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  1. Its the only one and a japanese digital game.
  2. Really? so i can see if a friend has made new friends from september until today?
  3. Hello as the above title says, since september each time i added a user and accepts my friend request or someone else added me and i accepted it my activity log doesn't show the friends I make but also i can't the friends my friends have made, im not sure if sony removed this feature since september but in any case i would like to know any info you can share.
  4. Its weird cuz i live in canada too and i did it using my normal account and the code worked very well the only difference i found was the pirates of the caribbean worlds were moved to my littlebigplanet store and not in the section they should have been.
  5. I hate that i hope the japanese version comes with multilanguage
  6. I didn't know about that upcoming game when will it be released?
  7. Hello I bought the japanese pshysical version and i was worried because playasia has not clues about a multilanguage like switch version and i found this and i can confirm yes it has english dub and subs
  8. I know it's been months since you asked this and maybe you don't need the info now but if you're still interested i found this and i know you'll be happy after you watch the video.
  9. I can give you mine if you want
  10. You can purchase it vis gamestop all you need is a us address and the code works very well with canadian accounts
  11. Hello I have new info ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 for ps3 works perfect just as the vita version your old id is shown until you reset the game.
  12. Hello i purchased the code via gamestop and downloaded it but once i try to play i don't see the pirates of the caribben lvls do they are mixed with metal gear solid lvl or are they in their own? by the way my account is from canada but the code worked very well with my account and i unlocked 2 trophies of that dlc trophy set but as i described above i don't see the lvls in game to play them.
  13. Hello I have new info Ultimate marvel vs capcom 3 for ps3 works perfectly but you need to restart the console to update your new id in your license card.