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  1. Hi Everyone! 😈 Feel free to add me! 😍 I like and play pretty much type of game with particular passion for rpg style games. Current games : Zelda BOTW, Rune Factory 4. Thank you and happy gaming! Friend Code: SW-6554-4932-7403
  2. I have a cat named Kyle. He's 3 years old. He acts more like a dog than a cat. He loves going outside, looking out windows, sleeping, and trying to fit into spaces are too small for him He's also fat and playful 😂
  3. Sweet! Everything about Fist of the North Star / Kenshiro is badass! 👍 Mine is persona 5, with some games like EDF, Killzone, Fifa, Silent Hill, etc ( keep me playing even after i platinum it, because its fun 😍 ) Pretty simple and basic and probably boring... I don't change backgrounds very often... Lock Screen : Home Screen :
  4. To this day it still a great system, ahead of its time. Gotta get myself a sapphire blue one.
  5. Foodfight! (2012) It's weird because i'd probably give it a 1 out 10. But it's so unintentionally hilarious it feels like an 8. 😆
  6. Just Dance 2017! I'm so bad at music games, but I really like them. 😔
  7. Yo i'm so happy for this game. Seeing the hardware they are using for the ps5 system, i'm go ahead and assume its 4K 60fps. If they have raytracing capable console, i dont see why they couldnt. It would be awesome. 😁
  8. My top 5 would've been : 5. Steve Martin 4. Robin Williams 3. Jim Carrey 2. Rowan atkinson 1. And of course...Chaplin! Such an amazing comedic actor. The man was truly a genius and his presence is still felt to this day. 😍
  9. The black and white design is cool. But the blue trim from the actual pack makes it look really weird to me. 🙄
  10. Early adopters... Or how i call them : Betatester... Are the true heroes of every new console generation. 😁🙏 *highfive
  11. Got this yesterday at local Gamestore. 😁
  12. I'll take the AC IV Black flag Plat of yours, I'd love to get this and play this... but this long ass fookin MP grind is maybe a little to much right now. 😂
  13. Has trophies that they're emotionally tied to in cabinet. Quite the dedication to RPG games, impressive i must say! 😁
  14. NieR: Automata - Wretched Weaponry "Emotions are prohibited" Damnit 2B...😑
  15. I hope they remake this for current or next gen. 😁
  16. Yakuza kiwami. Wow...that is a time consuming plat, much respect! 👏
  17. Me is Formation 4-4-2 GK : Jose Luis Chilavert LB : Roberto Carlos CB : Alessandro Nesta CB : Fabio Cannavaro RB : Gary Neville LW : Ryan Giggs DM : Stefan Effenberg OM : Zinedine Zidane RW : Luis Figo CF : Ronaldo Nazario CF : Gabriel Batistuta Manager : Sven Goran Eriksson 😋
  18. "Looks like a fox in jeans" haha I can already hear the cries and screams of players raging over this game 😂
  19. Akiba's Beat (PS4) - 5.07%
  20. 🎮
  21. RDR 2!! You must of had some patients to get this plat lol
  22. The Last of us Currently in Chapter 5 Pittsburgh 😁
  23. I cant even choose right now because many other games didnt even come out yet. But im loving every moment of FF7 Remake right now.
  24. My greatest mistake as a gamer was playing newer games before older games, so older games felt outdated. 😂
  25. I got the gold only for the first lap with the kart, so frustrated... 😑