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  1. EA Sports UFC 2. I need to get around to doing these games before they all inevitably become unobtainable. Already missed my chance at the first one lol
  2. Fallout New Vegas, at 3 years, 11 months, 3 days for the platinum. It only took me a few weeks in real time, but I played the crap out of it before I cared about trophies. It was an amazing game to return to for the trophies
  3. Is there something special I have to do to fight the new boss, or just keep playing until he shows up? Cause I've played over 20 matches on the new map by now and starting to wonder if there's something I'm missing lol
  4. How dare you. But yeah I'll nominate MLB as my least favorite. Never been a fan of sports games tbh
  5. Honestly this is one of my favorite ps3 games, and it was the platinum I had the most fun getting And I agree with everything Mayus said above, it's a ton of fun and Katamari Forever is my favorite one from the series. I'd definitely recommend it to anyone to pick up
  6. So the platinum is obtainable again if you're starting from scratch?
  7. Surgeon Simulator
  8. Guitar Hero: Metallica - 0.30 Green Day Rock Band - 0.36 Guitar Hero: Van Halen - 0.37 Lego Rock Band - 0.52 Twisted Metal - 0.55