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  1. at least ps4 version is bugged for some ppl, i think if u play it on ps5 will get the same outcome unless u play the ps5 version, maybe the glitch was fixed.
  2. Trophy bugged on me, only trophy i need for 100%
  3. Good!! I haven't played much lately due to heavy work load, but if I see u online I'll join u.
  4. I just started as well, got some easy trophies in like 4 hours, if u want add me as friend, I also need someone for the 25 hours trophy, other than that, getting 20 downs in one match seems impossible but I have gooten up to 17 and overall I'm not good.
  5. A quiet place 2, liked the movie.
  6. Good to know!! The knowledge has passed down another generation LOL.
  7. Did anybody have the same issue? I'm at 106 kills and trophy didn't pop. Any workaround? Update: trophy popped, at about 130 kills.
  8. I've seen people boost it using a dummy account to boost, or meet someone in certain spot of the map and trade kills.mostly knife and grenade kills as the rest is fairy easy to do solo.
  9. It worked for me first try, both my system and game are in Spanish.
  10. Check again if it still works, I did it before the first update. If it does, way to go!!!
  11. Slumville works only if you are defender, have someone on the attacker side spawn and get the quad out, then u jump in and start roadkilling partner. If u are organized you can manage an average of 20 RK.
  12. Rocket Arena Rank up * complete all placement matches in any competitive playlist.
  13. Ff7 remake, need to clean up Knack, need to clean up Goat simulator, if flap goat ever let me plat it. Meanwhile playing Days Gone.
  14. If u shoot someone close range with sniper is 1 hit kill. I only need knves, grenades and 100 wins. Playing 5 matches s day, no rush.
  15. Yes, all trophies must be done in that mode. Turn off crossplay to make it easier.