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  1. Well you now have about 200 fewer hidden trophies compared to when I first responded and both COD WWII and TLoU are showing on your profile, so I suspect hidden games may have been part of the problem.
  2. You have hidden games. Are any of those the ones you're looking for?
  3. #66 - MediEvil "Savior of Gallowmere" Difficulty: 2.5/10 Enjoyment: 6.5/10 This was my first time playing this game; I couldn't wear PS1 nostalgia goggles while I played it. Because I lacked those goggles, I was able to see several antiquated PS1-era mechanics and flaws quite clearly. The controls felt clunky, the camera was absolutely awful in many places, the hitboxes were questionable, and the aim assist often chose the least desirable target when there were multiple enemies on screen. Since this was a remake and not a remaster, I don't quite understand why they held on to so many outdated aspects of the PS1 era. Playing this certainly feels like playing a PS1 game. A very pretty PS1 game. Even with all those flaws, there's still enjoyment to be had. The game looks great and has a cute story, and once you accept the outdated gameplay for what it is and adjust accordingly, it can still be satisfying. A couple of the stages will provide a decent challenge the first time through and you might even die a few times. Dying on a level means starting it over from scratch - there are no checkpoints within levels. Some people complained about this, but I didn't think it was too bad. And the trophy images look great.
  4. I figured, but it's good to know for certain. Thanks for the confirmation.
  5. Question for anyone who has claimed this game through the PS+ Collection on PS5 - is The Old Hunters DLC included? My guess is no, but I'd like to know for sure. I've scanned over the forums here and elsewhere and I can't seem to find any confirmation, only speculation. The DLC is on sale right now, so it would be nice to know whether I should buy it. Apologies if this has already been answered elsewhere and I missed it.
  6. I'm glad Hades won for best action game. It's so good and deserves the recognition!
  7. I recently earned a couple of platinums in quick succession. Look at me go! #64 - Queen's Quest 3: The End of Dawn "Platinum" The same 'ol Artifex Mundi formula: find some hidden objects, solve some easy puzzles, don't use any hints, and don't skip any minigames, and bam, platinum trophy. You don't even need to play on the "hardest" difficulty or play the extended bonus material if you'd rather not. I kind of like hidden object games, but this is probably my last one for quite a while. Story wise, the writing here is quite fantastic, the voice acting will really impress.... sorry, I know none of you are falling for this anyway. The story could be a fantastic continuation of Queen's Quest 1 and 2, but I wouldn't know because I never played them. So why play this game? The letter Q, my friends, the letter Q. It was one of the few remaining letters I needed to complete an A-Z platinum collection. There isn't exactly a wide variety of Q games to choose from, so when I saw this on sale for two bucks and change, I decided to just buy it and knock the letter off my list (it was the cheapest of all the Queen's Quest games). Three letters to go... #65 - Monster Jam: Steel Titans "Steel Titan" A rather pleasant surprise with this game. It was added to PS Now so I gave it a shot, had a decent enough time with it and got a platinum trophy to boot. It's a game I would never have purchased or considered playing if it wasn't available on PS Now, but with the option of playing it for no additional money, I got some enjoyment from the game. I always loved catching the occasional monster truck special on TV as a kid, but never got to attend any shows in person and honestly had forgotten all about monster trucks since then. So this game provided a bit of kid-era nostalgic fun for me.
  8. Other people in your house probably left a game suspended when you logged in. When someone else leaves a game suspended on PS4 and you log in, PSN will show you as "playing" that game, even though you never actually activated the game yourself. It won't add the game to your trophy list, but if you check the app when this happens it looks like you're playing the game. I follow ps-timetracker1 to keep track of my total play times for games, and whenever my son leaves a game suspended and I log in, I see time added for these games.
  9. I just played a game of UNO online with friends, so they're not shut down. It did take a couple of tries to get our game up and running though.
  10. #63 - Return of the Obra Dinn "Platinum" I really thought I'd like this game more. Unfortunately it was a meh experience for me. I'd seen how this game had received tons of acclaim for its art style, story, and gameplay. I watched a few short clips from people who loved the game, thought "Yeah, that looks kind of neat" and added it to my wishlist. It was never a top priority game that I was dying to play, so I was willing to wait it out until the game went on sale. It sat on my list for a full year and I was wondering if the game would ever go on sale. Then I saw for 40% off on the store and pulled the trigger, but after playing it I wish I hadn't. This is one of those games where I can recognize the quality of the game, and I can see why so many others would praise the game, but for me it just wasn't that great. I don't dislike the game, but I'd rather have spent my time and money playing something else. I'm glad I at least got this game on sale, but I wish I'd spent more time researching the game before buying it. A general consensus from critics and other gamers that a game is great doesn't mean it's the right game for you. I should have spent a bit more time researching this one from the perspective of my own tastes. Lesson (hopefully) learned, onto the next one!
  11. OP has pulled off quite the impressive troll job here.
  12. Collecting all.the presents and rolling all items will be the only stumbling blocks, everything else is story related. Compared to Katamari Forever, this is an incredibly easy list.
  13. Last year my family and I took a trip to Ireland and made a loop around the northern half of the island (Belfast, Derry, Donegal, Galway, and Dublin). We had a great time and would like to come back to visit the southern half sometime. Any recommendations for can't-miss locations?
  14. So yesterday I received a message from Sony on my PS4 notifying me that my pre-order for Cyberpunk 2077 was pushed back to December 10, giving me the opportunity to cancel pre-order and get a refund if I'd like to. Thing is, I didn't pre-order Cyberpunk 2077 (and I don't have a credit card tied to my PS account, so it's not like I could have been charged by mistake). Does anyone know if this was a system-wide message that Sony mistakenly sent out to everybody? If Sony thinks I've got a pre-order and wants to give me the game when it releases, I guess I won't complain. Seems unlikely though. Edit: Received a follow up message saying I may have received the first message in error and apologizing for the inconvenience. Guess that explains that.
  15. Combat in Hades is faster but also much more precise than Bastion. Controlling Zagreus feels natural and responsive. The writing has great bits of humor and the voice acting fits perfectly. The combat chambers are different on every run, so the game always feels fresh. The music is absolutely fantastic. The best thing about the game for me is how the game handles your deaths. Naturally you'll want to progress as far as you can on each attempt, but dying isn't as frustrating in this game as in most others because you need to die in Hades to see the story progress. You also need to die to access all areas of the game's progression system. So while I'm trying to get as far as I can, I'm also weirdly looking forward to my next death. All of that makes for a unique game that's a blast to play.