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  1. I don't understand this trophy how ? Can anybody explain me.
  2. I don't understand
  3. Any idea??
  4. How unlock orochi and orochi x?
  5. HI everyone . THIS game should to be unflagged BECAUSE all in game lobby hack WHEN to be unflagged ?
  6. Form sony bannd
  7. great lol‚̧
  8. I have preorder the predator what i get for him for pre oreder?
  9. I have question is all pre oreder get avatar or theme ?
  10. So can you upload the new movies?
  11. Only pre-order ? For now I can't get it right?
  12. In playstation live I didn't see avatar luke Skywalker only android and Iden Avatar
  13. I don't think so because Facebook only really frinds can see
  14. Hi I see avatar luke Skywalker in ps4 How?