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  1. Yep, Nathan ages with every installment, you can see the difference best in UC4. My concern with Fillion is how old he looked when I used to watch Castle, maybe is the fact that he got a role where no action scenes where used, but he always looked....."old" to me. But hey, if Rober Downey Jr can make a good Tony Stark, I won't say a 46 years old Nathan Fillion can't make a good Drake.
  2. Season 1 of the Exorcist. Not bad, I really thought it would be way worse.
  3. If you change in some way the way you act towards her now, it will be like being manipulated for her actions, even if that is not her real intention. There is no way that two relationships will be the same, neither should any of you expect to, your ex is your ex for a reason, starting a new relationship with a new mindset on how it should develop, is the best you can do. Of course, this is all my opinion and it's worth nothing if you don't agree =P Also, big mistake talking so much about you ex I've never understood why people want to know about their couple's past partners, makes everything weird.
  4. Just a quick question, kind of off-topic but......what happens with save files you can't backup? Only example I can think of right now is Mass Effect 1 (not sure about the sequels), but that game wouldn't let you back up save files. If I get a trophy because of a hacker and use this method, do I have to lose the progress in games with data I can't back up?
  5. It would be cool if they left him do a small cameo, even if just ot say "Oh crap!" once. I think Fillion is a little too old now. I agree that he was the most suited for the role a couple years ago, but now? Not so sure. Also, haven't seen Spiderman yet, but I don't dislike Holland, and would like to see him as Nate.
  6. Change is scary, but to spend a lifetime doing the same, is horrifying.

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    2. Dr_Mayus


      Wow, that has been me for the better part of this year. The only problem is I can't quit without finding something else as I do have financial responsibilities


      One of the biggest breakers for me was since January they have been piling more and more work on me but I look around the office and people are just sitting around talking for a good chunk of the day. I go to my boss about this and I get "I know Sean, but there are peaks and valleys around here and a lot of people are in their slow period"


      I say back "I am always in a busy period though...I am just asking for some help from those who don't have a lot on their plates" and then I get some bullshit excuse back and I go back to my desk and crank the music into my headphones.


      The kicker is it was announce to me last week they are sending me to Kansas City for more training as I just inherited another 1200 accounts (the next busiest person has only 600 accounts) and that there is a new person starting in August who will help me when she has time (AKA she will never help me) and that they are taking away the one part of my job I really like to lighten my load...oh and there is no raises this year since the Americans weren't profitable enough (In Canada we exceeded our goals but we are just a part of the big parent company so 'Fuck Us' I guess)



    3. Arkthur


      Yep, I was in a similar situation, I was really good at my old job, but they just kept piling responsabilities on me without any benefits, and when asked for a raise/promotion they would just bullshit me like a kid. I took the punches and bid my time until I could find a new job, finally I was able to quit and I must tell you, it felt great.


      I hope your situation changes soon, in the same job or a new one.

    4. Dr_Mayus


      Well I am glad it worked out for you :) New challenges are scary but that is what makes them exciting as well.


      I will keep looking and biding my time. I at least have a job that pays the bills, even if I hate it.

  7. Hair without a doubt. I don't mind a quick peek the the chest and butt area though =P
  8. Good movie, nothing groundbreaking, but I enjoyed it. Although, it did remind me a lot of the first Cap movie.
  9. All this being said, where exactly can I check my rep?
  10. De lo bueno lo mejor de lo mejor lo superior.

  11. Heartless Pyro Kill 50 enemies with the flamethrower (Single Player only).
  12. Not really into it, DB's battle are better suited for games like Budokai Tenkaichi/Xenoverse in my opinion.
  13. Winter is here.

  14. It is completely possible that "Father" has some kind of leverage over people. Otherwise, not cultist would've skipped town already. I highly doubt that total supression would be the answer to this kind of situation in real life.
  15. Really? To me, it looks like one of the more realistics settings in the series so far.