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  1. does it count for the last mode added? I stopped about 50 wins, and I need to come back to get the remaining wins to get rid of this game.
  2. I got recently on 2vs 2 competitive. Only place it worked, not on tournament, or casual. And I found plenty of teams to play against.
  3. I'll try then. Thanks.
  4. I've been plating games since 2009, some of the were great fun, others were utterly crap. But nowadays I feel kinda tired of 100% every game I come across with. What I do is: I take breaks from hunting and just play games for fun but leave 1 game to plat while I play several others, and I dedicate everyday 30 minutes and then move to another game, before I know I get close to plat/100% it. It now takes me a longer than before but I like it better that way.
  5. And I still need 40 wins to get that last trophy, someday I'll come back to finish it.
  6. Can the DLC still be bought in-game?
  7. On top of that it popped for me at 150 grenade kills. What I did was only use grenades and get killed afterwards to spawn again with grenades, it is a huge pain to do. But I got as lucky as getting up to 10 grenade kills in a match.
  8. The grind is real, the only way to get it done is to play at one's own pace, I don't think there is an 'easy way' to do so. I just play it 2 to 3 times a week and hopefully get it done before ps6 gets released.
  9. The only fast way is to buy a game, they are now 1.99, I bought final fight and playing timed challenge I get between 125 to 140 caspo points in 45 minutes. So I play 2 to 3 times a week. No rush now.
  10. The trophy is glitched, in a good way in for me, it unlocked at 39.
  11. it's using 24 hours clock time.
  12. it looks just like the games my kids play on their phones, however I found it funny to play. I checked baseball riot and will give it a go. But not after this one, I dont like playing similar games in a row.
  13. at least ps4 version is bugged for some ppl, i think if u play it on ps5 will get the same outcome unless u play the ps5 version, maybe the glitch was fixed.
  14. Trophy bugged on me, only trophy i need for 100%
  15. Good!! I haven't played much lately due to heavy work load, but if I see u online I'll join u.