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  1. Sade - Kiss of Life While grinding medals in dark cloud 2 🙈
  2. Yakuza Kiwami What a journey, the plat is a real grindfest I almost quit on getting this platinum, its ridiculously annoying! I mean they forced you to be so good and perfectly play and win japanese games that i never played them i my life 😑 (yakuza dead souls or fist of the north star doesn't require this to achieve the plat) The hardest part of this game in my opinion Is mahjong, car chase (the real pain is the total absence of save point), pool for the newcomers in the series and 950 in otometal in my life. Climax battle depending on how you well you are in the game mechanics. The longest thing about the game is grinding money for 90 weapons and 70 pieces of accesories, especially if youre not good with mahjong like me 😂
  3. Ryu from street fighter, he is a true hero. He fights fiercely but always helps his opponent up. I've looked up to him ever since i was child, he reminded so much of daniel san from the karate kid at the same time 😁
  4. The last of us Its a good game and i love it. But people severely overhype this game's gameplay and story. Its no where near a "masterpiece" or "the best game of all time" like people claim. and Just saw the movies they were copying like the road 😁✌️
  5. I been gaming since like 1993, this is going to be difficult haha PS1 / Gran Turismo 2 PS2 / Radiata Stories PS3 / 3D Dot Game Heroes PS4 / Bloodborne PSP / Tekken: Dark Ressurection PSVita / Gravity Rush PSVR / Firewall : Zero Hour Cheers 🍻
  6. Hi Everyone! 😈 Feel free to add me! 😍 I like and play pretty much type of game with particular passion for rpg style games. Current games : Zelda BOTW, Rune Factory 4. Thank you and happy gaming! Friend Code: SW-6554-4932-7403
  7. I have a cat named Kyle. He's 3 years old. He acts more like a dog than a cat. He loves going outside, looking out windows, sleeping, and trying to fit into spaces are too small for him He's also fat and playful 😂
  8. Sweet! Everything about Fist of the North Star / Kenshiro is badass! 👍 Mine is persona 5, with some games like EDF, Killzone, Fifa, Silent Hill, etc ( keep me playing even after i platinum it, because its fun 😍 ) Pretty simple and basic and probably boring... I don't change backgrounds very often... Lock Screen : Home Screen :
  9. To this day it still a great system, ahead of its time. Gotta get myself a sapphire blue one.
  10. Foodfight! (2012) It's weird because i'd probably give it a 1 out 10. But it's so unintentionally hilarious it feels like an 8. 😆
  11. Just Dance 2017! I'm so bad at music games, but I really like them. 😔
  12. Yo i'm so happy for this game. Seeing the hardware they are using for the ps5 system, i'm go ahead and assume its 4K 60fps. If they have raytracing capable console, i dont see why they couldnt. It would be awesome. 😁
  13. My top 5 would've been : 5. Steve Martin 4. Robin Williams 3. Jim Carrey 2. Rowan atkinson 1. And of course...Chaplin! Such an amazing comedic actor. The man was truly a genius and his presence is still felt to this day. 😍
  14. The black and white design is cool. But the blue trim from the actual pack makes it look really weird to me. 🙄
  15. Early adopters... Or how i call them : Betatester... Are the true heroes of every new console generation. 😁🙏 *highfive