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  1. As long as you have the file - like right before you return the brains to lily, sarsha and mila - then you are good. Hope you will have the motivation to comeback to this game
  2. Do you have any saves before going into the final brain? If you did, then you could check any level you are missing.
  3. How many time pieces do you have?
  4. It would nice of Bandai Namco will re-release this games and give them the definitive edition like they did with Vesparia. I even want to play some of the tales games that were Japan exclusive like Tales of Innocence R for the PS vita. But at the end it, they have to considered sales and if they want to risk it.
  5. Thanks for the help. But I was able to get the trophy yesterday with a different method.
  6. Hey @MidnightDragon I am going to modify my games that I will be doing for the Fall/Winter Challenge of 2020. Currently, I signed up with Shenmue 2 Erica Project Numbus: Code Mirai w/ dlc Strider A hat in time Child of light (vita ver.) Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX. I will be removing Strider from the list so I can focus on the others first.
  7. i am having trouble with this trophy as well. @Jables_The_Hutt I read your post and I don't know where to change the fps on the ps4 orginal model. Is it possible to I can share play it with you and help me with the last two rounds?
  8. @MidnightDragon Not sure you have notice, but I have added two more games to my list. I have posted them near the beginning of August. They are * I just want to make note on this when the challenge starts
  9. I'll get this. Want to play something good after all the games that are in my back log.
  10. Forgot to add to that I I would like to join. Also, I will be adding two more games to the list. Child of Light (PS vita) - 0% Gunvolt Chronicles: Luminous Avenger iX - 0%
  11. This is what I will be working for the fall: 1)SHENMUE 2 - 0% 2)Erica - 0% 3) Project Nimbus: Code Mirai + dlc - 0% 4)Strider (PS4) - 0% 5)A Hat in Time - 0%
  12. #76 Bastion on the vita
  13. Not sure about getting this. I am already waiting on Streets of rage 4 classic edition to ship and not sure if I want to continue doing business with them.
  14. Just check and I did not received the notification.
  15. @Septomor The excel was helpful and was able to get the trophy