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  1. The only part I found hard was the Trial of Archimedes. I had more trouble at that part than I did in any of the actual challenges in all the games. People who beat that part on very hard mode are Gods
  2. If you tell him you'll get the guardian's heart,the game doesn't force you to give it to him after accepting his request, if that's what you're asking.
  3. All 3 Mass Effect games, or at least the first one. Something to get me out of this gamer's block
  4. Dishonored 1 Bloodborne Remnant from the ashes Devil May Cry 1 Dragon's Dogma
  5. Infamous 1 & 2 both are great games
  6. God of War or Mortal Kombat 11
  7. Devil May Cry 2 Low hanging fruit I guess but this was one of those things where something is hated by many and I think to myself "the hate bandwagon is too strong, it can't be that bad. They're exaggerating." I was wrong. Theres a bunch of stuff that had me asking why anyone thought it was a good idea to put it in the game A demon helicopter boss fight where you spend a ridiculous amount of time just shooting at it, a enemy from the first game making random appearances who really had no reason to be there, the final boss on Dante's playthrough being a mash up of some bosses from the first game for no reason, etc. There was this one enemy in Dante's play through that was just a discount Nelo Angelo from the first game that was made to seem important, the guy even got his own little cutscene staring down at the hero from a roof before disappearing. You fight him near the end of the game but nothing ever happens storywise with this character that justifies the mysterious earlier cut scene. A line from Dante that I can't help but feel was self aware of the whole experience was when he told a boss "Don't speak. Just die."
  8. Wait. Evil Within 2 was on PS Now?
  9. Naming the thread "Unobtainable Platinum/100% but Only if You Don't Already Have Said Trophies That Makes It Unobtainable" is just a wee bit redundant and kind of insults my intelligence.
  10. The levels of the outside transistion areas have no effect on the level of the dungeons. If you go through the 1st transition area on earth with gear level +1 but have trouble before reaching a dungeon so you go upgrade to +2; then after upgrading you make it to a dungeon then the dungeon will scale to your +2 gear. Each area stays the same level as when you first entered it and doesn't change untill you reroll the world, so the area will won't scale if you backtrack at a higher level. If you enter the sewers at gear lvl +2 and you have trouble with the enemies so you go upgrade your gear to plus +3 and go back to the sewers; then the enemies will only be as strong as they were when you had +2 gear.
  11. Simulacrums can show up in adventure mode but unlike the campaign, they spawn randomly and aren't guaranteed to show up.
  12. Assassins creed 2 and Doom
  13. Bought Control & the first dlc a couple months ago but never got around to playing it and forgot about it. Now I get the 2nd dlc for free with Ultimate. This is great.
  14. Every sale I'm reminded of the many games I've bought but haven't played yet, as I buy more games I probably won't play for some time. I have a problem.