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  1. Thanks for doing this! The GOT State of Play presentation swayed my vote to that game.
  2. Do you have any other accounts? If so, any chance you're confusing your level with an alternate account? Or do you have family/roommates who play on the same console, and perhaps you're thinking of their level? I've never heard of trophies just disappearing.
  3. I can't disagree with what you say, but you missed the point. My stance is that the argument of "most people already own this/these games" is never true.
  4. People say this every time big games are offered through PS+, yet every month both games show up in the PSNP top 10 most popular games. Even if a game has sold 15 million PS4 copies prior to being on plus, that means less than 14% of PS4 owners bought the game.There's way more people who don't own a game than own it, no matter what the game is.
  5. While I see your point, I'm not sure the likelihood is as minuscule as some people think. There are a lot of situations that could cause long delays in syncing. Looking at this through my own life's lens (as we all are), I didn't turn on my PS3 for 5+ years after my first kid was born. If I'd had any unsynced trophies which then synced 5 years later, then I could have been flagged for multiple games and the flags would have stuck. While I don't care about the leaderboards all that much, I DO care about being labeled a cheater. And despite reassurances from the CRT and other mods that being flagged doesn't necessarily mean you're a cheater, there are plenty of members on this site (I'd wager a majority) who equate leaderboard removal with cheating.
  6. The CRT has mentioned that trophy screenshots are mostly worthless since they can be easily faked. Not sure I agree with that, but that seems to be their position.
  7. Adding my two cents. I'm sure plenty of others have expressed similar sentiments (haven't read every single comment on this and similar threads), but when I look at my own habits I can see foresee circumstances where I wouldn't want to be accused of cheating, so here's another random guy's thoughts.... The dispute had trophies synced 4 months after they were earned. This was deemed "unreasonably late" by the reporter. Personally I don't think that's unreasonably late. I often go several months without playing my PS3, sometimes much longer than 4 months. (Side note to anybody who peruses my profile after reading this: all of the PS3 trophies on my profile earned after mid-December of last year were earned through PS Now, not on my PS3 console. Those trophies sync automatically once you close out the streaming game). I've got my PS3 set up to sync automatically once a day, but what happens if my console looses its internet connection and the connection doesn't automatically reestablish? It happens, and it's not uncommon in my experience. In those circumstances, I could play a game, shut off my console, not turn it back on for 6 months, and then get flagged for syncing trophies "unreasonably late." Late syncing of trophies, with no other evidence of cheating provided, should not be a flaggable offense in my opinion.
  8. Yup, it's the remote play feature. You can use your cell phone and a DS4 for remote play as well, but the Vita is obviously a lot more convenient.
  9. Yikes... No thanks, not even for free.
  10. Watch out boy, she'll chew you up.
  11. Just a quick PSA - If you're interested in this game and also own a Switch, the Switch version is free. Playing on Switch won't help your trophy count at all, but it WILL help your bank account since this game costs money on PSN. The Switch's touch screen also makes for much better gameplay with a game like this.
  12. Sale price of the Borderlands 3 season pass is only $10 less than the super deluxe edition. Must make sense to somebody.
  13. Are you trying to get an answer for a specific game? If so, you might get more help from people who have played the game.
  14. Daniel Ahmad tweeted that an Xbox fanboy reported a vulnerability: Whether they were reporting an actual problem or just screwing with Sony, who knows. Ahmad intentionally called the person a fanboy...
  15. #51 - Oxenfree "Leave Possible?" I'm a fan of sci-fi mind-bending time-screwing stuff, and heard this was a great little indie game, so for the sale price of $4 and some change I gave it a shot. I really enjoyed how each playthough affected the next one. There's nothing difficult about the game and it's kind of fun playing through as both a jerkface and a friendly person. The silent playthough where you can't engage in any optional dialogue is rather unsatisfying, though; it completely goes against the inherent nature of the game. This game also satisfies the letter "O" in my quest for a complete A-Z platinum trophy collection. Seven letters to go.... ....oh, and I also earned #52 with Gem Smashers today, but I don't really feel the need to elaborate beyond this sentence.