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  1. The account I asked to join this under, SuperSmash5U, is locked in lurker status for some reason so I can't post a new list. Until this is sorted out please put me on hold for this event. I know it doesn't start until 2019 but better safe than sorry.
  2. Nice artwork you put up there, Cassy. Very funny but true to life about the new God of War. Anyways, don't hate me: I created a new account, but I will keep posting under this moniker for the time being and I will probably still platinum games on this account but only Vita games since I can't bear to pawn off my Vita(since it is a good makeshift digital camera, better than my smartphone, I still have images of my sister's Halloween Party on it ) and there are some nice games. One day I might platinum Sly Cooper! I know you told me to not worry about a perfect profile, and I thought about it for a long time, but I decided to make a new resolution to try to be more diligent about the games I play and not play games that I totally utterly hate. I won't crap my pants if I can't complete all of the DLC on a game or get a perfect 100%, but at least this time I won't be tricked by games which say they are easy platinums but are harder than they look. (coughcoughAlteric) Also, it is 100% Phil-free, and we can agree that the mustachioed English bachelor needs to "Not go to heaven." 😂 In fact, I am going to avoid Lightwood Studios on this new account. There are some EZPZ games but they at least TRY to be decent. POWGI can screw the pooch, literally, since he's created ANOTHER series of word searches. Christmas is a week away. You going to be having fun times with your family? One of my sisters has noped out because she's spending the holidays with her in-laws. Well, time to fire up the Christmas music and go out to buy some eggnog.
  3. I dunno. They never tell us.
  4. Yep, may have to put myself into reform to try to refocus my priorities, maybe "accidentally" leave my Switch at my parents' house under the computer files for a few weeks.
  5. I have now reached 110 platinum trophies. However, I am going to be taking a hiatus from trophy hunting for various reason. If any news about my evil twin pops up on other trophy tracking sites like (URL not allowed), ignore them. I plan on getting a lot of games over the holidays when my holiday money.
  6. Okay, I forgot that you only need to do three of those games to get the badge, but I won't get all of the categories. It really didn't matter because I was not willing to creep myself out for the 4 Colly Birds anyways. Okay, you probably didn't know I put a copy of my lists on my hard drive.
  7. I will have to declare I can not finish this challenge. I will not be working on any more games for the rest of the year and I will probably be too busy trying to 100% World of Light on Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. Yes, sorry, I have been a Super Smasher and my PS4 is now a Super Smash Brothers orphan. 😩 By the time I am sick of Smash, Kingdom Hearts 3 will drop and I'll be on it like white on rice so I will never finish my list. I am sorry I failed again but I have honestly decided that I am no longer going to be taking place in any events. Let the Charizards start flaming me. *put on his Primal Groudon Spirit with maximum fire/explosion resist*
  8. I am on a Super Smash Sabbatical and will probably be hermitized for the rest of the year so I am basically going to be on a hiatus from trophy hunting until Kingdom Hearts 3 drops. So if SpaceCoresDad will be kind enough to fill my stocking with coal for the event, I will wish everyone else good luck. I just deleted my list off my hard drive anyways.
  9. Well, I had to get my cat vaccinated and that took all day because the clinic was on the other side of town, and now I have precious little time before I have to go back downtown to go to church because my parents are headed to see my sister tomorrow morning, so all I have managed to do was get two miscellaneous trophies in LEGO Star Wars TFW on my Vita. Those collectibles are so much of a b***h to find. I am going to try to set up a 24-hour marathon of nothing but getting trophies. I just bought two very easy games(Raining Pennies and Linelight) and found that Waking Violet could be downloaded on my PS4 but it might have a stacking list so I won't get any extra trophies from the PS4 version. Should download Teslagrad from my other library and get that done. Maybe even try to work some Dark Cloud 2 in.
  10. From personal experience, I know that eating salty chips(I am eating some brisket-flavored chips right now) leads to sipping on soda and then I have to go to the bathroom afterwards. If I was in your park, I'd probably be trapped. That's shrewd business tactics. Anyways, I just watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens... (sees reaction) J/K, I played through a LEGO version. It was really interesting and maybe I should have tried going to the movie. I might just see Rogue One as TT has already gone into LEGO Incredibles(which I just rented). Great story.
  11. Do you think there is a Super Smash Brothers site like that? I could make up a ton of crazy scenarios. While I never intend to play Quantic Dreams stuff, I have seen enough to believe that Beyond: Two Souls is a separate story but it's the second game in the series.
  12. We're like night and day then. I mean I won't back down from completing a game, but recently I have been less interested in any game except two which don't give trophies(though they have their own achievement systems, Super Smash Brothers unlocks cool photos of characters in the game when you complete challenges. Wish I could hammer that stupid challenge to clear Classic Mode on the hardest difficulty, but nope, they locked that. ) so it will take some time. Also, another LEGO game is in my GameFly roster. I really should cancel the sub for the time being so I can focus on stuff that I had used to like. I was all hyped about Dragon Quest XI and now I haven't touched it, will probably have to start it all over. *sigh*
  13. I was thinking about buying Blackwood Crossing from the recent holiday sale on PSN to complete my own 12 Days list since it seems that that game is dark, if you said it made you feel bad. Anyways, I'm dump the Unfinished Swan from personal experience. Don't get me wrong, it's a great story... but that Minimalist trophy is the biggest turd I have had to deal with since you have to basically walk through the level blind and risk dying a lot and can only use three ink splats to find your way. That's against the nature of the game! As for trophies for myself, I am running through the Vita version of LEGO Star Wars: the Force Awakens(I have the PS4 version but not touching it because it has DLC, even though I swore never to worry about DLC trophies) and I will probably try to force myself to earn another platinum or two before Christmas. Holiday doldrums are the worst, especially since I spent a lot of money on NX for Maplestory. Free-to-play my buttocks, if you don't want to look like a diseased lion, you have to spend NX to get time-restricted items to cover your hat.
  14. Yeeeeah riiiiight, since Kratos destroyed the family of Greco-Roman mythos, they decided to ship him to Norway to take out all of the Norse mythos instead. Also, it seems that Kratos lives in a bizzare alternate universe where the gods are pure evil. I really need to stop playing Super Smash Brothers Ultimate. I got my a$$ handed to me by several Legends, including ones in the World of Light! Dr. Wily's spirit battle sucks; you fight eight Mega Mans and they spam their buster shot so all of my health is drained and I get defeated because it's a stamina battle with a HP meter.