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  1. Used same technique and it worked. With the grenade launcher
  2. I used the grenade launcher in the last room, as I was almost halfway the finishing line. Got it on 13.86 and trophy didn't pop. Had to delete all data and try again. Got 15.05. Trophy popped
  3. Hi, I only have 1 controller. Is there any method I can use to speed up XP to reach lvl 65?
  4. Works like a charm, just got the trophy via USB process, it took me a little more because I had like 4 pro guys who I defeated and they rage quit on me. To be sure I copied back from USB jut to be sure.
  5. I got it, I moved fast with the machine gun left to right to prevent partner from stealing kills, and did very well against snipers. trophy popped with the last kill.
  6. Hi, I´ve tried several times to get this trophy to no avail, any tips for getting this trophy? is the only one I need to100% this game.
  7. That's how I got it.
  8. I did online, the other 3 players upgraded weapons and bought perks but I didn't and it popped.
  9. Yes, but I can not get into league divisions, cannot earn that trophy, the game was offered with modes that are not in use anymore, not because they shut down the server, just because they didnt want to give more support to a mode included in the main game.
  10. Well In not happy at all that I bought BOps2 and the season pass, they charged me every cent, yet they fail to deliver the whole experience, and the game is not even that old. they took down the oportuity of getting the plat, yet up till today the game hasn't lowered its price on the store.
  11. If you are not online the trophies don't pop or the notification is not shown.?
  12. Yes, but he doesn't care about trophies, he even has the trophy notification off. See how unfair life is? LOL
  13. I have a friend who recently got the trophy, it Poped in Team Deathmatch, funny thing is he doesn't care about trophies at all... If I get lucky the trophy will pop playing regular multiplayer mode
  14. Thanks for the Tips, I'll be downloading them soon (after I clear one hell of a backlog I have)
  15. Hi, I want to get this game to expand my resident vcollection, I've read that the move makes it harder to play as it shakes too much, So, can I play it with my regular controller? will it make it a living nightmare? or I can play no problem that way, I don't have move and I don't plan on buying one anytime soon.