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  1. Lets Riot!!!
  2. wow that really sucks its so scummy to do that to your players
  3. Hi all so I have heard that there is a trophy linked to a community chest and apparently that was taken out so you can't get the 100% is this true? Thanks in advance
  4. oh for me just the 4 main classes counted with the history of glitched trophies in BF5 I think it really comes down to chance if all the XP will count or not. lol I thought I figured it out
  5. So I just got the trophy and learned that the trophy does not unlocked when you reach 500,000 overall XP but when you reach 500,000 Class XP so only the that you earn with the 4 main classes count towards this. I have seen many people saying that they get this trophy a few games after they reach 500,000 XP and thats because they class XP is slightly behind your overall XP. Hopefully I can stop some confusion with this
  6. I can help u
  7. Hi all so is there a way that I would be able to search for my friend to attack there base or they search for me because I don't see a way to search for anyone at all is there even a way? Thanks in advance
  8. Ok thanks for the reply
  9. Hi all so just a question about the garrison 500 troops trophy. Do plane and sea units count? And how will I get to 500 because from what I know you garrison your troops to defend your base and can only garrison more after its attacked I haven't been attacked in a week is there another way or do I have to just wait until I get attacked? Thanks in advance
  10. Oh thanks guys I have no clue why I didn't think of that as a possibility
  11. Hi all In the 100% club page the first like 10 people have 100% beat this game in less than 20 seconds was this a glitch that got patched or some exploit that is still available?
  12. oh ok that sort of sucks guess i'm in for a long grind then
  13. The main trophy I am asking about is the 2,500 dog tags with out boosting it will take so long so is there anyway to speed it up
  14. ok thanks anyways man
  15. Thanks for the reply I was also told that the game is region locked is that true?