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  1. You can join a Prestige Calus checkpoint instead of doing the whole raid(although it can be really fun with patient people). Its the same with all of the 3 raid trophies, you only need to complete the final part. Watch some walkthroughs and don't tell your team that you can do the void room which is the real complicated part. The destiny companion app is great for looking for teams.
  2. Yep, played 1,2 and the short stand alone through PS now.
  3. Must be a new glitch, it worked fine when I played it.
  4. I don't have an interest in just watching live action cut scenes of the game. I hope they tell their own story, maybe a story covering Joel in the 20 year gap or different characters
  5. This. Singe is probably the easiest boss to do this with. The only issue are the enemies that run at you when they get close but they are easy to take down. Try to get in shots at the weak spot on its chest.
  6. Really? That sucks, I've been going for the 100% again in my 2nd account and I'm 2 undying triumphs away. All that work made pointless
  7. Not counting the raid titles since i dont do raids. Dredgen and maybe the Undying Title(if you play nonstop before it goes away on Dec 10) are the fastest. Almost everything else is time locked. Wayfarer takes a couple months. You need the EP gear which takes 5 weeks minimum since you only get one armor piece a week , 3 weeks minimum for segiras shell, and it requires the bullshit that is the Braytech Osprey which means you have to wait for Strange Terrain to come to the nightfalls list (didn't come for 6 weeks when I first started playing) then the rng trying to get it. Dredgen is easier to get now then it was when I got it due to all the bounties so its quicker to get infamy for the 3 resets. The only thing that might be difficult is the kill invaders while they are in the super triumph since people rarely use their super while invading.
  8. Just glad that more people will get to see how underrated TF2 is. One of the few multiplayer games I actually enjoy playing. Also getting the Becomes the Master trophy after hundreds of tries was one of the greatest sense of accomplishment I had when I first started trophy hunting.
  9. I still haven't worked up the drive to play Revelations. Brotherhood got tedious around the end
  10. Destiny 2, I was a solo player when I was going for the 100% and stopped playing, then months later a bunch of my friends started playing so it was fun again. We all bought shadow keep and after it released, it was even more fun. But then one day I suddenly lost all motivation to play it anymore. Its still fun but I can't play it more than a few minutes without wanting to do something else. I'll get on and just sit in orbit while buying games I'll never play from the store.
  11. If you want to make it easier you could lfg for a Calus checkpoint(final boss) instead of doing the whole raid. Kind of ruins the fun of completing the whole raid but its quicker and less of headache. Just make it clear that you don't know how to do the void room.
  12. #65 Platinum trophy-Unlock all trophies Man I remember playing this as a kid and getting stuck at Nelo Angelo #2 on Normal. This game was a nice nostalgia trip. Other than Phantom, the bosses on DMD kicked my ass. Nightmare #2 and #3 made me rage too many times. Mundus #2, oh my god Mundas; I was stuck on this boss for days. I didn't have enough items to cheese through it, I only had 1 untouchable and 4 Devil Stars. My lack of items made me contemplate starting a new game just so I could rack up on untouchables for this boss but after hours of studying various videos and many many deaths, I finally did it without starting over. Its been a whole since I've felt this sense of accomplishment from a game.
  13. Mafia 3, I'm usually a "enjoy the scenery, instead of fast travel" kind of gamer. This game has you going from one end of the map all the way to the other end, then all the way back in almost all the side missions. It wouldnt be as bad if the world didn't feel so empty. Every time I think about going back to it, I remember this and it kills my motivation.
  14. This is oddly making me want to play it..
  15. You Asked For It Finish the game on 悪夢(AKUMU) mode. The good thing about playing games years after it comes out, is all the tips and guides around. Still had 200 deaths though mostly from Chapter 6 & 10. I love this game.