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  1. yh i pretty much 100% the game except the final mission, just wont give it to me lol yep tried that a long time ago no luck i hid the game a while back and moved on haha
  2. i was super unlucky on this game hit the bug on the final mission The game just says, "Work with your allies to complete project dagger", but there's no waypoint and no dialog from anyone no way to progress final mission, so thought ok i will run through it again and boom same bug fml
  3. Batman: Arkham Origins
  4. No need for mods in a game with so many broken weapons, step 1 - pick moze. step 2 - have directors cut dlc installed. step 3 - progress dlc until Beef Plisskon enemy then farm him(save, quit, reload,) until he drops the free radical pistol, step 4 - assuming moze is built right, steam roll all story and every dlc, with near infinite ammo hold R2 spam, enjoy
  5. Bet i hate it more right now lol, had to playthrough on 8 fresh new saves to finally get my damn act 2, proficiency 30, and 5 parasites to pop buggy trophies lol, and the kick in the nuts had #9 in one of the saves and now cant get it on this one 6 hours trying lol
  6. Soulcalibur V
  7. Tentative peace is unobtainable until they patch it, the only person to have got is has hacked the trophies.
  8. you can just run the first hive mission you get until the trophy pops, btw mine didn't pop until i was at 72 completed, so yeah just keep running until it pops.
  9. upgrade your gear to power level 140, you get the last 10 power from fully upgrading the major artifact.
  10. for the cache go to DAY OF THE REMAINS mission there is a cache at the beginning head towards the first objective and go past it straight forward, not sure if restarting check point will count the cache as collected towards trophy, but returning to Quinjet after collecting certainly does,
  11. Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn
  12. Also have - Final Fantasy XIII lightning returns - Final Fantasy XV pocket edition - World of Final Fantasy - thats me done now.
  13. strange i havnt plated Nioh....did you quote the wrong person. i'll pick starwars battlefront 2 for you.
  14. Hollow Knight have it just haven't got around to doing it yet.