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  1. I was editing my first post when you replied - just to clarify, I meant prepaid PSN cards or codes, not a prepaid credit or debit card. Prepaid PSN cards and codes are the only way I purchase things on the PS store. It's a minor annoyance to enter the codes, but I prefer it because: - Keeps credit card numbers out of Sony's hands - Reduces impulse purchases - Games end up being cheaper. It's not hard to find codes from 4 to 8 percent off online (Green Man Gaming often has discounts).
  2. I highly doubt Sony would extend your membership without payment. And if there wasn't sufficient funds or credit on your card, the transaction wouldn't go through. I'd double check to see if you have any other cards linked to your account. And if you really don't trust Sony (I don't like the automatic renewal either), stick with prepaid PSN cards/codes and turn off automatic renewals.
  3. Oh, and this is totally cheating and not what you're looking for, but I'm gonna add Guitar Hero: Metallica. Because it's the best Guitar Hero and playing their songs is awesome.
  4. Five favorites off the top of my head: Pyre - best vg soundtrack I've heard in a long time. I hear Bastion and Transistor are great as well, haven't played those yet. Final Fantasy X - all the FF soundtracks are great, but this one's my favorite. The Hymns of the Fayth are hauntingly beautiful. FFVII is a close second, looking forward to the remake soundtrack. The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - same as FF, all the soundtracks are great. I have a Japanese import orchestral version which is fantastic. Rayman Legends - The music levels are genius (Mariachi "Eye of the Tiger" is my favorite). Journey - all beautiful, the sand sliding level is my favorite, closely followed by the final sky level.
  5. Tool
  6. Yeah I'd recommend it. Once you get used to punching in your PIN a few times you can do it without even thinking about it. Regarding deleting games, I think the only time I'd ever want to do that would be if somebody else had played games under my profile. But fortunately, that's never happened to me. I like being able to see and look back on my gaming history, the good and the bad (that's one of the things I use this site for the most). If the feature were to be added, I wouldn't use it unless my son figured out my PIN and started playing games on my profile.
  7. I meant the 4-digit passcode/PIN you can set up when selecting a profile on the PS4. It just assigns digits 0-9 to buttons on the DualShock, there's no typing. Or does this happen on a PS3? I haven't set up any password protection on that system, so I'm not familiar with how it works there.
  8. My son is the exact opposite - he loves having his own profile. If we're going to play something together, he absolutely insists we play on his profile as the main. Have you since password protected your profile?
  9. I almost never preorder games. The last game I preordered was Smash Ultimate in summer 2018 because I knew it would be a perfect Xmas gift for my son and I wanted to order it while amazon was still giving 20% off preorders for Prime members. I also preordered FFXV Royal Edition, but I'm not sure that really counts. Before that I couldn't accurately tell you the last game I preordered. Maybe Super Mario Galaxy 2 on the Wii? It had been quite awhile!
  10. I play for fun first and for trophies second. Trophy hunting can be part of the fun, but if the trophy requirements seem like too much of a chore, or if the trophy hunting ceases to be fun midway through the game, it doesn't bother me to drop the trophy pursuit and finish the game at my own leisure. I'm really only a kinda-sorta trophy hunter. I also play several games concurrently - I get too bored playing just one. I'll usually play one or two larger games, complimented with a couple other games that can be played in shorter spurts. Oftentimes this means it takes me a long time to finish games. But it's what's fun for me.
  11. #26 - Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered "Just another day at the office" I was almost derailed and nearly gave up on "Best of the Best", as my character would mysteriously grow massively wide shoulders every time I'd try and pass through a doorway. Then after about 82,000 attempts I finally put together a successful run and got it. I'm generally not a CoD player, but heard good things about this game after it was announced on PS+, so I gave it a try. Thumbs up to quality single player campaigns and no online/multiplayer trophies.
  12. Agree that the light bar is stupid. If Sony keeps it (they may have to keep it for backward compatibility), at least give us the option of turning it off. Disagree a bit regarding the touch pad - yes it's almost only used as an extra button, but it has unintentionally become the world's best "pause" button. I kinda like having it just for that. In an intense moment, you don't need to feel and fumble for the small options button (which is annoyingly flush with the controller surface. I really don't get why they designed it that way), just smack the big 'ol touch pad. Much easier to pull up a menu screen compared to using the options button as well.
  13. Well, a lot of people think that Joker in Smash means Persona 5 is coming to Switch eventually. So maybe Banjo's inclusion means either (a) Microsoft is allowing remasters of the existing games to go to Switch, or (b) Rare is working on a new Banjo game that will go to Switch after a period of time on Xbox/PC, like Cuphead did. Maybe there's hope.
  14. I'd love to see remakes of FFVI and FFIV. If forced to pick, those two would be my favorites in the series.
  15. You may think of it as a cheat. Personally I wouldn't (well the gil part I would, but not the spells). So I used the right word.