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  1. the clues that I took the most were remastered (9 hours approximately) wide and tight (8 hours approximately) ... the easiest thing was to chase the demons (the last one in blue) ... the mental block is also difficult but it did not take so much like the other two (it could be because it was the last track I made before the final and I already had 95 hours of total reproduction). The rest of the tracks were difficult, but I did not demand as much as the two that I mentioned before (at least for me)
  2. PES 11: closed servers FIFA 13(vita): closed servers are two platinum that I regret not having finished in due time before the servers close
  3. albedo : eyes from outer space it's the most boring game and platinum I made but far away personally
  4. 548 trophies without winning for now......
  5. trophy # 3359 # 36 chamber (draw slasher , ps vita)
  6. 😀😀😀 😀
  7. En CUMBIA !!
  8. - try to overcome my 52 platinums obtained in 2018 - spend the 90 percent completion of my games
  9. 1). crash team racing 2). spyro 3). need for speed payback
  10. trophy # 3020 # friendly sheep (kitten squad )
  11. # 83 crash bandicoot 2: cortex contraataca
  12. need for speed hot persuit(26-1-11)
  13. of the PES platinums that I have this was the easiest one far away ... I expected it a bit harder (more in my club mode) ... a pity
  14. it seems an accessible platinum ... there is a trophy pair that I have a little doubt but I do not think much difficulty