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  1. I got the trophy through this method, thank you!
  2. I have been using psnp very early, I missed the time to get this trophy, so I have been watching on psnp if there is any player who can get the trophy after shutting down the server. There was also a player with a PSNid called "Taiyoukou". His trophy was unlocked for 2014/6/8 (I just went to psnp to check the player's record and found that he was also disputed, maybe because of the same problem), I am After asking him a message in 2016, I learned that I could get this trophy after shutting down the server. As for why I didn't delete this game or memory leaks, I am a player who pursues 100% manual completion. I will try any method that may get a trophy (except for cheating), and I also have periodicity on the pc. Backup the entire psv game file, there is no memory leak. In addition, my psv still has this game in it. If necessary, I can record the video to the administrator to see how it works. I would like to ask how to post pictures, I have a chat with the Japanese players of "Taiyoukou", but Japanese does not know whether the administrator can understand.😀
  3. bakaltq ピコットナイト After stopping the server, I left a trophy to kill 10,000 enemies. I was asking a Japanese player who also got a trophy after the server stopped. I know that the game can still be leveled and can only be archived. Then As long as you continue to swipe the enemy of the level without leaving the game, you can get trophies by killing 10,000 enemies. I can provide a chat with the Japanese player, and at the game forum when I got the trophy. Post record.Get the trophy article record (ps: I don't speak English very well, I use google translation.) I have added the chat content. ↓↓
  4. no,ps3 still has a lot of great games