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  1. If anyone's interested in more of Boston Animation's resume of games, they've developed another licensed product game called Darkened Skye. Worth checking out!
  2. Ryu ga Gotoku Locations Tour Untold: Batter up! In 2012 while filming the first Ryu ga Gotoku 5 Real-Life Locations Tour, the Oslo Batting Center was under renovation and as a result I couldn't film the location. When I returned to Kabukicho in 2016, the first thing I wanted to do was to visit the batting center and it was open. Chronologically, this was the first episode I filmed of the 2016 Locations Tour videos despite the fact it's episode 16.
  3. Channel Update: 855 subscribers. A new video will be released in a few weeks! Stay tuned...
  4. Stay tuned to the follow-up of How Earthworm Jim Changed My Life later this year. 14 Groovy years in the making...
  5. 20th Anniversary Update: M&M's The Lost Formulas was released 20 years ago! I recently contacted Andrew Wolfendon. He wrote all the CGI scenes in Shell Shocked/The Lost Formulas and was responsible for voice-directing J.K. Simmons and Billy West! He also worked on Boston Animation's Skittles’ tie-in game, Darkened Skye and classic educational PC games like Darby the Dragon, Dinosaur Adventure 3D, and the Magic Tales series. If you like Andrew's work, he's published a suspense thriller book titled, Fishermen's Court: Eugene Zhukov (audio composition) founded Abyss Lights Studio and has worked on games like Need for Speed: Underground, League of Legends, Spell Force, Asterix & Obelix. Eugene has also published a few books; a sci-fi space saga spanning seven books titled, "The Lights of the Abyss":
  6. Ryu ga Gotoku Locations Tour Untold: PIZZA-LA is the best pizza money can buy. 'Nuff said! In all seriousness, their "Steak quarter" is something you should definitely try if you ever find a PIZZA-LA in Japan. Here's their menu:
  7. Channel Update: 834 subscribers.
  8. Ryu ga Gotoku Locations Tour Untold: The Akihabara chambermaids. While filming the series finale in Akihabara, I couldn't help but notice a swarm of chambermaids handing out tissues and flyers promoting their clubs. A lot of them were persistent, but one dressed as a bunny rabbit approached me and spoke to me in English (pretty good English actually!) There's a club that provides cabarets where hostesses dress as maids, cats or bunny rabbits and include an animal like a puppy or a kitten for patrons to pet while they communicate with the hostesses. Wow. Just wow.
  9. Channel Update: 824 current subscribers. Stay safe everyone!
  10. Ryu ga Gotoku Locations Tour Untold: The Ryu ga Gotoku Gindaco Takoyaki campaign was offered for a limited time during the Ryu ga Gotoku 6 promotional period. If you tweeted a picture of yourself with the Kazuma Kiryu face mask, you could be invited to the launch of the game or win a free copy of the game. The ‘Premium Takoyaki Hashed Beef Truffle Set’ was pretty good. I stole the face mask, but that's just between you and me.
  11. Channel Update: 814 current subscribers. Follow-up Earthworm Jim video is in the works and a review segment.
  12. Ryu ga Gotoku (Yakuza) Locations Tour Untold: Shortly after the recording of the Theater Square episode, a horde of activists appeared carrying giant signs. I couldn't decipher what they were saying since the their shouts and yells were cacophonous. It got to the point where the police were involved - there were at least four police cars surrounding the theater square. I wanted to record this as it almost felt like a sub story in a Yakuza game.
  13. Channel Update: 812 current subscribers
  14. Fun Fact: The Lost World Jurassic Park video game featured the first original live orchestral score written by Academy Award winning composer, Michael Giacchino (who started his career as a video game composer!) and was recorded with the Seattle Symphony Orchestra. The Japanese version on both the PlayStation and Saturn feature two additional scores not used in the game, but can be accessed via the debug mode. Michael Giacchino also released an original soundtrack shortly after the games release.