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  1. just need to get each medal in any difficulty. what i did was play one level for the Kill-all and no-alarms medal and once im done with the level i just play it again on stealth so i have fresh memory of all enemies and objectives. Much quicker this way.
  2. Exaclty. Chapter 4 is the easiest for most trophies. Just 2 guards and an archer. you can get Wombo Combo, Face-Off and Dishonored in the beginning. I even got Up and Down trophy here. Just get your trophy and restart checkpoint. Repeat.
  3. I did it recently with a friend and we were doing squad battles. I was the host the entire time. Just to be sure we didn't leave the session. But the trophy popped for me after 4 games and for my friend after 9 games. I had played atleast 15 co-op games a few months back so some of it counted towards my trophy. And this should also mean 2 things. 1. Doesn't have to be in one session. 2. Doesn't have to be the same co-op partner.
  4. I've always had this doubt ... Does changing the club name affect the Established date ? ive had the same name since FIFA 10.
  5. Can confirm that finishing 2 objective groups in one session pops the Trophy. I finished the Eredivisie Milestone, collected all rewards and claimed the final group reward. Then went on to submit my 100th SBC. The moment I submitted the SBC, the trophy popped. Such a relief to have this out of the way.
  6. yes even i won a FUTChamps penalty shootout without missing. The trophy didnt pop. I like to try these trophies in a challenge ...i got my Freekick goal in Rivals and i was thinking i'll get this one as well. But its bugged. I think i will do it in Kick-off mode with 2 controllers.
  7. guys i'm planning to do MLS + SBC in one sitting. Im planning to do 99 SBC's first and try for the MLS. For the people who got the trophy in one-sitting method, i had 2 doubts: 1. Do you have to win all 15 MLS matches in one sitting or just the last one to complete the objective? 2. Does redeeming the objective rewards affect the trophy ? Should i not collect any reward or collect reward after completing objectives ? Any help would be great
  8. I also had this issue. I replayed level 1-3 and it popped after about 12 washes of dirty plates. To save time, just serve plain buns in each plate so you can do about 10 to 13 dirty plates in a round.