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  1. Hey you don't have Golden Abyss and Lost legacy and also uncharted 1 ps3. Maybe you should go these ones no dlc and not so hardcore.
  2. Thanks @DPatriot
  3. Any news on Tomb raider 2013. Splinter cell blacklist. King of fighter 14. Mortal kombat 9
  4. I got NIoH digital and my wife calls my ps4 the plane.its crazy how loud it gets.
  5. In all honesty never cheated or hacked anything. But I did use a few glitches like eg dead space 1.
  6. The only thing I will say is that when I check out my games in alphabetic order I don't like Shadow and rise before the tomb raider titles. I like all my tomb raider games together like all God of war games would be all named the same. But yeah it's just my 2 cents.
  7. I hate looking at those profiles and seeing all / most games completed in seconds.Damn these profiles should be deleted man I swear. How to do that anyways? 150 platinums hacked bruh.Wow
  8. Am actually on my 6th account. The problem is I want a 100% acc with not too many 90%+ platinum. But soon enough I end up adding a game I cannot 100%. So am always starting over. During last week a made another acc and made it premium so I don't fuck this one up. Trophies are the only reason I play anyways and I don't really socialise.
  9. Boosting session the way to go .
  10. I had one called Garfield and right now I got my Simba too.Very sad for Lulu.
  11. @RJP_X i hope your ps4 still good and whats your cats name? @JPageMartin36Whats your dogs name?
  12. Little harder that from soft games. Latest patch with way of demon is literally ninja gaidens way of the master ninja.Way of the demon is hard. COOP through YOKAI realm tori gate is the best way to farm lvl up and rush through maps. Good game though.
  13. I always knew time travel is real.
  14. Aiming for 3 platinum this weekend.

    Good hunt everyone.