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  1. #60 - Final Fantasy VII Remake "Master of Fate" This is instantly one of my favorite platinums. Not because it was especially difficult or anything; the original FFVII holds a special place in my heart and is still my favorite game in the series. I was super excited to play this game and I loved it. I thought I would skip the cutscenes on the second playthrough to save time, but I ended up watching everything again. After seeing so much analysis of the story and knowing how the game would turn out, the cutscenes had much more significance on the second viewing. I think I enjoyed the second playthough more than the first one! Now it's time to go back and play the original game.
  2. Hades and and the new Ori are on my wishlist. Seriously, when are we supposed find time for all these amazing games? Did you finish LM3? Curious to know what you thought of it.
  3. I think I registered the day after the pre-order program was announced.
  4. Just got my pre-order through the Sony invite! Very excited and a bit of a relief after the opening night chaos.
  5. The Nintendo 64 had a single trigger button on the back of the controller which was the "Z" button. Now that they've got two trigger buttons, I'm guessing they just carried over their original "Z" trigger designation and made left and right versions. The Wii U game pad had the same buttons. Edit: Just saw that @Eyjabria gave you the exact same answer. Behold: Redundancy, my superpower!
  6. It starts at 1pm eastern, not am
  7. Well I just got one of Sony's email invites for a chance to pre-order on Friday. Gives me a chance, at least...
  8. Looks like the US Best Buy pre-orders are all gone for now. I was stuck in limbo of having it in my cart but not being able to pay for the last hour or so, now you can't even add it to your cart. It just says "Coming Soon". So maybe there will be more available tomorrow? Like, when pre-orders were actually supposed to go live? I'll try again then, I'm done with the frustration for tonight.
  9. Generally speaking, yes you can. I tried it out with BioShock and it worked. Just remember that this won't work for games from different regions. If the streamed PSNow version of a game is different from your home region, your save won't be compatible.
  10. Looking forward to this event again. Thanks for organizing it!
  11. That could be it, but for Super Mario 64 in particular my guess is that at some point Nintendo 64 games will be offered as part of the Nintendo online subscription, and they'd rather get people to commit to a subscription to play first party N64 games than just offer them for sale individually.
  12. I've already played all these games, but I'll buy this to play them again. They're just so damn good... Super Mario 64 is still my favorite Mario game!
  13. I'm old, evidenced by the fact that I played NES games in my room during its heyday. While the problem of "Too many games, not enough time" is felt much more once you can afford to purchase your own games and don't need to wait for your birthday and Xmas, it's truly been a problem for my entire gaming life. StarTropics was a game I really wanted to play when I read about it in Nintendo Power (see how old I am?), but alas, it never happened. Until now, that is, with the NES app on my Switch. I started playing it about a week ago and you know what? It's still a pretty damn good game. Some 8-bit era games don't hold up well over time, but I'm having a blast with StarTropics. Plus, it's the first time I can think of that I've ever killed enemies by flinging a yo-yo in their face, so it has that going for it.
  14. The location trophies in BL2 are known for being buggy and not always popping when expected, especially if cross-save was used or the player ever joined another player's campaign online. There are multiple threads in the BL2 forums on this.
  15. Games on my wish list: Varies, but usually between 3-7 games. Games on my wish list that go on sale: 0