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  1. I just don't play this game because of this trophy, it is my favorite call of duty, I would be very happy if it is released to get all the trophies and last or bugged league trophy
  2. I will not be surprised if they do nothing, after all it was the developer fault leaving the players in hand.
  3. I found it strange, there are people who took it in 2016 and nothing happened, spent 3 years already.
  4. Is it safe to take the league trophy? I see that a lot of people are getting the trophy and it is not being banned. Can I take it without fear?
  5. I have a boost team, we tried in some ways and the trophy doesn't show up. Always being the only one alive, repairing the final generator and running away. We tried that. I thought it might be something to me, but it's happening to another member of my team. I think it is bugged the same as the obsession, which I had to do 4 times to appear the trophy.
  6. What is the real requirement of this trophy? I already ran away repairing 2 and the last generator, only the last one, repairing the last one when it is at the end, always running through the gate and being the only one alive, but so far the trophy has not appeared. Is there any hidden requirement to do it? do players need to die or be sacrificed? Is anyone going through this?
  7. I took the boost trophy, I did 100 healings in 1 match
  8. You can take it, you have to be injured and the person on the floor, you need to get up and heal it to the maximum to count 1, do it 49 more times and you will win the trophy.
  9. Guys, the trophy is bugged, but can still be caught, you need to be injured and heal 50 people who are down and then heal them for 100% life. Me and my team tested yesterday in a closed room and it worked.