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  1. thanks man ill give the link a look
  2. Hi all so I have been following the gwent card collector guide and have just finished the mission Broken Flowers and it says that I have to go to the Rosemary And Thyme inn and talk to Zoltan Chivay but no matter how long I look or do the meditation thing he just never spawns. Have I done something wrong or is it a bug please help me!
  3. oh good got really nervus that it might well I haven't got reset yet but gunna stop for that exact reason good to know but gunna stop using it just to be safe
  4. So on cm 2 me and my friend uses trip skip for some missions and when we did it I got my medal for cm 2 and the progress saved and I used it for a bit for CM 3 (have not beat CM 3 yet) will trip skip "glitch" the trophy so it won't pop? Thanks in advance
  5. oh ok well that is good and just makes it a bit easier I guess the heist dlcs have a lot of easy ones and thanks for clarifying this for me I just didn't want to go after some harder ones from the base game when there are easier ones from the dlcs and thanks for the reply and clarifying this for me
  6. Hi everyone so I was just wondering if the platinum awards from dlc put out after the main game count towards this trophy. The reason I am asking this is because you need to earn 25 platinum awards for a trophy as well from heist setups and finals but only the main game ones count not doomsday. Just wanted to know if all the platinum awards count for this trophy or just the main game ones. Thanks in advance
  7. Just wanted to say I have stoped this now my save glitched and I lost all the weapons I dont know how to delete sessions so the other one is still up were i tell you whatI will give you but I can no longer do it so ignore the other one. Sorry but its been a joy helping as many people as I did.
  8. ok thanks!
  9. So I just hit level 50 and the trophy didn't pop if anyone knows why or how to fix this please help!
  10. So I'm a massive cricket fan but never got any games and was just wondering how long the plat would take and how hard?
  11. I like to 100 percent game in as short time as possible just some weird thing I like but to polish content it's great I think I'll get this afte all the DLC drops
  12. Oh thanks that seems pretty stupid to me but what ever thanks for the response Oh ok thanks but that just seems like a really annoying way to handle trophies thanks for the response though
  13. So I don't have days gone yet but my friend is offering it to me for 20 buck but I don't want to get it earn a few trophies then realise that you can't get 100% if it takes a long time thats fine but the dlc has been out for a while and no one has 100% just wondering if there is a glitched trophy or anything like that.
  14. Oh ok thanks i'll have a look Yeah i had a feeling i would need quite a few playthroughs i'll check out the guide thanks
  15. So this is a question for people who have the platinum already.I have 10 trophies left and want to know what to do during each play-through like because there is no guide that tells you how to get as many trophies as possible per play-through.The trophies I have left are.So if you know how to get them all in as little as possible that would really help.PS I have loved Detroit just dont what to do more than is nessacary is all. 1:Just a machine:Hank killed connor 2:Send a message:Markus conducted a pacifist riot 3:Moral Victory:Markus succeeded in making the soldiers stand back 4:An army of me:Connor converted the androids 5:My turn to decide:Connor resisted hacking attempt from cyberlife. 6:One of us:Connor became a deviant 7:Bookworm:Find every single magazine in the game 8:Partners:Hanks and connor were friends until the end 9:I’ll be back:Connor died and returned at every opportunity before reaching the end 10:Survivors:Everyone is alive at the end