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  1. If you want to make it easier you could lfg for a Calus checkpoint(final boss) instead of doing the whole raid. Kind of ruins the fun of completing the whole raid but its quicker and less of headache. Just make it clear that you don't know how to do the void room.
  2. #65 Platinum trophy-Unlock all trophies Man I remember playing this as a kid and getting stuck at Nelo Angelo #2 on Normal. This game was a nice nostalgia trip. Other than Phantom, the bosses on DMD kicked my ass. Nightmare #2 and #3 made me rage too many times. Mundus #2, oh my god Mundas; I was stuck on this boss for days. I didn't have enough items to cheese through it, I only had 1 untouchable and 4 Devil Stars. My lack of items made me contemplate starting a new game just so I could rack up on untouchables for this boss but after hours of studying various videos and many many deaths, I finally did it without starting over. Its been a whole since I've felt this sense of accomplishment from a game.
  3. Mafia 3, I'm usually a "enjoy the scenery, instead of fast travel" kind of gamer. This game has you going from one end of the map all the way to the other end, then all the way back in almost all the side missions. It wouldnt be as bad if the world didn't feel so empty. Every time I think about going back to it, I remember this and it kills my motivation.
  4. This is oddly making me want to play it..
  5. You Asked For It Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode. The good thing about playing games years after it comes out, is all the tips and guides around. Still had 200 deaths though mostly from Chapter 6 & 10. I love this game.
  6. There's a ring(Gear) that let's you conserve fuel when in the air. Since you're In the air for like 98% of the challenge you save a lot of fuel with the ring. I don't think there's any other way to get fuel other than that.
  7. Made several mistakes during my run.
  8. I finally got it after giving up and sleeping. At times it felt like the challenge was making me fail on purpose like I'd barely tap a tree and I would fall off the motorcycle or a freaker comes out of nowhere to knock me off. Also did they change the location of the ramp by the cliff in the update? Yesterday it was on the right side and now its on the left.
  9. Almost all of the guides everywhere are out of date
  10. I only needed 1 more level after grinding and saving the true ending til last then I had an error right after i started another path that messed up my save and I lost progress. It sent me back 12 levels and I had to do some endings and grind xp again. It was extremely tedious. Being able to use the permanent skyripper after the true ending made fights quicker though.
  11. Not really, I would just run away when I stole a horse then a new soldier would spawn and just did the same thing until it popped
  12. Find a soldier on a horse, steal it, and then run away and wait for the guards to stop looking for you. Then find another soldier and rinse & repeat. Or If you have completed the assassin contract "Serf's Turf", replay it all the targets are on horses. Same as the top. If seen, run away and wait for them to stop looking for you
  13. Any Arkham game, the combat challenges are complete bullshit.
  14. I was 1000 points a way from silver then i accidently killed myself with a bomb, sigh. This is giving me flashbacks of the Dunwall City Trials from Dishonored.
  15. As a fan of the old harvest moon games it makes me glad seeing more games like this.