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  1. As the title says i've been playing infamous 2 in the evil karma and i have reached the infamous rank and the trophy didn't unlock so i decide to loaded a save data before i earned the infamous rank and i redo the hole mission and everything i reached infamous rank and still the trophy is not unlocked. Any idea? Should i erase the game data?
  2. I think you didn't read my previous commentary i was doing the right combo and real combo no fate the problem was i had enabled the option "warning"' in training mode so it disabled the trophies so i disabled that option and it worked
  3. no i got it and i gonna tell you i didn't notice the warning option was enabled so that prevented to get the trophy so i disabled that in training mode and i did it again and the trophy popped up :3
  4. Hello. Ive been tryin to get this trophy all day and cant figure out whats wrong with how im doin it. Ive tried it in training, ive tried it in arcade & ive tride it in vs & each time i can clearly get above 60 hits n my combo yet still no trophy unlocked. Could someone please clarify what exactly must be done to unlock it? I'm using regular nu and I've watched many videos and I tried in training mode, versus and arcade but the trophy doesn't unlock. 😭
  5. Thanks you im interested i couldn't get the 15 missions online so count me in.
  6. thanks you thanks you just i unlocked it some minutes ago
  7. Hello i would like to know about this trophy, im trying to get 100% of story mode and i noticed i didn't unlock this trophy some years ago when i played the main missions, i was searching and found you obtain this trophy once you finish the mission "caída libre" but i didn't unlock it and the mission is complete my question is can i repeat the mission to try to unlock the trophy?
  8. I'm interested fortunately I did the run like a wild years ago so i would like to know if you did that trophy there are more trophies you can't unlock or you can unlock all except the run like a wild?
  9. Ah okay its the first one do you think it's a kind of bug?
  10. Hey I swear you i don't see the option to buy can you send me a picture? because i really want to buy some content before july 2nd
  11. Anyone here knows if the ps3 is still available to purchase? because i tried to buy a game, content and the option to add to my cart has desappear so basically i don't see the option to buy also the legacy store has gone 😢
  12. I boosted this by joining a battle room and left the game for a while so i kept accumulating hours until i get 30 hours
  13. I think this apply for all canada except quebec because i live in quebec province and since last year i've been paying taxes when i buy digital games.
  14. hello as far as I know there isn't a bug when you are on ps4 or ps app and a friend in your list is playing a ps3 game the game doesn't show the icon like ps4 games and psvita i think sony never update the app to be compatible with ps3 games for example if you are on ps3 playing and you check your friend list you don't see your friends online on ps4 playing, you just see friends who are playing ps3 games and the game they are playing and you can't add more than 100 friends so in my knowlegde sony never made ps3 functions compatibles with ps4 and vita so you don't see the game's icon when you check the profile in the app or ps4 or the ps3 friend list etc.
  15. I tried continuum shift extend, chrono phantasma extend and i bought central fiction for ps3 but i haven't played it but im sure it works very well