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  1. Hey everyone,im having trouble to get the Hot blasters minigame,or whatever is called lol,i think that tye problem is that i dont have patience ,because after 4 tries or so ,i quit,ive done harder trophies in my Life but i ask you guys(if anyone sees this) do you have any tips and advice on how should i do this ? Thanks beforehand Edit:Lol i just got it ,if someone has trouble with this in the future,heres a thing that helped me: i got aprox 2250 points at round 2 because i got a 15x multiplayer,so if you do a very good 1-4 rounds It guaranteed you are getting the trophie in that run,It also depends on civilian drops because in the run of the trophy i got dropped like 3 health UPS,so its luck basiclly ,good luck !!!!
  2. If you still havent got It ,for the great clock puzzles use a guide,they are done at first try with them,i Hope you got your plat
  3. 80% of people have it like that and you are telling on me ?i didnt say that hacking is the best thing ever or that i know someone that hacks,its just the only way to get it.
  4. I got it thanks to a hacker ,we moved with another guy who needed the trophy to a private lobby and it popped,just ask people if they know any hackers that can help,some will ask you to pay but dont,there is a lot of good people in the community,good luck ¡
  5. Thanks a lot for the coins bro !
  6. I knew this but didnt remember It when i bought them but i got 7 games for 22 € including these 2 , the jak trilogy , tools of destruction and a crack in time