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  1. This is what I ended up doing to get the trophy thanks for putting it in here for others!
  2. Hi all so I just cant seem to win this race CJ always starts to get really tired at the final sprint and start to jog my stamina stat is at 100 percent and my cycling stat at like 70 but I always loose is there something I can do Well I finally got the trophy and after posting this I got the trophy and more than a few giggles from your "Help" Even writing the title for it I had a smerk on my face I just love a bunch of mature adults helping each other out have a great Christmas guys
  3. Hi all Is this game really hard for takes a long time because it seems pretty easy but its so rare is there something i'm missing?
  4. I will drop you all the weapons you need for the Platinum and useful items to make the game far easier to beat, but I no longer look at this forum if you want my help message me on PSN If you comment here asking for help I will NOT see it thanks. The only requirement for the drop is that you get to Andre the Blacksmith. Just to make it 100% clear if you reply to this forum post I will NOT see it you must message me on PSN
  5. Hi all so when I get on a bike and tap X repeatedly and it hardly goes I have looked on the internet and no ones has a clear answer like i spam X like the game says and it barley goes what am I doing wrong please help.
  6. This is the last animal I need for skin deep and zoologist. I've watched every location video and it just won't spawn is there a trick to make it spawn out do I just need to get lucky. Plz comment the location u found it in maybe I haven't checked there.
  7. thats what I did to and i kid you not I looked for this bird for a total of 10 hours. So I had a route I did going from all the locations I saw online in a big loop looking for it. There is no magic way to make it spawn just luck and persistence. I wish u all the best!
  8. thanks for the tips really appreciate it!
  9. Hi all so for those that have beat grounded mode and permadeath on the same playthrough I just want to know how challenging they are when done at the same time and what accesability options you used. I will also be playing grounded new game plus (with all unlocks from my previous 2 playthroughs) and permadeath by chapter to chapter. I just want to get a sence of how hard and time consuming this will be and some general tips I have only beat the game on normal so far so have played a run and gun style so far, If you have any tips at all I would appreciate hearing what you have to say. Thanks in advance!
  10. The witcher 3 The last of us Horizon zero dawn
  11. Hi all simple question I have does beating grounded mode on NG+ count towards the trophy? Also question can you use the accessibility options during your grounded playthrough or does that negate the trophy? Thanks in advance!
  12. So I just hit level 50 and the trophy didn't pop if anyone knows why or how to fix this please help!
  13. Hi all so I got this game when it came out and just got it again now my progress was saved but I forgot like how many heros i've killed in heros vs villains and other trophies like that. Is there a way to see how many like in the milestone section or do I just have to play and hope it comes sooner than later. Thanks in advance!
  14. Hi all so I have heard that there is a trophy linked to a community chest and apparently that was taken out so you can't get the 100% is this true? Thanks in advance
  15. Lets Riot!!!
  16. wow that really sucks its so scummy to do that to your players
  17. So I just got the trophy and learned that the trophy does not unlocked when you reach 500,000 overall XP but when you reach 500,000 Class XP so only the that you earn with the 4 main classes count towards this. I have seen many people saying that they get this trophy a few games after they reach 500,000 XP and thats because they class XP is slightly behind your overall XP. Hopefully I can stop some confusion with this
  18. oh for me just the 4 main classes counted with the history of glitched trophies in BF5 I think it really comes down to chance if all the XP will count or not. lol I thought I figured it out
  19. Hi all so I have been following the gwent card collector guide and have just finished the mission Broken Flowers and it says that I have to go to the Rosemary And Thyme inn and talk to Zoltan Chivay but no matter how long I look or do the meditation thing he just never spawns. Have I done something wrong or is it a bug please help me!
  20. Hi all so is there a way that I would be able to search for my friend to attack there base or they search for me because I don't see a way to search for anyone at all is there even a way? Thanks in advance
  21. Ok thanks for the reply
  22. Hi all so just a question about the garrison 500 troops trophy. Do plane and sea units count? And how will I get to 500 because from what I know you garrison your troops to defend your base and can only garrison more after its attacked I haven't been attacked in a week is there another way or do I have to just wait until I get attacked? Thanks in advance
  23. Hi all In the 100% club page the first like 10 people have 100% beat this game in less than 20 seconds was this a glitch that got patched or some exploit that is still available?
  24. Oh thanks guys I have no clue why I didn't think of that as a possibility