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    Fashion addict, designer and model. Cosplay soon perhaps.

    New with video games, it helps to fix anxieties. My sister gave me the Playstation thank you! c:

    I ๐Ÿ’› aquariums! They are so peaceful and soothing. My best is full of plants and shrimp, but I want the Reef setup one day!

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  1. So very nice to meet you too @Monokuma_79 (: Another one starting this journey!! I will follow and we shall conquer all lol ;D Thanks, kind of you :3 If I was to play one Devil May Cry game which should be it?
  2. Yes fantastique! Thank you @PermaFox, @Teslacron_Prime I will research these now!
  3. That is so kind @Caju_94 thanking you! (โ—ž๊ˆโˆ‡๊ˆ)โ—ž Now I see you have Need for Speed and Burnout, which do you recommend the best? Glad you think so @PermaFox! and what is this: o.o?? Perhaps a game of fish, and flowers (such would be so delightful)
  4. so a cute cat your lil tisa ;)

    she also have modelย  qualities!

    greetz koro chan

    1. VixenAbyss


      Thank you! lulz ๐Ÿ˜ย 
      We both alsoย lazy and full of attitude thoย x)


  5. @Teslacron_Prime here are a couple more! :3 And for whomever else happens to find them, my loveliest tiny water garden: ^Inspection of the roots and a Java fern. These teeny tiny white dots on biggest rock are actually snails. ^^ ^My kitchen garden I love as her many vines skulk about! Finally one for @Koromaru my furry friend Tisa! (โ— ๏นโ— โœฟ)
  6. @Shadiochao yes! As a new gamer it would be nice to track my progress in this way. A profile zone displaying completed percent of Miku's journey sounds lovely :3 @gamesfourever Rarity is a separate matter no?
  7. Wow @ResonanceBlade very impressive! 20 here lel, soon to be 0! alas, my list is fresh garbage tho
  8. Woah woah there mr. Salt bringer.. What kind of fish we talking?! The right pair of Killifish I'm your girl! ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Thank you @Gamesareify and thank you for the follow! Nice to meet you too. Noticing you have completed Catherine. Would it be a recommendation? Thinking of buying this one the story looks hilareous!
  10. Banned for necro posting in forum games
  11. @Honor_Hand you have no idea haha, Jace broke the game for a long period! So much op they restricted his use. But, But, trample :'| x) lel I hate when people use that same strategy on me. When you can't even exile a stupid colossi. I mean it's all good when I do it though bahaha. I'm going to shop through Playstation games for Magic, we should play if any are good! ๏ฝกโ—• โ€ฟ โ—•๏ฝก Also, cheer up ((Hug)) I'm sorry you couldn't buy from that company. Sucks but all things pass. @Zolkovo thank you! But I must agree with @Teslacron_Prime prime on that no clue who the Chuckle Brothers are! ( ๏พŸ,_ใ‚๏พŸ) Prime I will email you some different setups okay? This doesn't allow uploads. Since I was a kid, years. No animals lol, and Salt. Always salt for Mangroves.
  12. How cool is this? I would like to request a signature. \(*-*) Something black and white that matches my game tag. Something like a femme fatale or the abyss. ^This one could be awesome if the little box was removed and my game tag was done in the same style? Image also probably needing to be wider. Yes, muchly. Perhaps adding black space to the left. Something. ^Omg or that one. If it was made to have like triple negative space on the left.. with very unique caligraphy. Might work on that myself. Anywho if you guys have any thoughts or cool images let me know! Will be thinking about signatures this weekend.
  13. Has skills and just earned a new follower!
  14. Wow you guys are awesome, truly. Thank you! If only the rules allowed more replies I would answer sooner. Being noob sucks haha >< @BlindMango messages count against my total and could not return yours yesterday. Thank you for the information. Do you know for number of days this is? @Galactic Hyper Balls The pleasure is all mine! I have always wanted a cyborg friend. Bet those hands type really fast. Can you punch through a Tank, or crush it?! Do you breathe oxygen? Ps Very wonderful signature also :3 Gracias @Soneto siento bienvenida aqui! Dawww. Thanks so muchly @Koromaru, such a cute liddle morsel..(*ยฌ*) How recommend you that we cook it? >;] Perhaps a roast, or the sand pit? Tres delicieux :L Thank you @bezdomnekoty very impressive list you have!~ @Honor_Hand you are so best!! Yes, Magic the Gathering. I enjoy RIsk and Poker too! Also yes, very new to all this haha. Funny story the first Magic booster I ever buy has Jace the Mindsculpter and the whole shop was freaking out and it became my total addiction for two years lel following Worldwake. So I prefer trample and rampaging poison counters. Blightsteel colossi FTW! My best deck is white and green enchanted beast ramp. It has a black green sister deck too. Do you still play, either tabletop or through Playstation? @Teslacron_Prime hahaha I said 'many small aquariums' not 'only small ones'. Most are just a few liters. I will post some photographs if you are interested. Many thanks your Majesty! *Bows* It must be nice to be King of something @Squirlruler