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  1. Looks ni e, 25hrs in a party should be among first trophys one should aim for, and get off with it to do the rest alone
  2. I did everything with bots, all the weapons unlock and abilities except for the supply box,
  3. last of us 2, fingers crossed!!!
  4. That's what I did, I was missing one symbol in the desert.
  5. hello, I dont have the game now, I lent it to a friend (its a share account and we buy games as a group) I have all the weapons, send me a friend request and as soon as you see me playing again remaind me and ill drop all the weapons for you.
  6. hi, I followed the video guide, only missed 1 symbol, then came back through chapter select, got the symbol twice already but nothing, is there any way to know where I must have missed another lone or I need to start a new game and collect them all?
  7. I'm stuck at 97%, couldn't beat perfect freeflow in monarch theatre (only did with batman), and the killer croc easter egg.
  8. the 100% is still doable, I just 100% all DLC playing legit
  9. I have them both if u need them.
  10. how? you drop it if I kill you?
  11. The 5 kills with Wine Bottles to unlock the Broken bottle must be done in a round? or can be done in different maps at different sessions?
  12. Is it worth replaying the mission?
  13. I finished the mission and then a kind of training orb showed up and I fought Garuda again for XP, I was planning on fighting her a couple of times to get a lot of XP.
  14. Hi, I'm on chapter 5 and a side mission popped in the map, rescue a girl from a huge chocobo and then going to a fortress to fight Garuda. Are those missions temporary? It was kind of fun, but the mission was nor red (principal), blue (side quest) or yellow (hunt quest).
  15. I've looked everywhere as there is not a trophy guide for this game.