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  1. Bioshock Would you kindly? Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn or Monster Hunter World: Iceborne?
  2. I agree with the post above to try them all if you can. The games I found to be the most enjoyable are SAO: Fatal Bullet, Alicization Lycoris, Hollow Realization and Lost Song.
  3. Fifa 21
  4. Unleashing the True SwordComplete the mission "The Journey's End" in Libra of Soul. Master of Style by a MileDefeat an Ancient in Libra of Soul. Pioneer of ProsperityRaise the level of four towns in Libra of Soul to their max.
  5. Anarchy Reins I don't know much about this game.
  6. Resident Evil 7
  7. Thanks! I've corrected the error.
  8. Trails of Cold Steel. Star Wars or Star Trek?
  9. # 207 The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Divine BladeMastered Trails of Cold Steel IV and earned every trophy. Enjoyment: 10/10 Time: 2 playthroughs ~180 hrs (playtime) Difficulty: about 3 or 4/10 The conclusion to the Cold Steel saga is here at last! With it, comes the biggest cast of characters that I think I've ever seen in a video game. It was truly a welcome addition, to see main characters from both the Sky and Crossbell games, come together to help Rean and the gang finally solve the crisis in Erebonia and ultimately prevent the end of the world. The story ties wraps up the Cold Steel arc in a satisfying and fulfilling ending, and sets the stage for Hajimari no Kiseki. There's even a mini novel series in-game, that details two characters who are said to play a huge role in the upcoming game. The localization was still good overall despite some text dialogue leaving from the bubbles of NPCs and a few translation errors. Gameplay remains the same as 3, but with a few tweaks and balances to the brave order system, tho op/broken stuff in past games are still effective in 4 (evasion tanks like Fie or Sara for example). The game itself isn't particularly difficult, but I did find the Divine Knight battles in this one the hardest out of all three Cold Steel games. Trophies are structured the same as in previous games, with a few missables requiring the use of a guide at some point during the required two playthroughs, with the rest being gameplay and story related unlocking naturally. Vantage Masters card game returns as well as the newly added Pom-Pom Party (Falcoms take on Puyo-Puyo/Tetris), both of which are required for a few trophies. I only found Pom-Pom to be somewhat challenging, but it was mostly fun and still pales in comparison to Yakuza minigames. I once again have to thank Nihon Falcom for bringing this fantastic series to the west and I look forward to Hajimari's localized release in the future. Ao and Zero no Kiseki as well.
  10. Mass Effect 2
  11. Update: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV 100 + 70 - 8.67(rarity) + 50(new game bonus) = 211.33 A magnificent end to the Cold Steel saga. Next is Ys IX.
  12. Nope Final Fantasy VII Remake?
  13. Sadly, I can't offer any real tips since I'm bad at Puyo-Puyo/Tetris myself, yet I still managed to beat all opponents (about three of them are in a league of their own when it comes to skill). If you can do Judgement's Puyo-Puyo you can do this one, as you'll eventually get luck out and get a huge pom chain to bury your opponent.
  14. Wings of HopeCompleted all quests. Pride of the Horned LionsAchieved a Unity Grade of Unbreakable. Empty Chest-erOpened every treasure chest. Scattered Petals, Dying FlamesCompleted the finale. Chronicle of BattleCompletely filled the battle section in the notebook. (Besides the Extra category) A New DawnReached the true ending. . Such a great way to end this amazing saga, and there is still Hajimari on the horizon.
  15. Forgot to pst this yesterday, but generally speaking most JRPGs have excellent storytelling, seeing as how that's what the genre is known for. I second the above post for Valkyria Chronicles, and if you do decide to take a dip into more JRPGs, here is a few I would recommend: The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel (Trails series in general) Personas 3,4,5 (don't necessarily have to play these in order) Tales of Berseria Nier Automata I'll add in more when I can, but this will should hopefully suffice for now.