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  1. The side missions need to be completed in one playthrough for the trophy, you can't do half of them on normal mode and other half on TVHM. You'll have to either complete them all on TVHM or switch back to your first playthrough at the main menu and complete them all on normal mode to get the trophy. If you're looking for advice, you're probably better off doing them on normal mode for that trophy, since you've presumably already completed many of them on that playthrough.
  2. Has anyone gotten one of the new revision flagship Switches that runs cooler and has better battery life? If so, what do you think? I'm trying to decide if it's worth it to upgrade just for the battery life. I wouldn't make much use of the better battery at home, but I can see it being very useful on trips, especially with a 7-year-old who likes video games (I try to raise them right). Used early model Switches are still selling for more than $200 on eBay, so I could upgrade for less than $100 by selling my old one. Thoughts or experiences to share?
  3. #30 - Marvel's Spider-Man "Be Greater" I'm sure most of you have either already played this game or seen a thousand reviews, but in case you haven't: It's great! I really enjoyed playing through this game. It's not perfect (no game is), but it's definitely one of the best games I've played. While I hadn't really planned on this ahead of time, I'm happy this will be one of the milestone trophies on my profile. Not because it was difficult or anything, but simply because I like looking back on my gaming history and remembering the fun times with great games. I like that this will be a frequently seen reminder trophy for me. I decided to take a celebratory selfie from atop the Empire State Building. I'm sure about 6 million other people have done the same thing, but I like the way mine turned out...
  4. This is probably a pipe dream, but since it's a wish list... I'd love to see these games get released in a nice trilogy package on PS4, but the chances of that happening are probably damn near zero for two main reasons: The series creator said the trilogy as a whole underperformed. Episode I started out strong and Episode II had a decent reception, but interest had significantly waned by Episode III. When Episodes I and II were re-released on the Nintendo DS, even those sold poorly in Japan and never got a release in any other region. I don't know who owns the rights to these games - they were made by Monolith Soft and originally published by Namco. Monolith Soft was bought out by Nintendo in 2007, so if Monolith Soft retained the rights to these games, then the games are currently owned by Nintendo. All of this is a damn shame for anybody interested in playing these games. There aren't very many non-Japanese copies of Episode III available (used region 1 copies typically cost AT LEAST $80 on eBay), so playing the entire trilogy is expensive. A man can dream, though...
  5. I played a ton of Doom and Doom II on PC back when they originally released. Way more than my parents probably wanted to see, I'm sure! They were great, but I think I'd rather try something new.
  6. I'm looking for a new game for my Switch, preferably something that can be played in short increments. While I'm sure massive games like Fire Emblem are great, I need something less... epic, shall we say, to be played in shorter stints. Right now my two main contenders are Cadence of Hyrule and Cuphead. I downloaded the demo for Cadence and it seems like a lot of fun. I've always loved Zelda games, and the music would be amazing. I've never played Cuphead, but I've heard it's awesome and provides a good challenge. Is there anybody who had experience with these games who wants to weigh in and help me decide? I like the Cadence demo, but is the full game worth $25? Cuphead is only $20, and by all accounts is well worth it at full price. Or feel free to throw out other suggestions.
  7. While not untrue, do you really think that's the reason? Seems unlikely to me. If hackers want a boatload of platinums to boast about, you'd think they'd choose more prestigious games than Scene It and DDR. @HaserPL's explanation is more likely IMO.
  8. I've actually thought about this before and wondered (theoretically of course) how they would handle the korok seeds and inventory space. Would a trophy be tied to just maxing out all inventory space, or would you need to find all 900 effing seeds to get a trophy? If getting the platinum required all 900 seeds, I gotta admit I'd probably bail on the platinum pursuit.
  9. I ordered this one and I love it: https://www.amazon.com/Hestia-Goods-Switch-Carrying-compatible-Nintendo/dp/B0711K97BS/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=hestia+goods+nintendo+switch+case&qid=1565268654&s=videogames&sr=1-3 I feel like it protects the Switch well and it has all the storage/compartments I need. I also received great customer service from the company when the nylon strap used to lift out the Switch began to fray - they sent me a new case at no charge. If you get this one, I'd recommend adding some electrical tape to the end of the nylon strap to prevent future fraying. The black tape blends in and actually makes it easier to get a hold of the end of the strap. For ten bucks I think it's a great deal.
  10. The ribbon system idea came from site mods, this one didn't. Which probably explains the priority being given to the ribbon system. I'm not trying to knock the mods, just pointing out human nature.
  11. You just need to be very close to the enemy when you make the kill, there's no requirement to be stealthy or receive damage first. Basically you need to be right up in the enemy's face for it count as close-range.
  12. The only challenge I found especially tedious was the one for close-range shotgun kills. You need 750 of them to unlock another set of shotgun challenges. I only had like 150 after finishing the main campaign. There's also a challenge which requires you to get 200 indirect rocket launcher kills, but that can be accomplished in like 20 minutes by revisiting a level with lots of varkids over and over. Nothing else too bad for the challenges.
  13. Where are you getting this? Even if you pay month-to-month (the most expensive way), it's $10 a month. So all your subsequent numbers are off even in a worst case scenario. With a full price yearlong subscription, PS+ is 5 bucks a month. Wait for a sale around Black Friday or during one of Sony's big promotional periods and you can get a year subscription for $3.33 a month. Edit: Partially ninja'd by DaivRules. You sneaky Shinobi you. Edit 2: You must be referring to Australian dollars, in which case I can't dispute your numbers (I'm using US Dollars). But I can dispute that it's "objectively" a bad value. Personally I think it's worth it for the discounts and cloud saves, with a handful of good games thrown in each year as a nice bonus.
  14. Making your PSN account private won't work?
  15. Que raz√£o foi dada para a bandeira?