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  1. So I guess what’s happened is that the site merged my old and new usernames, but accidentally did it in the wrong order so my old one was considered the new one, and that messed something up, right? If so, would it be possible for whoever has the ability to, to just set my new username Tsoglav as the main one? It’s probably more complicated than that I imagine, but I’m just trying to help in any way I can lol


  2. No, I changed it from Thedwarfman to Tsoglav Around the time that they added the ability to change your name, and I never switched back


    And it’s good to hear that I’m not banned, but is there any reason I can’t view my profile? Is it anything that I need to fix or will it just work on it’s own after a while?


  3. I tried checking my account earlier, but whenever I click on my username, it redirects me to the site homepage. Is this because I changed my PSN username a while back? When I try and look at my old PSN usernames trophies, it says they’re set to private. I’ve never hacked any trophies or anything, and I really enjoy seeing how I rank compared to the rest of the world, so please if anyone can help me with this.


    My old PSN username was: Thedwarfman

    My new and current PSN username is Tsoglav