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  1. Sonic the Hedgehog
  2. 3/10 ooh la la
  3. Actually, there was another post who's contents I couldn't click on, so you're not the only one there XD. Fischl is one of the better 4 star characters to invests into long-term, but don't force yourself to build her if you don't want to. For hyperbloom specifically in the team I mentioned, Barbara would still be better suited for healer build 4pc Ocean Clam set, as she is just the onfield enabler to apply hydro and create dendro cores for Raiden to proc hyperblooms. Dendro Traveler should use Fav sword to maintain his burst and the last spot is a flex, but ideally someone who can provide good damage/buff em off field. Abyss is just promotion to whoever is on the current banner, so unless we see powercreep among new characters, I don't think Abyss is gonna get that much stronger than it already is. It hasn't felt that way for me anyway and I've been playing since day 1. Not to mention Dendro reactions are really strong. Nilou bloom has become one of my favorite teams to run in Abyss. Clearing floor 12 won't be the problem, getting 36 stars with certain Abyss enemy lineups is, and that honestly isn't worth the effort for some people.
  4. The second team is definitely scuffed. Beidou without Fischl and/or a ton ER to battery her burst won't do much for you. Qiqi is a healer, not much else to say. I would look into using Raiden hyperbloom, as it is low investment friendly. A good F2P team to run would be Raiden (Full EM), Barbara, DMC, and last spot is kinda flexible. National without Raiden will still be strong enough to clear first half imo, you can still pull for Yelan and use her in that team if you want. Just need to manage your ER a bit more. You seem to be lacking an anemo buffer/ CC, so definitely be on the lookout for either Sucrose and/or Kazuha rerun banner sometime in the future. You can't go wrong pulling any of the remaining Archons as well (Nahida especially). Lastly, I wouldn't be in a rush to clear Abyss, as you will eventually get strong enough clear it with pulling the characters you like and have the most fun with, which is what I believe is the best use of your primos.
  5. Just having those Mass Effect and Assassin's Creed plats alone is worth enough to swap. You're also a completionist as well, with a few other similar games similar to mine. Very good overall. 👍
  6. Snagged this on the PS store sale at the last minute.
  7. Demon of Hatred cheese in Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. With some good platforming, you can lure the boss off the edge of the cliff to it's death without fighting him. The game in general has a lot of cheap methods for boss fights.
  8. Drone ChampionWon first place in every D-League race.
  9. Games looking forward to: RE4 remake SF 6 Tekken 8 The Legend of Heroes: Trails to Azure The Legend of Heroes: Trails into Reverie Atelier Ryza 3: Alchemist of the End & the Secret Key Final Fantasy XVI Melty Blood Type Lumina (backlog) Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water (backlog) Death Stranding (backlog) Metro Exodus (backlog) Yakuza: Like a Dragon (backlog) Games in consideration: Spiderman 2 Dead Space Remake Silent Hill 2 Remake?? Armored Core VI Sea of Stars
  10. Eighty-Six (23 episodes) Really good LN adaptation. The story, visuals, and music were all top-notch. It was way better than I thought, despite my earlier concerns of it being another generic mecha anime lost in the shuffle.
  11. Both in a way. This game finishes the stories for both the Cold Steel/Crossbell arcs and leaves a teaser for Kuro at the end.
  12. Mass Effect 2 One of my favorite rpgs of all time.
  13. Much like some of the posts above, Genshin Impact unsurprisingly consumed most of my gaming time this year. Not surprised to see Yakuza 5 in at 2nd place, that game takes while to platinum.
  14. Here comes the 3.4 drip marketing:
  15. Dragon Ball Xenoverse