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  1. I'm sad that this game has dlc trophies now. I didn't really enjoy the base game, but these seem really easy, so I feel like I have to go back and get them to stay at 100%
  2. I'm not playing this game a 2nd time thats for sure, not even to keep the game at 100%
  3. That's exciting news! Control is such a great game
  4. This trophy list looks incredibly easy.. I don't know how I feel about that in relation to this game. I feel like there really should be difficulty related trophies like there were in the first game.
  5. The first ps3 game I ever played was Mod Nation Racers because it came with my ps3
  6. Not that I can tell. It looks like the hero pass was only available with the hero edition and you might have to buy the dlc separately. The first dlc is set to launch in July.
  7. WoW is getting official controller support from Blizzard in the new expansion launching at the end of this year. Maybe that's a sign that console support is coming somewhere down the line?
  8. Yeah this has to be bugged. Almost done 3 complete playthroughs and still haven't gotten this trophy. There is no way I haven't eaten at least 200 food items by now...
  9. Just recently went up on the Canadian store too
  10. I'm all for cross play, the way I see it is that cross play brings more players together and can sustain a community longer. Also, not all my friends are ps4 players and many are on pc, so it would be nice to still be able to play multiplayer games with them despite using different systems.
  11. I can't imagine why anyone would still be putting in the time and effort required to acquire the platinum knowing full well that there is an unobtainable trophy... At this point, you've missed out and if that's the only trophy you need then you really should've done some more research and found out that Big Leagues is unobtainable.
  12. Mine has updated and is working again thankfully
  13. Yeah, just wanted to say that I too am having this issue out of nowhere...
  14. The Walking Dead: The Final Season, earned 1 day after my birthday!
  15. Some good vita games are Killzone Mercenary Persona 4: Golden Gravity Rush Uncharted: Golden Abyss Tbh I don't play on my vita much, but these are games I've played and really enjoyed.