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  1. Hannah Montana: The Movie nuff said
  2. It's what I read so I could def be wrong, since I /also/ haven't touched this game since release/platinum
  3. Yeah i believe so, those 2 lists are both comrades, the March update is the one with the 999,999 kw, but its both of them are comrade-related only
  4. Roughly 35-45 hours with boosting iirc, but you gotta get there first, since you can't do Comrades stuff until Chapter 13~ Game doesn't take that long thankfully
  5. Hypothetically, couldn't you just not patch the game where it is now to do the Comrade trophies offline after Dec 12??
  6. Update: Did another run since the patch from the beginning all the way to Endless, "An endless elegy..." still has not popped. :c
  7. correction: blaze is right, you just gotta upgrade several pieces of equipment for it to pop
  8. Turns out if you use the debug room to gain the materials to make a +10 equipment, it won't pop. Though, that's just me, I'm pretty sure you gotta do it naturally. Just a heads up.