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  1. Elder Kai's fortunes are the only reason I got the platinum, I'd still be grinding for the dragonballs without him
  2. Witch Queen Deluxe gets you WQ and all the seasonal content over the next year. If you expect to play a good amount over the next year, you should get this. If not, you can get the base WQ expansion and buy any season individually The Legacy Collection contains all previous expansions (Forsaken Pack, Shadowkeep, Beyond Light). There’s a good amount of content there. Lots of good exotics, stasis powers are good, and if you hope to raid then you’ll definitely want to get the Legacy Collection for all the raids and dungeons it has. 30th Anniversary Bundle has a dungeon, Gjallarhorn, and some cosmetics. It’s a good deal if you’re playing the game a lot and run dungeons regularly but it doesn’t offer much story content and isn't important for newer players. You can always pick it up later. I’d recommend Witch Queen Deluxe and Legacy Collection if you expect to play regularly over the next year, or WQ base and Legacy if you want to play a bunch of campaigns over the next month but don’t know if you’ll stick with the game for a while.
  3. They patched it in Year 1. Theres no benefit to having 2 of the same class. It won't speed up leveling because you can only get Powerful and Pinnacle drops once per class per week. The Titan #2 won't get the pinnacle/powerful reward if you already did it on Titan #1. Its better to have 1 of each class to have access to all the powerful/pinnacles sources on each class for faster leveling
  4. Do you have the skip cutscenes option enabled? That caused some to the Queen trophies to not pop for some people, maybe it's the same here.
  5. To be fair he only said it took him 28 hours to get the plat, he didn't say he stopped playing after those 28 hours. Exophase still counts the time played even after getting all trophies so wouldn't it make sense that his time played would be longer?
  6. Just beat the giant and noticed the trophy for reaching Cavern for the first time didn't pop for me
  7. Time to relearn how to play. The dlcs are cheap too?
  8. The Hydra boat Captain from God of War 2005
  9. Maybe this would help me out of my can't-decide-what-I-want-to-play-so-end-up-playing-nothing funk I've been in.
  10. Unless included, DLC only works for games you download, but not for the games you stream which is all ps3 games.
  11. There's a workaround for that trophy here However this method doesn't work if you're playing it through Playsation Now
  12. The only part I found hard was the Trial of Archimedes. I had more trouble at that part than I did in any of the actual challenges in all the games. People who beat that part on very hard mode are Gods
  13. If you tell him you'll get the guardian's heart,the game doesn't force you to give it to him after accepting his request, if that's what you're asking.
  14. All 3 Mass Effect games, or at least the first one. Something to get me out of this gamer's block