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  1. Very good video! Thank you for pointing it out!
  2. Little update to this thread: Buy the camera, take 24 photos a day, break it, buy film, that's one break a day Buy the accordion, spread out harvestable plants (bushes, fruit trees, flower pots, etc.) evenly as best you can, use the accordion to harvest them, 15 uses breaks it, and you can repair it with money and flower pigments These new ways from the recent content update in early November has been racking up the break items counter way faster, so alongside using your other tools, this will help you immensely.
  3. Careful when you beat the game or are ever in the title screen after you start a game. I got a bug where my menu isn't what it says (ie. CONTINUE goes to NEW GAME, LOAD GAME goes to OPTIONS). I wasn't paying attention and started a new game on my current save and re-wrote the entire thing. Just a fair warning for those who don't pay attention like me
  4. Specifically check if you've done the spatula "A Path Through the Goo" in Flying Dutchman's place
  5. Hey, so I'm livid but I found a solution (kinda) So after going through 8 hours of a new playthrough and obtaining this golden spatula, I've noticed that the game collects /2/ golden spatulas on your save, but not your actual. It's claims you've done "Goo Tanker Ahoy!", and also "A Path Through the Goo", even though you didn't do it yet. So after wasting 8 hours, I went back to my old save and nabbed that one real quick and cried soon after tl;dr: Check if you've done the spatula "A Path Through the Goo" (After you close the goo tanker and nab the one behind it, go back to the chest to lower the goo again and follow the path in front of the chest to the end to get another spatula. If anything, this is a graphical bug, not a game breaking one.
  6. Got this exact thing, if there isn't a fix for this soon, running through the game again to 100% it again shouldn't take more than 4-6 hours skipping dialogue and having a rough memory of every sock, just the grind of shiny objects and unfortunately another playthrough overall
  7. Hannah Montana: The Movie nuff said
  8. It's what I read so I could def be wrong, since I /also/ haven't touched this game since release/platinum
  9. Yeah i believe so, those 2 lists are both comrades, the March update is the one with the 999,999 kw, but its both of them are comrade-related only
  10. Roughly 35-45 hours with boosting iirc, but you gotta get there first, since you can't do Comrades stuff until Chapter 13~ Game doesn't take that long thankfully
  11. Hypothetically, couldn't you just not patch the game where it is now to do the Comrade trophies offline after Dec 12??
  12. Turns out if you use the debug room to gain the materials to make a +10 equipment, it won't pop. Though, that's just me, I'm pretty sure you gotta do it naturally. Just a heads up.
  13. Update: Did another run since the patch from the beginning all the way to Endless, "An endless elegy..." still has not popped. :c
  14. correction: blaze is right, you just gotta upgrade several pieces of equipment for it to pop