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    Name: Ted Griffin
    Nickname: Griff (been called that for as long as I can remember)
    Likes: Games, beer, food, anime, conventions, and hang in out with friends
    Dislikes: Strawberries, bitter things, jocks, and people who make my wife angry cause I have to deal with it.
    Favorite genre: JRPG and puzzles (woot Tetris)
    About me: Well I am 23 and American. Going to school in the fall/spring to be a game translator. Going to study Japanese.
    Well that is really all I can think of to say... if you have a question ask.

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  1. I know it has been a bit since you posted this and sorry I have been really busy lately but what are some of your questions and i will help as best as i can
  2. Platinum #23 Final Fantasy: Type Zero HD Agito Achieved 17.84% Rare Enjoyment 7/10 Difficulty 6/10
  3. I am torn between Ace, Sice and Nine Ace cause he is just unique he really does a little of everything Sice cause she reminds me of a Dark Knight (Main job I played in FFXI) Nine cause he is the Dragoon of the group (Favorite class in the series) but yeah i run these 3 the most and rotate thru them alot
  4. I was unaware that this game was going to be on the ps4... or is this just a glitch that needs to be fixed?
  5. Once you have had the item it will count you dont need anymore but i would keep it cause you will need every item you can get to be honest. But selling will help you get to the Guilder trophies faster so it is a double edged sword
  6. they will find you lol
  7. No White Knight Chronicles? I know it is a grind fest but it was still hard if you did not have a good help in the game. Plus the game is impossible now with the servers shut down, that 50 S rank missions is what will stop everyone trying to solo plat it. Unless you are crazy lucky with drop rates and get amazing gear.
  8. Yeah for any MMO Vets out there this trophy set looks kind of easy. the only ones I will have trouble with is the PVP ones
  9. Damn kids these days thinkin it is fun to hack things and blah blah blah. Back in my day hacking meant cutting weeds/trees.
  10. This is not a hard plat. Time consuming yes, hard no. You want hard try White Knight Chronicles or Star Ocean: The Last Hope. Those are HARD!
  11. anything that mentions something about drugs 420 blazing blah blah blah
  12. *Drools and hands over wallet* Now they just need to give us limited 3ds XLs for this.
  13. and make sure you dont download the patch the vita does it automatically.
  14. sadly this month nothing really i want... I guess this is what we get for having a new CEO at Sony America
  15. Griffthedragoon Systems: PS4, PSVita, (PS3 soon) Blank request? No you must tell me a funny joke before i will accept. (any jokes are ok i have no limit on humor)