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  1. I decided to go ahead and buy all the PS3 content I planned on buying anyway, just so I wouldn't have to worry about it down the road. Included in my purchase were some PS1 classics. It had been a long time since I'd played one of those, and I completely forgot that those games download installer files and not the actual games (and then the games show up on the opposite end of your list once installed). I spent a good 10 minutes thinking "Why the fuck won't these games open, they just keep installing over and over!" Felt kind of dumb afterwards, but good news, the games work fine! Just a PSA for anyone who suffers from a similar brain fart.
  2. It's not your PS4's fault. I played on a PS4 slim and got through it. It's just a matter of practice.
  3. Reading through this thread again, I'm having a hard time seeing the justification in some of the complaints. Maybe it's because my situation is similar to AJ_Radio's in that I'm old(er) and grew up with platformers, but I didn't find anything in these games to be unfair at all. Challenging yes, but unfair/broken/unplayable? Not even close. Even Stormy Ascent wasn't all that bad (I found it less difficult than The High Road). Maybe platformers are just my jam. There are certainly plenty of other games at which I'm awful. But calling these games broken or unplayable is not valid.
  4. A lot of the games on your list are available through PS Now. If your internet connection is decent, you could probably save yourself a lot of money with a 3 or 12 month subscription and knock out all of the games available through the service that way. Unless digital ownership is important to you, in which case nevermind. Personally, I'm going to buy Vagrant Story, Parasite Eve 2, Detuned, Chrono Cross, Ratchet & Clank Deadlocked, and the Ratchet & Clank Collection.
  5. People who paid for the digital version get the upgrade as well. What game are you playing? I play Broforce online without any problems. I've also had success playing some of the streamed PS3 games (Final Fight, Golden Axe, Altered Beast) online just fine. It probably varies from game to game and isn't a problem rooted in the Now service.
  6. I actually quite enjoy my PS Now subscription and feel like I've gotten excellent value from the service, but Sony really needs to clean up all their services and offer a clear, good value to everyone. Right now they've got Plus, the Plus collection, and Now all offering overlapping games, which causes confusion and resentment from their subscribers.
  7. I don't think a PS5 version of any game has been offered on PS Now, and Square Enix confirmed that Avengers will be the PS4 version: https://www.ign.com/articles/marvels-avengers-borderlands-3-and-the-long-dark-join-playstation-now-this-week So BL3 will most likely be the PS4 version as well.
  8. PS1 emulation is quite easy. I've got it set up on a Raspberry Pi and it works well (although I do need to put a small fan under the Pi to prevent it from overheating while playing PS1 games). I followed instructions on RetroPie to set up my system and had a couple hiccups, but nothing major. And I'm not the most knowledgeable emulation guru, so if I can do it, it's pretty easy.
  9. I don't know many details either, but games get removed from game pass all the time. Every game probably has its own deal. I can't imagine MS sees much value in keeping this on game pass more than a year when the next iteration is released.
  10. Well I sure hope Sony worked out something on the front end of the deal to make this worth their while. Otherwise why pay MLB for the license to continue developing the game?
  11. This will be launching day one on game pass for Xbox players: Thoughts? I'm sure Sony's getting paid a bag of cash for this, but it really creates a weird look for them...
  12. Soulstorm was confirmed a few weeks ago during a State of Play. I'm looking forward to it too, I've never played an Oddworld game.
  13. @darkalphar This is incorrect. I have a PS Now subscription, but my son does not. When I start steaming a new PS3 game, it adds an icon for that game to the system UI screen (I guess to save time the next time you want to stream that game without needing to go through all the PS Now menus). That icon shows up on my son's home screen as well when he logs in, and he can stream the games just the same as I can. If we find a PS3 game he wants to play, I just need to briefly begin a stream so the game will show up on his home screen, then he can play it anytime he wants. It's been useful. Don't know if different rules apply in other regions, but that's how it works for us (we're in the U.S.). Additional information: If your secondary account is from the same region, you won't have any problems with this. But if your secondary account is from a different region or a region that doesn't have PS Now, this probably won't work.
  14. You lucky SOB... I haven't received this email and am still stuck in "Thank You For Your Purchase" territory. Question for those who received the email: have you made recent PS3/PSV purchases on those stores? I don't own a Vita and haven't made a PS3 purchase in about 30 months, so I wonder if recent buyers are getting the email first. I'm probably giving Sony too much credit and it's just random who gets the email first.
  15. My platinum times are almost always higher than the estimates given in guides. Sometimes by a few hours, sometimes by dozens of hours. My humble advice is that it's not worth comparing your platinum time to the guide estimate or to anyone else's time. We all play games our own way. My platinum time on FFVIIR was about 90 hours. The toughest bosses for me in the hard playthrough were the one-on-one battles against Reno and Rufus. Reno killed me three times, Rufus gave me fits and killed me at least six times.