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  1. Free version save data will carry over to the full version. Not sure about the other way around.
  2. Sword Saint Isshin was my favorite, Owl (Father) is a very close 2nd (and leads to the best ending)
  3. Sekiro is a fantastic game but it not being as replayable as RPGs is a given. I don't think it's a huge flaw as Sekiro has arguably a more polished main campaign than the other fromsoft titles, replayability was sacrificed for it but i feel theres still plenty.
  4. I accidentally used Rush Jet on one of the Mid-Boss fights, does this make me ineligible for the trophy on this playthrough? Thanks
  5. Most important thing is to keep your chain going, switch regular mech to a prime mech when theres an opening but don't risk it if your chain might will break. Use traps as much as possible.
  6. Fighting all the battle gates and winning will get you the adversaries section stamped.
  7. It's impossible to get them in 1 go, you can get 2 in one run tops and that is only true for a select few. Just follow a video and frequently pause and retry til you get all of them.
  8. Any character really, just build up enough bravery til its purple (typically 3500 for a full hp enemy) and kill with an hp move. It's easier if your hp move connects on an enemy that just got wallsplatted, Cross-slash with Cloud should do fine.
  9. in the nick of time is a really annoying trophy. this game is really fun though, hope the free version gets more people playing it.
  10. Kingdom Hearts II, on critical difficulty only