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  1. Can anyone help me with online levels ? Psn is irishandrew91
  2. There is something wrong with the game . If you get hit twice, the x won't work. This is pretty impossible to do so I won't finish this platinum unfortunately.
  3. The samurai warriors 4 one is easy. Not many characters on each level and you get to pick two. I enjoyed that platinum. Samurai warriors 4 ii is a nightmare to platinum so is warriors orochi 3 ultimate
  4. Thank you for help. Love this game.
  5. Looks easy compared to the other three. I am so excited for this game.
  6. Did you try deleting the game and reinstalling? I didn't have any problems with any trophies popping. Have you tried playing the levels over again that you didn't get the trophies for?
  7. It was an easy platinum. These games are predictable. Super easy and no hard work at all for the platinum.
  8. When does it come out?
  9. Thank you for video. I appreciate it.
  10. What do you do then? I am planning on doing this later but not sure how it works.
  11. It looks like a pretty easy, straightforward platinum
  12. I expected it like the first game where the puzzle pieces fit right the first time. I am not going to argue with someone online but even you place the right piece it somehow doesn't fit till 30 minutes later.
  13. I want the developers email. This game is fucking bullshit. No one buy it if you think it is like the first. I will not continue to support this nonsense difficult twist pieces that never fit other pieces. Done. So done.
  14. Yes. Thank you. Deleted it and did it again.
  15. The hard difficulty ruined this game. I will not be completing it.