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  1. so these trophies are still glitched (devs said they'll fix em next update), but there is a work around (some ways are way too time consuming): acquire 15 mods - if you don't have ALL 17 mods then you can do this, un-equip ALL mods from your weapons, then craft your 15th/16th/17th mod and the trophy will pop collect 100k scraps - collect 1m, max the scavenger trait & use the increase scrap gains amulet collect 200k scarps - collect 2m, max the scavenger trait & use the increase scrap gains amulet upgrade the dragon heart (the work around is to delete ALL of your characters and worlds and start COMPLETELY fresh)
  2. the armor set trophy is not glitched, back up all your saves (just in case) and go for it, if it doesn't pop for some reason delete all then copy your save from the cloud or a USB stick as for the 15 mods i think i'm screwed lol, i have 15 and I'm only missing 1 (a drop from Scald and Sear) i don't know if it'll pop when i get 16 or not and if it do i'm gonna have to re-roll a hundred times and go through the game to the end basically
  3. hopefully not, because getting 15 mods again is gonna suck balls and no way most people are playing through the game +2 times for mods As of 27/08 the glitched trophies are: acquire 15 mods collect 100k scraps collect 200k scarps upgrade the dragon heart (the work around is to delete ALL of your characters and worlds and start COMPLETELY fresh)
  4. damn that sucks, let us know if you got it with your method and if you need to delete everything (characters + worlds) and thank you
  5. just a tip for you guys, do NY first, move to Moscow, do Jeru 1 and maybe 3, do all Tokyo then do Jeru2 because that mission is very hard and you need an insanely good RNG (no enemy turrets inside the garages, you find automatic turrets...etc) Also i heard now after the last update the game is easier as solo player with no AI just watch out for lurkers and you should be good to go, GL!
  6. from 15 games MK 9 MK 10 Starhawk Dead by daylight Homefront Payday 2 Twisted metal Medal of Honor 2010 Black ops 2 CoD Ghosts Skull girls Overwatch RDR2 Dead nation Paladins
  7. i follow a very simple rule, if i like a game enough i'll plat it. doesn't matter if it's 1 or 10 difficulty or if it's a 10-1000 hours game have fun with the game and explore it without spoilers or focusing on trophies rather than enjoying the game, when you finish the game then decide if you wanna plat it or not
  8. 1- you can get to lvl 300 on any playthrough 2- you only lose your weapons (the hollows) and you get them back once you reach them again
  9. upgrade your weapons , also stop being upset when you literally done nothing besides a glitch lol, enjoy the game instead
  10. it's really up to you, the enemies on both DLC's scale to your level and your NG, personally i played it on NG+3
  11. some people got access for the DLC with a bug, but now AFTER the DLC has officially released and you download the newest patch you can play it, i finished the first 3 segments and doing the last one as we speak
  12. if you mean as in a "bad game" then no it's not, it's different from F13 in a better way, in F13 once you're caught you're 100% dead nothing you can do while in this game you can run around and lose the killer while also having a second chance in case you fail if you mean how bad is the trophy list its not bad, you can do every trophy solo except for one (all 4 survivors leaving through the hatch) so you'll need 3 other players, also the game is very fun and have a good progress system unlike trashy F13 Edit: before you start the game google some tips on how to play and who to level up first (try to read newer threads as old are completely obsolete)
  13. make a USA account and charge it with a US psn card and buy the season pass and download it the PS4 require BOTH the game AND the DLC to be from the same region, the account region doesn't matter unless you are buying an in game currency (microtransactions)
  14. PSA: you can only play it on a US account any other account would give you an error message, it wasn't enough that the game it self was shitty and released with 0 advertisement lol
  15. The reason the community for this game is toxic is because balancing is impossible, you get people from both sides abusing stuff and playing toxic making the other side heated killers: playing vs survivors abusing insta heals, some perks (MoM and DS before rework), some maps tiles, abusing 360 on console because the game lags when they do it survivors: having brain dead teammates (wasting pallets, not unhooking or healing, bringing the killer directly to you, running selfish perks) playing vs killers who abuse busted add ons and killers (Nurse, prayer beads..etc), slugging (how can u as a survivor enjoy playing floor simulator?) being camped, left on the ground so the entity kills you EGC :/, getting mori'd the only way is to simply ignore it and learn how to enjoy it, i'm at devotion 3 now so i'm through with playing to escape or for points, now when i run a killer for 4+ gens and get camped i actually enjoy it! the fact that he's camping me and hitting me on hook because i played the game and tried to "survive" making him this angry is getting kinda enjoyable for me (: same goes for being slugged...etc