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  1. His shield is...okay at best (Lvl 80 C6 Thoma, 33k HP, 160 Energy Recharge, Lvl 8 Skill & Burst Talents). I'd say it's around the same strength as Diona's, which can break easily if you try to tank to many hits against stronger enemies, namely in the spiral abyss. It's more of a get out of jail free card type of way, if you mess up a dodge. Pyro resonance is good with Hu Tao, but he can steal vapes from her and his burst uptime is tricky with an 80 energy cost. You'll need to make sure he has as much ER and HP as possible, high talent levels too. If you have a C4 Yanfei, I would look into building her full HP/ER similar to Thoma, aka Tankfei build. I think she is the better choice, but Thoma is still viable to help clear harder content as I showed a few posts above this one with my Spiral Abyss team 2.
  2. Hoyoverse seems to have an obsession with adding annoying/time wasting bosses in Spiral Abyss. I guess freeze teams were too good to be left unchallenged. Assuming you don't have her, I wonder if you plan on pulling Shenhe on her rerun banner? Despite being a niche support, she's really good for any Cryo dps and is ideal to use against single target bosses. @JusttJD I second this suggestion, you have the Sunfire combo of Bennett + Jean heals keeping everyone alive. On the other side, definitely get around to building Yunjin. She's pretty much a Yoimiya buff, including any other normal attack characters coming out in the future.
  3. In most cases, yes it is generally better to run elemental dmg bonus goblets over atk%, however there isn't a drastic difference in dmg between the two from my own experience, so using whichever has the better substats is most preferred and atk% is still a good substitute. Yoimiya also gets a lot of bonus dmg from the shimenawa set and the thundering pulse weapon passive. Using certain characters/team comps can also help balance dmg bonus and atk. These were my teams for the latest spiral abyss floor 12: Having Kazuha buff elemental dmg really helps out. I also tried out Yoimiya, Yunjin, Yelan, and Zhongli team on the second half as well to similar results. I will try to find a good Pyro dmg bonus goblet for Yoimiya, Hu Tao and Diluc are both using decent ones in case anyone was wondering. Also, here's a video I found showcasing the difference in Pyro and atk goblets for Yoimiya:
  4. Here I am just wanting to get one... This is now my updated build for Yoimiya, got her double crowned and still farming talents for her burst.
  5. Well, according to one of the latest leaks I've seen, it seems Tighnari will be added to the permanent banner after his rate up one expires in 3.0. I assume this also means he will join the 50/50 gang of 5 stars on limited banners going forward as well.
  6. Mortal Kombat X -1.58% Sword Art Online RE: Hollow Fragment -1.62% Furi -1.69% Trine 2: Complete Story -1.80% Fallen Legion: Flames of Rebellion -1.91%
  7. Just finally got around to 100% the Chasm. Sumeru looks good from the leaks I've seen. The characters look a little underwhelming tbh, but I'll still be pulling for the Dendro Archon. One of my goals is to get all seven of them on my main account. The Strongbox Artifact update will be a welcomed QOL adjustment for many people, just not as much for an AR 60 account like myself.
  8. Assassin's Creed Syndicate, never had an interest in this one and it seems to have a reputation as being one of the worst AC games in the series.
  9. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  10. Rent a Girlfriend ( S1 episodes 1-10) Shikimori's Not Just A Cutie (episodes 1-7) Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Ultra Romantic S3 (episodes 1-10) Edens Zero (episodes 1-8) Jujutsu Kaisen (Finished S1) One Piece (S7 ep 517-525) Love After World Domination ( 1-11)
  11. Seems to really like Yoimiya, also has posted multiple times on last trophy earned thread.
  12. Devil may Cry (original), I see that you've played the reboot and a few other hack n slash games like God of War and Prince of Persia, so might as well add in the rest of the series, all the way through to 5 if you can.
  13. If it's not 100% Crit Rate over 200% Crit Dmg, it's trash by whale standards lmao. Jk of course, we all know artifact rng doesn't discriminate between whales, low spenders, and F2P. Not to mention the game is too easy. So I guess my build has pretty good balance, all things considered.
  14. Never saw the appeal of smoking cigarettes or doing any kind of drugs for that matter, it's just a nasty way of slowly killing yourself as far as I'm concerned. As for drinking, the only alcohol that I've ever consumed was a single shot of vodka my brother gifted me for my 21st birthday. I'm 25 now, never finished the bottle and don't plan to either.
  15. Seems like everyone's getting Yelan, I think her/Xiao's banner is currently the #1 in terms of sales in Genshin Impact. Anyway, managed to win 50/50 on both Yelan and her signature bow. A decent-ish build I guess. Most of the artifact rolls went into Energy Recharge, so having her signature bow really helps out with the lack of Crit Dmg. She hits like a truck with a lvl 10 crowned burst and her elemental skill feels so smooth and fun to play. Slight ER issue, as @Theladozz mentioned, but it's only really noticeable against single target boss enemies for me personally. Overall, more than satisfied with this character and I'm now just saving to get Kuki Shinobu in the Itto second half banner.