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  1. It's in the hidden room. Details under the cut.
  2. In case anyone else had troubles with this like I did: The Note game at the carnival will bump the display every time you honk. Forcing you to either constantly reset the camera or just enjoy losing the game because it'll eventually shove the whole mini game off screen. This makes it way more difficult than it's supposed to be. To fix this, turn off the "Use Motion Sensor" option off in the control menu. (I believe it's 'on' by default.) No more "Hey! Enjoy not being able to even see what you're doing!"
  3. You could maybe do it with Uncharted 4's PS5 version. But that was significantly cheaper if you already owned a copy of UC4. You didn't have to drop $70 for it if you already owned it on PS4. Plus it came with Lost Legacy, so there was a whole other game attached to it too. Not just a DLC bundled in.
  4. I kind of assumed they were planning on mimicking XBox's system when they released this on the PS5. But from what I heard (which is all based on Overwatch forums a couple years back - so I'm not an expert) XBox's multiplayer reputation system had issues of its own. Because it was tied into matchmaking for its multiplayer games, playing a multiplayer game with a notoriously toxic fanbase could tank your XBox profile ranking so badly that it would affect your matchmaking in a completely different game. Most of the threads I saw about it were recommendations for multiplayer games where people were generally nice and would give out positive accolades, so you could earn back enough reputation to keep getting matches more popular, but more toxic games.
  5. Unfortunately, that's what I ended up doing in order to get the platinum. I just put my PS5 in rest mode and left the game running. It saved me the headache of having to replay sections over and over again. After I finished the platinum, I tried closing and reloading my save - and it again said all my files were corrupt. I think using rest mode method is the only way around that.
  6. Same thing happened with me just now. I actually had a save on all of my save slots, but the loading screen is blank. And closing the game just gives the error warning and crashes. Downloading my saves from the cloud doesn't help either as the issue seems to be that it doesn't recognize any save at all.
  7. As someone who also had this glitch, thank you for the edit. It fixed my issue. You're right about killing corruptors during the main quest too. You have to kill two of them when you're in Not sure why those didn't count.
  8. So for me. Pyromaniac = completed with squad powers. Used James and EDI. (EDI had the incinerate that hit 100) Shield Breaker = 100% completed with squad powers. Used EDI and Kaidan. My Shep doesn't have Overload at all, so all were done with squad abilities alone. Sky High = 0% squad powers. Just didn't work. But Lash from doing the Omega DLC works with Shepard. It's pretty clear that there's a bug occurring. It's NOT that it's supposed to be only Shepard like it was in the original. Because, well, certain ones are working absolutely fine for certain people, while it's completely bugged for others. For possible work arounds that don't require rerolling a new Shepard. Sky High - do Omega, get the Lash bonus power from Aria. (Tested this and works for me.) Pyromaniac - Give James the Rank 4 squad bonus from Incendiary Ammo and take him with, thus giving your Shepard incendiary ammo at 50% effectiveness. (I believe you have to make sure not to have another ammo active on Shepard - though I could be wrong about that.) Pyromaniac - If you have Ashley in your squad, she'll give you the inferno grenade bonus power once you recruit her to the Normandy. Shield Breaker - Nothing. Overload is a base/squademate ability only. Unfortunately, if it bugs out for you with EDI/Kaidan/Garrus, you'll have to roll a Shepard with it until the bug is fixed.
  9. Mine just popped at 6,741. I finished the Batarian Codes quest on the Citadel, which gave me the Batarian fleet, came back to the Normandy, and when I talked to Hackett it finally popped. I'm wondering if it has a check for having a variety of supporters instead of just a pure asset check.
  10. Yeah. Overload and pyromaniac worked fine for me with squadmate powers. But neither using Liara's singularity or Garrus's concussive shot is registering for Sky High. I'm sitting at a fat 0/100 for it despite being all the way on Rannoch and having used both of them multiple times. Something is definitely bugging out the trophies in some way.
  11. Somebody else had this problem and said that signing in and out of their profile fixed it.
  12. Harvest Moon Mad Dash has the same published on January 1, 1970 error.
  13. Count me in! Does this mean I'm finally in the cool kids club? If not, am I at least in the geek kids club?
  14. As an update, the NA version seems to have synced itself now for me anyway.
  15. I see somebody else is having this issue, so I'm guessing it's not me. While playing through the game, the pop-ups for trophies will appear as usual. However, when attempting to view the trophy list for the game, it says "Trophies unavailable" And attempting to view your trophy list to sync it will result in error message np-32136-5 - which seems most common when the publisher hasn't posted a trophy list. Just as an FYI for anyone thinking of buying this, you might want to wait until they fix the issue if you want your trophies to sync. Hopefully it'll be soon.