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  1. Day 1 of E3 sucked... :/ Here's hoping Nintendo does well tomorrow.

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    2. Piggie_Pie


      haha! I feel the exact same about GoW... why make the exact game over and over? Maybe because people will buy it just because of the name.

    3. Wandererster


      @piggie_pie Isn't this what they call milking the franchise?

    4. Piggie_Pie



      that is EXACTLY what it is, lol... good for business i suppose but im not the only one who stopped giving them my money... after the first three i got sick of the same thing over and over... not just the gameplay but the story seemed to be recycled also.

      thats just my opinion of it... Kratos will always be an icon and that isn't a bad thing.

  2. Obtained Platinum #21 just a few minutes ago. I am at 1,141 trophies and have finally surpassed my brother! It won't last long but I figured I would enjoy it while I can. I will be continuing my journey for the Catherine platinum now and maybe I will have it before I leave in two weeks. Again, I would also like some help on WKC to try and get that out of the way as well. Hit me up for some games, guys!
  3. 57.79% There are a few games I will never finish on my profile simply because I hate them (two side scroll shooters which I didn't know what they were). I would probably pay someone to finish them just so I didn't have to look at 0% the rest of my PSN life. I almost even considered making a new account because of them, lol.
  4. Playing Catherine and enjoying it. I'll probably finish the rest of the endings in the next few days.

  5. 2 months, 7 days between CSI: Fatal Conspiracy and Katamari Forever
  6. Mine is four... Hyperdimension Neptunia Katamari Forever Last Rebellion Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4
  7. I kept having to pause just so I could have some quiet from the music and at one point I just turned off my volume. But at least now I never have to play it again. :'D
  8. Beat Stage 64 of Rapunzel Uncover the truth behind Rapunzel Hear Rapunzel's sad song Two Bronze and a Silver, all "Very Rare." I just sat here all day and played Rapunzel to get those things out of the way. 128 levels of Rapunzel is just too much IMO but I pushed through it! Catherine is now at 41% completion!
  9. Thanks for all the suggestions guys. ^^
  10. Don't know about Ninja Gaiden...I'll have to ask about that one. If it helps with the games he likes, his PSN ID is Brianx and he is listed on here. He is turning 22 and is a perfectionist. He hated LBP because of how many times he died trying to ace the levels (he has just a liiiitle bit of gamer rage).
  11. Welcome to the Colosseum Unlock the Colosseum Mode. From "Catherine"
  12. I already have it pre-ordered and fully paid off at my work. It was for Griff...but since he's gone now I was just going to cancel. I don't know if it is a type of game he would enjoy. I asked him about it and he said he would need to try a demo first to see if he would like it.
  13. Something sort of similar happened but it wasn't with a trophy. I turned on White Knight Chronicles last year on my birthday and when I went into the menu I had a TON of skill points that just randomly appeared. I had done nothing except turned it on one day and bam! there they were. So I used them to max out some skills and people ask me about it all the time. >.>; I felt very iffy about using them but figured it couldn't hurt since I didn't do anything wrong.
  14. I have the Hyperdimention Neptunia MK2 theme.
  15. So I'm thinking of buying my older brother a Wifi Vita for his birthday on the 8th. The only game he is thinking about that is out is Disgaea 3. Everything else is just download games. He is wanting to get Ragnarok for when he gets one (he doesn't know I'm thinking about this). So, with those two games in mind what other games can you guys suggest? Or should I just get him Disgaea and let him deal with the rest?