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  1. hey yea there's a trick. keeping the shrink ray from a while before that in that level. Keep it on you then use it to shrink the octabrains and use pipe bombs to take them out. Pretty sure from memory only so many octabrains will spawn, like 9. so keep doing that and replenishing pipe bombs until their gone then just focus on the big guy! hope that helps Re Edit: oh re reading this I may have the wrong part.. now i realize there are two Ocaking fights.. the first one yeah there is a turret but you can't move while using the turret so you will likely take damage so maybe not the best option.. moving around I think is essential in this part.. yes the rail gun I remember was useful as is moving and avoiding things the octabrains throw at you. Yes both 'Ocatking' fights are tough just keep goin try avoid damage and take out the enemies best you can
  2. Hi ok thanks for your response yea have posted there for a couple of games thanks.
  3. Hi posting around to see what's the best way to find players for older ps3 games where the online is now basically or completely deserted but still works? Is there a good way at all? please note I mean finding people to play for fun not for boosting trophies. There's plenty of sites for those wanting to boost games for trophies but there doesn't seem to be any site or forum for just finding people for older games to play for fun, maybe others like me who are kinda late to ps3 as they only got one when the price has come down after ps4 launched?