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  1. #33 - Awkward "No shame" We recently had company stay at our house and had some fun playing Knowledge Is Power, so I was looking for another simple party game to enjoy with family and friends who don't otherwise play video games. I picked this up during one of the recent sales for three bucks. It's a pretty fun time if you have company at your house and are looking for a party game. And yes, some of the questions can get awkward. I'm glad I didn't pay full price, but for three dollars it was a decent pickup.
  2. The vast majority of people end up waiting for a period of time. Otherwise a console's lifetime sales would be really front loaded, which doesn't happen with successful systems. I've owned 11 different consoles throughout my life. The only one I owned at launch was the SNES; for all the others a period of time between 9 months and 4.5 years passed from launch before I got the system.
  3. There was only one model at the PS4's launch that came with a 500 GB hard drive. The single price point worked much better than the multiple price points of the PS3 - it allowed them to announce definitively the launch price with no confusion. My guess is they'll launch with one price point again for the PS5.
  4. For me the simplest and most effective rule is if I'm not feeling a game, I cut my losses and move on. Just move on. There are too many other games to play.
  5. I finally beat Cuphead ☺️. I needed to step away from that game and take a break a few times, but I'm pleased I was finally able to complete the game. Those boss battles are no joke!
  6. You need to earn another trophy, then sync again. Everything should match up after that. In some cases, it takes up to 24 hours for everything to sync correctly. Earn another trophy and sync again. If it's not sorted right away, it should be by tomorrow.
  7. That's almost certainly the cause then. Follow the instructions from the thread I posted above to learn how to unhide your trophies.
  8. Good point. The hidden trophies are 8 bronze and 1 silver, so the difference should be 150 points. @ArkoDark, are you sure you have the point difference correct? Or were you just estimating?
  9. The guy worked at Sony in various capacities for 32 years. Maybe it's just time to retire? He and Reggie can hang out and play golf.
  10. Thank you very much @Beyondthegrave07 for coordinating and hosting this event. It was fun! Good thing I earned those 15 trophies to push us over the brink! 😜
  11. You have 9 hidden trophies. Points from those trophies won't be counted here.
  12. 100 confirmed. Were you trying for 100 on the nose, or did it just work out that way? ☺️ Nice work!
  13. #32 - Horizon Zero Dawn "All trophies obtained" I finally got around to playing this great game after owning it for a year-and-a-half. I loved the gameplay, but the story is what really shined for me. I was fully vested and interested in how the story would play out, leaning forward in my seat for every cutscene. Overall an outstanding game. If I'm going to make some minor nitpicks, they would be: Facial animations - at times the facial animations just didn't sync up with the dialog at all. Not just in a "close but not quite" kind of way, but in a "wow they REALLY didn't get that one right" kind of way. Voice acting - Aloy and Sylens were outstanding. The supporting characters were mostly fine and often good, although Erend had a couple cringey moments. But several of the minor characters sounded laughable, like they had exhausted their funding for voice acting and just stuck Bob from the development team into the recording booth for a few lines. Trophy names - Very picky complaint here, but the trophy names are all pretty boring. "You did this thing 5 times." "You completed this story mission." "You found a collectable." Just not very interesting trophy names. Now that I'm done with my negligible complaints, you should definitely play this game.
  14. I got 149 for ericperez18 as well. 78 confirmed.
  15. Confirmed 127 trophies.