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  1. Check your wins, guys. All my wins are back now after they had the servers down for a few hours for maintenance. Time to finish this game so I can get it off my ps4.
  2. This same thing just happened to me too. It's showing me with 10 games played but I'm still max level. No idea if its just a visual glitch and if it will still pop the trophies as it should. I really hope I don't have to restart my wins on arkashan, I just needed around 320 more and then I would be finished.
  3. Just had this same problem too, it started over an hour ago, but it seems to be working for me now. The match in progress went away and I can start custom games again.
  4. I think we figured out what the problem was, for some reason if the Librarian keeps messing with the valves, it messes up those two trophies for explorer. I don't know how or why it does, but my friend kept messing with the valves over and over when he got the chance, and I never got either explorer trophy in the dungeon. On the one attempt he didn't mess with the valves, I got both trophies no problem. Very odd glitch, but at least we both have the platinum now. Thanks for your offer on helping too. No idea how the valves mess it up though, but this is all I can assume happened. Lots of weird glitches with this game
  5. But the problem is, I've interacted with the red lever until it shoots out the confetti (which is exactly what my friend did to get it), and I didn't get the secret trophy. And i went through the dungeon area as explorer several times without even trying to get the secret ending trophy and I still don't get it. I think they are both just glitched for me for some reason. I will try redownloading the game and trying again another time and see if I can get either of them.
  6. I cannot seem to get the two trophies for playing as explorer in the dungeon area. "Dungeons and.." and "Happy Ending". I tried to get them both on several different playthroughs and both of them just do not unlock for me, even though I am doing everything right. I have tried both deleting my save data and I have tried hosting, and it makes no difference. Both trophies unlocked fine for my friend so I'm just wondering if anyone else has had this issue and maybe has a solution.
  7. It's still doable enough if you've already played Doom a lot and know most of the level layouts. It also helps to look up Nightmare speedruns on youtube to see the optimal path to finish each level. I've done everything solo so far and I just have E1M6 and E2M7 left. E1M6 is the hardest map on nightmare co-op imo because you need the rocket launcher to clear the last room out or else you don't stand any chance. So if you die after you get the rocket launcher, you might as well just restart the entire map. Very annoying. Doom 2 is a completely different story, but I would say Doom 1 is still completely possible solo with enough practice. Good luck.
  8. I'm trying to get this using 2 ps3s. I can get into a squad with my alt just fine, but the trophy just never unlocks for me. I have tried both modes several times, and still nothing. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is it just complete luck if you get it or not?
  9. Thank you. Also spare EU code if anyone wants it: D5FK-3QND-33MT
  10. Looks like servers just went offline today for DJ hero 1 and 2, and GH5. Hoping it's just a temporary issue, but otherwise DJ hero 1 is unobtainable for me as well.
  11. Just played 5 matches in a row and none of them saved. Either I just have bad luck, or the servers are completely shot again.
  12. Gran Turismo 5, definitely. Great job on that.
  13. Doom 3. Still need to get around to doing the sp myself
  14. I have been trying to issue myself challenges from my alt account, and though I can send them just fine, they never show up on my main account to play. Is there something I'm doing wrong or is this trophy now completely unobtainable? EDIT: I now have the trophy, the issue seemed to have been that I was sending myself challenges. Having a friend send me challenges worked and I was able to get it no problem. But the hero feed takes a moment or two to load them up, so they may not show up right away.
  15. Thanks, I need to try this