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  1. I think he is just showing people that it exists wasent sure if u were being sarcastic lol
  2. Yeah just send me a friend request on psn
  3. Yeah me to man if u ever see me on just invite me to a party and we can get going
  4. end me a friend request on psn and we can arrange a time then No worries man the pleasure was all mine! Sydney ,Australia
  5. I can just give u the sif weapons yeah i am
  6. no worries oh ok I thought your reply was a bit weird cause its a trophy hunter website but never mind have a good one any way man
  7. All I am trying to do is help people out. Some people might not have the time to do 3 playthroughs of this game but can beat it therefor still got the main experience that the devs wanted them to get and there is no shame asking for help.I'm not trying to attack you and I see were you're coming from and I respect your opinion but this is a trophy hunting website so really what else did you expect? yeah man just send me a friend request on psn I don't think so I want as many people as possible to see this so I can help as many people as I can because I can't keep doing gaming sessions all the time but I do see were your coming from and respect your opinon but I also live in Australia so when its day for me its night in most places so this is just easier because we can set up a time were it works for both of us. Just wanted to say that this is not an attack on you or your opinon but just me trying to defend why its not a gaming session I hope that you can see my point of view now.
  8. ok thanks man and yeah so far online is boring af
  9. So I just got my last single player trophy and now i'm ready to hop back into multiplayer and I just wanted to ask is the grind to level up and get enough money to buy 5 camp improvements and own 5 horses still as bad as it was do you still need to buy micro transactions to finish it in a reasonable amount of time or have they fixed it. I am currently about lvl 20 or 21 how long will it most likely take to get to 50 and buy everything else for the trophies? (I do not have any of the pre order xp boosts) Thanks for taking the time to read this
  10. 6 days and 2 minutes so 144 hours and now to the gold medals the missable trophy i missed and online this will take a while
  11. Ok thanks for clearing that up i was getting worried that my game had glitched or something. Thanks again
  12. So i know that you have to complete all of the challenges and I have done that and still stuck on level 8 what do I have to do is there some item I have to equip. If you know please help!
  13. Yep it worked thank god thanks for the advice to
  14. So you need to give 5 horses to clive and his brother but I killed them ant there not responding is there a way to fix this?