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  1. Every sale I'm reminded of the many games I've bought but haven't played yet, as I buy more games I probably won't play for some time. I have a problem.
  2. The doorbell thing could be explained by the apartment being her childhood home, her mom/Miles' Grandmother lived there before they moved in. You can see the grandmothers clothes & TV in Miles room.
  3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas
  4. You don't need to be some big name; It depends on the developer but some are just eager for coverage and give review copies away if you simply ask them on twitter or email them.
  5. Maybe saying its a bad game is too much. I liked the game, the story was good and kept pushing me to finish it and the ending was great. However the combat was more than a little clunky imo, the wacky hit detection/hitboxes especially during the boss fights made it a chore to get through for me. If it wasn't for the story, wanting to know how it ends & the excellent soundtrack I wouldn't have finished it.
  6. The Rule of Rose. My dad would give me a bunch if random ps2/gameboy games whenever he came home from deployment and this game was one of them. The monsters never scared me back then but the little girls always creeped me out. I recently discovered I still had the game when going through my routinely ps2 nostalgia phase and played it. Its not a good game and it hads horrible controls but I still feel dread and get creeped out everytime I have see the girls.
  7. Its far easier now, only thing to worry about now is the game crashing just like it just did for me, right before the 9th boss. Sigh..
  8. I'm guessing they didn't want to delay the dlc because they couldn't get the certification in time. It sucks we got stuck with the survival mode on steroids patch.
  9. I've had more luck solo than with randoms (with & without mic) made it to 8th boss who was dream eater...I fell down a hole. I think I'm done for awhile. Better news, they finally acknowledged the hotfix problem https://www.reddit.com/r/remnantgame/comments/gzcvqo/comment/ftggt4h
  10. The reason its so difficult is because consoles aren't on the latest hotfix (hotfix 2). We are on hotfix 1. On PC, the vanilla survival mode was too easy; players were hitting huge double digit rounds. Hotfix 1 was supposed to fix that and making it more difficult. However players were having a hard time even reaching 5 bosses because they made way too hard. Hotfix 2 made survival more balanced Since consoles are only on hotfix1 for now; we are on the hardest version of survival. My question is why didn't they release the dlc with hot fix 2 on consoles certification issues?
  11. The best that I did. We ended up dying to Totem Father,one of the easier bosses(imo) because we couldn't destroy the totems fast enough . I should've used a rifle instead of typewriter and switched out sagestone to another ring. Lesson learned I guess 😭
  12. You can join a Prestige Calus checkpoint instead of doing the whole raid(although it can be really fun with patient people). Its the same with all of the 3 raid trophies, you only need to complete the final part. Watch some walkthroughs and don't tell your team that you can do the void room which is the real complicated part. The destiny companion app is great for looking for teams.
  13. Yep, played 1,2 and the short stand alone through PS now.
  14. Must be a new glitch, it worked fine when I played it.