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  1. Did anyone get this trophy as I did ever mission and never got the trophy? Is there something I didn’t do or what.
  2. Can the unranked trophy be done with a single PS4 system cause I have 4 accounts and all I have left is one online which is the unranked. The trophy is easy to pop up which u will just start the game and it’s done.
  3. I should hurry up and rent this game before they patch the exploit.
  4. Is this a glitch trophy or something because for the 3rd straight I have killed an enemy with the basic bow more than 100m+ and yet the trophy never popped. Went to two different locations and yet I have killed 2+ enemies 100+ meters away. I know that some got the trophy but there has to be a catch to this that someone is not telling. Please help.
  5. Greenleaf
  6. NBA LIVE 19 and Madden NFL 19 are the same way. Having a hard time getting a decent team together and players being expensive. EA is basically want us to spend our money.
  7. Is this game a standalone game or do I need the actual NHL 19 game to play the NHL 19 99 Edition. Thanks in advance.
  8. It looks fun. Somewhat reminds me of the sims.
  9. Same, last trophy and the something happens to me as well, getting called-up during the off-season. Someone said use a pitcher but that didn't help, it helped in getting the pitchers trophies but not for getting called-up.
  10. Thanks guys. Got the trophy.
  11. Does anyone know how to get this trophy? Confused on how to get it. Thanks in advance.
  12. I have constantly gotten the CPU in shot clock violation, i am not understanding whats the problem nor why ur having such an issue in getting the trophy. It doesnt matter what type of player ur using u can still get the CPU to get a shot clock violation. Sounds like as if u dont know how to play defense. 😒
  13. someone is saying that there is another tennis game coming out this month January 2018. and i hope they bring PBA to PS4 since they never brought a Professional Bowling to the PS3.
  14. The part on the drinking trophy i found difficult was in the pawnee one and using the controls opposite of wat it was intended it for and they way people are complaining on this trophy for this game it sounds like its simliar to the call of duty difficulty mode in my opinion
  15. Um well u cant sit there and be in disbelief that people on here are whinning. Have u forgotten WatchDogs and the one trophy that me and many people could not get which was the drinking trophy which was literally impossible to get but yet there was people who got the trophy for it. So, Ubisoft literally went out there way and fixed the trophy to make it where the drinking trophy was possible to get, so yeah that update pissed off the ones who already platinum the game put make it easier for those who had a hard time platinum the game easier to platinum the game so dont be surprised if Bethesda Softworks released a patch for that difficulty even though there are people who already have the platinum.