scared the crap outta me because I certainly wasn't expecting that.
  6. Well hot damn, after what felt like about 8 million attempts I finally got it at 14.8 seconds. My previous best earlier today had been 15.25 and I have no idea how I shaved off almost a half second from that time, especially considering my accuracy bonus was only 2.6 on my successful attempt. My run still looks pretty sloppy when I watch it, but hey I'll take it. Maybe the extra conversation today helped me release some tension and relax a bit. Thanks for the pointers and encouragement, everyone.
  7. Sometimes I swear that I see splinters flying away from the wood directly behind the target, but the guy's still standing there like "Ha ha, I'm ethereal! Your bullets pass right through me!"
  8. Steins;Gate came closest for me. Which probably seems pretty silly, since the game isn't difficult. But it does have multiple endings, which almost screwed me over. Steins;Gate has six different endings, and each ending has an associated trophy. There's also an additional trophy called "All Worldlines Complete" for completing all six endings. I was playing through the game, reaching each of the endings, the trophies were popping accordingly, no sweat. After completing the sixth ending (the "true" ending), the trophy for that ending popped, and I thought "Great, that's the last one!" 15 seconds passed, then 30, and then the realization set in that All Worldlines Complete wasn't going to pop. What the hell? I had the individual trophies for all six endings, but the trophy for completing all six endings wasn't popping. The game has an in-game feature which tracks percentages towards trophy progression. I checked that and saw that for some reason I was only getting credit for four of the six endings, even though I had all the trophies. Worse yet, I didn't know which endings hadn't been counted. I thought the game had glitched on me and I was just screwed. So I used chapter select and tried blazing through the endings again until All Worldlines Complete finally popped. I still don't understand how the hell that happened, but at least I was able to fix it in the end. It had me demoralized for a bit though.
  9. My biggest problem is with the doorways, I always seem to get hung up in them. Especially the last one that you need to strafe out of sideways. Brings me to a dead stop most times.
  10. I'm about ready to give up on this frustrating trophy. I guess fast precision FPS skills just aren't my forte. This feels much more difficult than ...Becomes the Master to me. At least with that trophy I could see gradual improvement in my times. With this one I'm just stuck at 18.5-ish seconds.
  11. I'm happy to see this thread picked up a little steam! Thanks for your replies, everyone. I'm gonna add Destiny 2 to my list. I know it's not universally praised and has received quite a bit of criticism, but it does have a very loyal fan base (I have a friend on my list who has literally played nothing but Destiny 2 since it came out). I couldn't get into it at all. Maybe looter shooters just aren't my thing.
  12. I've never tried doing this, so I don't doubt what you say... that said, if I see a physical version on sale, I'd much rather purchase the physical copy anyway, so it never would have occurred to me to ask if the retailer would honor the same price for a download code.
  13. I wouldn't jump to this conclusion yet. Humble Bundles are tied to charity and feature older games that would very rarely sell at full price anyway. Sony would look really bad if they stopped these.
  14. Those third party download codes always seem like the most expensive way to purchase a game anyway. If you're going to buy digital, at least the PSN store has frequent sales, you'll never get those buying a code third party.
  15. Directly under the original post, I've got an Amazon ad for a double platinum spark plug.