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  1. Ultimate ChallengerClear all Ultimate Skill missions. The Joy of GiftingHave a hostess wear a present you give her. FashionistaGather at least one outfit from each category in "Hostess Maker." Business Card HunterReceive business cards from all hostesses, including ones you train in "Hostess Maker." Fearsome FoursomeMax out all characters to level 20. Heir to the LegendClear Legend Mode. Master of KamurochoAcquire all trophies in the game. Probably the easiest Yakuza game (platinum wise) out of the mainline series. No 100% completion requirement for this one, but will need three playthroughs and even that's not as bad considering how short the story is and if you skip cutscenes. Will be getting to 5 & 6 at a later date, but for now Tales of Arise!
  2. Digital preorder Thanks to @Ilzaki for the suggestion.
  3. On a 50/50 still from Yoimiya banner, got the archon not once but twice within 120 pulls! C1 And of course her right hand as well... C2 My lucky spot for these summons:
  4. Don't mind the time gated trophy, it just gives me more reason to keep playing the game. Tho, I can see it being very annoying for a 100% completionists.
  5. It's close, but I'll go with Keaton as my Batman. Just barely beating out Conroy and Bale. Mark Hamill for Joker with Ledger coming in second. @kingofbattle8174 You forgot Cesar Romero for 1966 Batman. Underrated Joker imo.
  6. Only One Thing Left to Do...Clear Part 4 of the story. Emblem CollectorCollect ten emblems from survivors during gang encounters. Tanimura the GamblerAcquire 10,000 casino points playing as Tanimura. Saejima the SlingerPurchase five guns playing as Saejima. Welcome to SEGAPlay all minigames at Club SEGA. Gourmet of KamurochoOrder something at least once at each restaurant. Casino RookiePlay all casino gambling games. Akiyama the HoarderEarn 1,000,000 yen playing as Akiyama.
  7. Amnesia: The Dark Descent
  8. Sorry got ninja'd @The_Head_CrusherAssassins Creed 2
  9. If it's the two bosses I think you're mentioning, both are paid dlc. They should be unlocked already by this point in the game if you've bought them.
  10. Looks like the leakers/dataminers were right. Confirmed from the official livestream, Raiden Shogun/Sara banner first and Kokomi second in 2.1.
  11. Welp changed my mind. Pulled on Yoimiya's banner and got her in 10 pulls! Her personality and aesthetics won me over. And I will still have enough primogems left for the Raiden Shogun.
  12. Substory NoviceComplete or finish four substories Hat TrickAchieve a hat trick in darts. First CaromWin the first point in Four-Ball billiards. Way of the Key MasterOpen five coin lockers.
  13. I'd say this is the hardest abyss floor 12 rotation in terms of a dps check. The enemies are extremely tanky and have some annoying stall mechanics which can eat up some time (Maguu Kenki boss and one of the samurais recovering their health when their partner dies). At the same time you don't need specific elements/team comps to break enemies shields (unlike those annoying abyss lectors and heralds in previous patches). So, in that sense you can kinda bring whoever you want on floor 12 (whilst still having good team synergy) and you don't need to worry about getting all 36 stars for any abyss trophy. My advice is to keep improving your characters artifacts as that ultimately will determine your success or failure in the end.
  14. @sealightbreezeEach time you level an artifact to the multiples of 4, in addition to the increase in an artifacts main stat (big number) you also get a random increase to one of the four smaller stats you can see on each artifact. These are the substats I mentioned. You want to try to aim for these specific substats on all of your artifacts: -Crit Rate -Crit Dmg -Atk% (depending on the character you would use HP% or Def% due to better scaling in abilities) -Energy Recharge -Elemental Mastery Now this is where artifact rng comes into play. Flat stats with no percentage are generally bad like Atk, Def, and HP on the substats. If your artifact has three of these, don't level it up. Use it as fodder to level the good artifacts instead. This is all while making sure to have the correct main stat and two or four artifacts of the same set piece in a build. Once you level up your character to level 90, weapon, talents farming for good artifact rolls are the only way to make them stronger.
  15. You just gotta keep farming artifacts with better substats unfortunately. If you already have some decent looking artifact pieces (even if its not wanderers troupe) level those up and put them on Ganyu if it means getting closer to the 1:2 ratio. Same thing with Klee. The other support characters on the team don't need worry about substats as much (I'll elaborate later on today). You need to min/max characters in order to beat Spiral Abyss.