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  1. By "skills" I assume you meant artes. IIRC there is only dark and light chests in the necropolis that you need to hit with the right element. For ex: I used Estelle's photon (light arte) for light chests and Rita's spread zero (dark) for dark chests.
  2. Hi there! Feel free to add me. Be sure to mention PSNP in request. PSN ID: Whitelightnin683
  3. Pretty much in the same boat as you. Saved human difficulty for last to s rank and got reported. This is starting to feel like a witch hunt.
  4. Just to clarify, I did a few missions on human whilst s ranking in hah. An experienced DMC player can run through those missions pretty quickly given how weak the enemies are.
  5. Sorry still new to this forum.
  6. Whitelightnin683 Devil May Cry 5 Honestly shocked I got flagged considering other people got this plat before I did. Getting s ranks is easy if you take no damage thus getting the 2.0 multiplier as well as the no continue 1.2. With that you can have bad style score and still get the s. It took me a handful of retrys on the higher difficulties to s rank, but I took each mission one at a time. It's not unreasonable to complete hoh and dmd with s ranks fast if you have enough practice and or have a good strategy for each mission. I used the Faust cheese to help get the no damage bonuses for dantes missions. V and Nero took me more time, but I managed. I don't posses the knowledge nor the ability to hack trophies as well as using someones save game file. If you guys have any more questions I'll be happy to answer them and I highly encourage you guys to reconsider my removal from the leaderboards. Reason: DMD and HOH seem a bit too close together unless he was playing both at once. But also gets all S ranks and beats human at the same time, and very quickly after beating Hell and Hell.