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  1. Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning
  2. A Helping Hand Completed a request. Knife in the Dark Performed 50 ambushes. Unshakeable Teamwork Performed an All-Out Attack 150 times. Cage of Vanity Conquered Completed the Sendai Jail. Legendary GiantDefeat the Eternal Sculpture. Furry White WandererSave the goat you meet on your travels. Detonate and Decimate!Create the Bomb Rod. Fierce Valley KingDefeat the Savage Assassin.
  3. Just gonna go with Deus Ex: Human Revolution since it's the odd game out of your five, but otherwise all of them are good.
  4. Persona 5 Royal, but the rest are pretty good too.
  5. Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness & the Secret Hideout & Persona 5 Strikers Digital Deluxe Edition (5 day early access). Having fun with Ryza that I'm tempted to buy the sequel earlier than expected. Strikers was one of my highly anticipated games of 2021, and its good so far.
  6. Ys: The Oath in Felghana
  7. Might I suggest Ys: Memories of Celecta and/or Ys VIII: Lacrimosa of Dana? Both are great JRPGS, aren't as long as P5R (trophy guide estimates 60hrs for Celecta and 80 for VIII), and are excellent starting points for newcomers to the series.
  8. #213 Ys IX: Monstrum Nox King of the MonstrumsFinish "Balduq Prison" by Adol Christin in its entirety by earning all Trophies. Enjoyment: 10/10 Time: ~80 hrs Difficulty: 4/10 Ys 8 set the bar high for this series and 9 meets it every step of the way. This time around, our beloved adventurer Adol and his longtime traveling companion Dogi find themselves in the Prison City of Baldug where Adol uncovers a dark secret lurking within it's depths, and with help of newfound allies and powers, thwart it before it consumes the city. While it doesn't compare to Isle of Seiren in Ys 8, Balduq is still fun to explore with the new mechanics "Gifts" that allow Adol and the party to wall run, grapple, glide, and even dive to get to normally unaccessible areas. The story is just as good if not better than 8 and throws in more references to previous Ys games than I was expecting. It feels like there is also more voiced dialogue lines in this game compared to previous games. The combat has not changed much from from it's predecessor and is still as satisfying and simple to pick up even for a newcomer, but still is hard to master. For those wanting a bit of a challenge and to get the plat in one playthrough (like I did), its recommended to start on Nightmare as the game isn't overly difficult on the lower settings, but do be mindful of the missable trophies. Might be too early to say at this point, but I feel 9 will be another classic Ys game for the years to come.
  9. Debonair SocialiteAttain 100% of all "People" entries in your Journal. Monstrum NoxClear the Final Chapter. Nightmare SurvivorClear the game on Nightmare difficulty or above. Fleeting MirageIn Time Attack, defeat the boss without taking damage. Greased LightningIn Time Attack, defeat the boss in 30 seconds or less. Indomitable ChampionComplete Boss Rush without retrying. ParagonComplete Boss Rush. King of the MonstrumsFinish "Balduq Prison" by Adol Christin in its entirety by earning all Trophies. Good story, gameplay, setting, soundtrack and our beloved red haired adventurer. What more could you ask for? Masterpiece 10/10!
  10. As a huge fan of the series, I'd say buy them all if you can, or at the very least pick up ToCS 2. I can't recall the last time I've seen the first two games pop up on sale. As for me personally, I think I'm gonna pick up 13 sentinels and yomawari.
  11. Capriccio of the PrisonClear Chapter 7. ShopaholicAttain 100% of shops discovered. Hermetic BastionAttain 100% of Ritual Relics enhanced. Thus Spoke the AlchemistClear Chapter 8. Haute CuisineUnlock all 13 recipes at the Dandelion. Material GirlAttain 100% of all "Materials" entries in your Journal. Vanquisher of the NoxAchieve an S on all Grimwald Nox. Conqueror of the NoxClear all Grimwald Nox.
  12. Has good variety overall between western and japanese games, but seems to lean towards the latter.
  13. "I thought I'd try shooting my way out, mix things up a little." - Master Chief Halo 3
  14. The Feral Hawk's FuryClear Chapter 3. White Cat, the NimbleExplore Balduq with the White Cat as leader. Hawk, the PeerlessExplore Balduq with the Hawk as leader. The Doll's SearchClear Chapter 4. Lemures ExterminatorDefeat 1,000 Lemures. Culling the HerdDefeat 2,000 monsters. Doll, the ResplendentExplore Balduq with the Doll as leader. I'm a Lumberjack!Create the Woodcutter's Axe.
  15. Rogue Company