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  1. Anyone knows how to unlock this trophy?
  2. Select Multiplayer tab on top. Select 'My Career' on right side. Go to Challengs tab by pressing R1 to switch tabs. 3rd group will be 'Online Play', select that one and scroll a bit to right and there will be a challenge for 'Total Points'.
  3. Go to Challenges - Online Play - Total Points. It will show how many points you are on.
  4. Looks like trophies are glitched on this version. Won episode and 1 race but no trophy. Restarted the game thinking it must be a bug like ps4 version but no trophy on restart either.
  5. Restart game and do it again. If it doesn't unlock on first try, it won't work. You will have to restart game and do the requirements again.
  6. It doesn't work but you can go ahead and try this 🙂
  7. No
  8. For trophies like this, you can do Remote Play to pc/tab/mobile and use an autoclicker there.
  9. Have they given a time for when the update will be out?
  10. Transfer market profit is usually a waiting game. Try to get Gold rare from Top 5 leagues (EPL, Ligue 1, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A) for lowest bin. Hold them until there is a player pick sbc with requirement of 11 rare players. Similar for 84-88 rated fodders. Buy them for low price and wait until any Icon sbc or any guaranteed Tots sbc drops. Getting cheap discard value tots is a risky investment. EA may or may not put requirement of TOTS player in sbcs. It usually comes, but sometimes they fix the lowest price and it can be a loss. Also, there is Tots Swap Tokens which you can redeem for packs. 5 tokens available right now - 1) 1 in Saka Obj 2) 1 in De Gea Obj 3) 1 in sbc (expires in 1.5 hrs) 4) 1 in EPL Cup 5) 1 free token 20 more tokens will be added later. TOTS Tokens Reward 22 Icon Moments Luis Figo 19 Premier League TOTS Player Pick (1 of 3 Player Options) 15 85+ x10 Players Pack (untradeable) 17 Icon Moments Michael Ballack 15 84+ x25 Players Pack 14 Combined Premier League TOTS and Bundesliga TOTS Player Pick (1 of 3 Player Options) 10 Premier League TOTS Pack (one Premier League TOTS player) 7 Bundesliga TOTS Pack (one Bundesliga TOTS player) 5 Ultimate Pack 5 Community TOTS Pack (one Community TOTS player) 3 Eredivisie TOTS Pack (one Eredivisie TOTS player) 3 EFL TOTS Pack (one EFL TOTS) 3 Saudi Pro League TOTS Pack (one Saudi Pro League TOTS) 2 Rare Players Pack
  11. For start, complete Marquee Matchups and Advanced Sbcs (you can use Futbin mobile app for solution to make it easy). Sbcs are Squad Building Challenges where you have to make a squad according to some requirement and you get packs in rewards. You will lose those players when you submit, so make sure to double check what you are submitting. Sell the cards you get from those packs and then make team. Play a little bit of Squad battles to get some coins. There is weekly reward from Squad battles on Monday. If you need any help with squad building, then you can message me on PSN, I can help making a team according to your budget.
  12. It's just the servers being bad because of heavy traffic. It's Team of the Season promo now and it usually happens around this time every year. Will get a lot of disconnects too
  13. All outfit based trophies autopopped from PS5 to PS4. Have to complete 1 KO, 1 KO Assist, 1 contract of each type, 1 catch and all map based misc again.
  14. Got it today on Lionspire. Only did 1 kill at low health and trophy unlocked. Thanks
  15. Oh thanks ... But getting health to 25 and 2 kills on 1 specific area out of 7-8 maps. It will be tough 😬