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  1. I've seen people boost it using a dummy account to boost, or meet someone in certain spot of the map and trade kills.mostly knife and grenade kills as the rest is fairy easy to do solo.
  2. It worked for me first try, both my system and game are in Spanish.
  3. Check again if it still works, I did it before the first update. If it does, way to go!!!
  4. Slumville works only if you are defender, have someone on the attacker side spawn and get the quad out, then u jump in and start roadkilling partner. If u are organized you can manage an average of 20 RK.
  5. Rocket Arena Rank up * complete all placement matches in any competitive playlist.
  6. Ff7 remake, need to clean up Knack, need to clean up Goat simulator, if flap goat ever let me plat it. Meanwhile playing Days Gone.
  7. If u shoot someone close range with sniper is 1 hit kill. I only need knves, grenades and 100 wins. Playing 5 matches s day, no rush.
  8. Yes, all trophies must be done in that mode. Turn off crossplay to make it easier.
  9. THE game doesnt count as a lost match if u leave before it ends, what I did was play normally, if my team wasn't gonna win I did quit the match and joined again. Do it as much as needed and you will get the trophy, btw I think it's better to do it before the add a patch.
  10. Maybe the gane is Región locked? Or maybe US servers went online 1st and then EU later? Totally luck dependent, I got 4 wins in a row but that's as far as I've made it, teams scramble after each match making it very hard, sometimes u own the match with a good team, next one u are alone in the squad.
  11. 5 wins in a row, hope it's not Infallible all over again
  12. I just started the game, it's been fun what I've played.
  13. Back in the days, I used to care a lot about 100% my games, nowadays I only play the DLC if I like it, expands the story or similar, I stay away from waves like dlc, I don't like them. Not all games are worth the time, sometimes DLC is quite expensive for what it offers.
  14. If anyone wanna try this trophy, now is the time, servers are becoming unstable, I got my plat yesterday but a friend and I had so much trouble, we kept getting kicked out for no reason.
  15. Best strategy with a boosting partner, get the Sniper, shoot at the crotch of the enemy(takes 95% of health) don't know why there, we tried several spots and that was the one that worked, the other player at 5% kills you. Keep on until trophy pops. Then change. Also when u kill/die normally playing (shooting) it also counts as 5% kills. I only got like 60 kills with sniper strategy and trophy popped.