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  1. hello as far as I know there isn't a bug when you are on ps4 or ps app and a friend in your list is playing a ps3 game the game doesn't show the icon like ps4 games and psvita i think sony never update the app to be compatible with ps3 games for example if you are on ps3 playing and you check your friend list you don't see your friends online on ps4 playing, you just see friends who are playing ps3 games and the game they are playing and you can't add more than 100 friends so in my knowlegde sony never made ps3 functions compatibles with ps4 and vita so you don't see the game's icon when you check the profile in the app or ps4 or the ps3 friend list etc.
  2. I tried continuum shift extend, chrono phantasma extend and i bought central fiction for ps3 but i haven't played it but im sure it works very well
  3. Yes also when you buy a game from a different region your activity trophy doesn't show the games you earn but if you have friends from the same region for example japan they will see the trophies you've earned but you won't see it and if they click "i like" you will receive the notification but if you want to see it you receive an error.
  4. Honestly akira is s great move now we can think capcom could develop a new rival schools remake with street fighter v graphics im very happy
  5. as fas as i know blazblue games works very nice online after changing your id i tested blazblue continuum shift extend and it worked very well.
  6. I can't see the image can you reupload it?
  7. my new one i got this at a good price i was waiting for it to drop the price on amazon ^^ I still wonder why doesn't it come with the label only on playstation when its ps4 exclusive but i remember persona 5 its a playstation exclusive game and does not come with the label đŸ¤”
  8. As the title says i wanted to check my friend's trophy log and when i tried it it says my friend has no trophies and i must wait 50 years to try again im sure this is a bug any ideas what might be wrong?
  9. Motorstorm apocalypse the servers has been closed :/ Fifa 15: servers has been closed and i don't like soccer games Killzone 2: same servers are closed Gran thef auto v: i don't have the patient to be there also is crown of hackers Dead island: i didn't like the game :/
  10. Yes exactly and thats why i don't like nintendo they doesn't make efforts to add a trophy function and ppl still buy the console because they don't care about trophies.
  11. I think trophy hunting depends of your own goal and like, for example i feel proud when I get a platinum because i feel its a prize for my effort but there are ppl who doesn't care about trophies they just play games without getting 100%.
  12. 55 physical games and 2 digital games.
  13. thanks you
  14. ok but the name of the game is "pain"? i hadn't heard about that game before.