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  1. This is what I did and it worked both times I did it: 1) From the main menu, player 1 goes to Campaign, selects realistic difficulty and then mission 3 2) Once in the safe house, player 1 enters the combat immersion and stays in the menu 3) Player 2 joins player 1's session 4) Once Player 2 is in the safe house, player 1 leaves combat immersion menu and stands up. 5) Player 2 sits down and stays in the combat immersion menu 6) Player 1 sits down on the same spot as Player 2 7) Start combat immersion at the same time The player with invincibility won't have HUD. As far as I know it's random, so if you want to do it twice, you may need to restart the immersion several times. For that, just kill yourselves and, without leaving the combat immersion menu, start it at the same time just like step 7 until the desired player gets the invincibility. Hope it helps and good luck