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  1. I remembered one. I don't think this is very useful, but when I selected a race more than a year ago from the challenge creation column, my score was recorded from the beginning. Probably, the score before the failure of the server function remains. However, old races may get out of the challenge section and disappear, and eventually overwrite new ones. As mentioned above, it may be a time to score especially after a multiplayer event. I have no opponent and I can't verify it lol As a problem of this `` wait for 5 minutes '', in the case of the main account you can not access the challenge again, so make the setting of the challenge public or send a lot of challenges and play the one with the score recorded in the sub account Might be better.
  2. Slightly correct the above post. The trophy acquirer had said exactly "Wait about 30 minutes in the game after the race is over." However, I waited a minute or two after the end of the challenge race and restarted about 10 times, but my score was recorded. I checked the record the next day. All races here are drift, 24 hours, invitation only.
  3. I'm not good at English, so I'm sorry if there is anything wrong. I asked the trophy holder how he got it. He said it was important to "wait about 5 minutes" after the challenge to get the trophy. In fact I recorded the main account score and the alt account score for the challenge in this way. There are two other important things. One is that the challenge has two scores, the main account and the alt. The other is that you are in the game when the challenge expires. In some cases, two alt scores were recorded in one challenge. I think there is a time slot to record the score. To elaborate, I had to restart the menu about 10 times instead of waiting 5 minutes after the end of the challenge. Two of them were recorded. I have definitely won one challenge, but have not seen any in-game notifications. And the record disappeared from the expired list. If I can get the trophy, I will report the situation at that time.