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  1. Server is back online, just gotten Centurion! crisis averted.
  2. server is back online!! i tried it as off now
  3. i hope they patch it so everything can be done in botzone
  4. Can i still get the centurion in botzone? MP is out for good i guess!!
  5. hello! need ad hoc for this game. From Penang, Malaysia. Psn : superian0207
  6. i bought vita version and im devastated knowing this! I hate freaking multiplayer trophy in single player game! Developer, you can make game with multiplayer all u want, but dont screw it into the trophy damn it! I play games because i have no friends & no life, not the other way around!!!! **Breath in Paper Bag** ---------- In case anyone wanna play ad hoc for this game from my area. From Penang, Malaysia. Psn : superian0207
  7. Would like to know any platinum trophy guide to refer to? mostly for panty slot and love letter
  8. Will insomniac ever come out with complete edition of the game? Any news? just wondering though
  9. seems like easy plat... any news on release date?
  10. UMVC3 Platinum blocker is definitely 480 mission.. any tips to lighten the hellish experience?
  11. The apps is ok now, I didn’t do anything.. must be on Sony’s end that debug it..
  12. I did my fair share of googling with no help of fixing the issue (including your link).. uninstall and install again did nothing... Asia, Malaysia to be exact
  13. It's been weeks and i still cant use PS App in mobile. "An error has occurred. (CA201.1)" what does that even mean? I have updated the app, updated the phone with no hope! Is anyone encountering this issue? or is it just me at my region?
  14. so goood!! any ps1 list that i can refer to?
  15. No one bothered to plat it? I bought it, might give it a go...