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  1. unfortunately i cant find anyone in multiplayer or can create a session here. Would anyone be so kind and send me a friend request to get this trophie? my psn name: jannikwssls
  2. Okay guys thank you very much! I platted DSR and 3 so i wanna go for 2 too. Once again thx for the answers and i will now start playing
  3. first: thx for the fast answer. And yeah i read the guide barely but what about ranking up all the covenants? Some of them need like 500 pvp wins if i understand it right.
  4. Hey guys I was wondering if it's still possbile to plat this game regarding the online/pvp objects? Really hope that there is a active community playing it...
  5. i have every single one. all 35 of them...
  6. Hello everyone. I'm not far away from finishing this beautiful game. The last part of my grindlist were the miracles but i managed to get them all. But no trohpy popped up... I tried to store them and delete some of my doubles but there is no trophy. Anyone had the same problem or a solution?