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  1. Apparently doing certain bases voids this, as I did the Sable base in Central park 3 separate times with no unlock, and then first try on the Prisoner Camp in Harlem and it unlocked instantly.
  2. Well, I can tell you all that I have everything checked off in my profile except for play 25 hours in a party and 100 wins, but there are a few that won't unlock because of the fact it's marked complete. Really stupid, hopefully they can retroactively give these to people who have done the requirements.
  3. I’m not sure if anyone else has had this issue, but on piece 37-16, the level is actually not possible to be completed. I’ve been using the fill everything in and fix method, but the numbers across the top row on the bottom layer are not consistent with the rest of the picture. I got the plat on PS4 awhile ago, but this random sub picture for me is not complete able. Currently deleted save file and redownloading to see what happens, otherwise any info? EDIT: Apparently the vita will randomly shift the screen slightly during playthrough and when loading, I had an additional row beneath my screen that was not visible! I was able to finish this level and it seems like it was a just a wonky error.
  4. I have 4 or 5 trophies gltiched on my account, gunsmith is one of them, anyone know of a fix? Literally all my trophies are stated as being completed, even downing someone with 10% life is glitched for me, not sure how to fix it
  5. If you're looking for the platinum, don't even try with this game currently. I have multiple trophies that say I have completed the tasks for it, and will not unlock, and there is no way for me to reset the progress. Basically everything but 25 hours played with friends, 100 wins (have only got 7/8 wins with rogues but doesn't look glitched for me yet) has been completed. All progress shows finished, the only one I didn't have starting today was the zip line kill, but I got that naturally and unlocked. Killing someone with melee weapon, grenade kill without looking, win only with pistol, none of them will unlock, even my Fully upgrade primary weapon trophy won't unlock and I do that every game. Not sure how to fix any of this when it's all registered as completed. Thoughts?
  6. I figured out the issue and am nearly at the Plat. The problem was during one of the manual saves during chapter 5, after the first time loop, you have to purposely choose the wrong answer and battle nanami again, which either I missed, or didn't register that end on my account (Just as the tips didn't fully complete until I redid the true end fights a second time) So if anyone else is having that issue, Her underwear is unlocked by choosing the bad end, time warping and quickly doing 2 chapters, and then choosing that same answer at the end of chapter 5 for a second time.
  7. From everything I’m reading, you need her 3rd pair of underwear to unlock her hard mode, is there a specific route anyone knows of to get it?
  8. I used this guide start to finish and it didn’t pop the hard mode for her, even redid the bad ending on a fresh save, no unlock, not sure what the requirements are tbh
  9. I did everything in the game, all 3 endings, I’ve gotten all trophies, except for seeing all illustrations, but the first girl (Nanaki?) still has her hard mode locked and I’m not sure how I go about getting this, I’ve done literally everything else in the game so this should be unlocked, is there a specific route I need to take to get it, and if so can someone explain it? Really don’t wanna leave a game without the Plat but I am not redoing this trash heap of a game again lol
  10. Oh I've done that section with the glitch and without, doesn't make a difference, the level in that area is bugged (for some people) and scaled for some reason, I'm talking first playthrough story difficulty, I was getting 2-3 shotted by basic enemies, and when I went through on Apocalyptic with Armageddon mode they were hitting me for the exact same amount, maybe slightly stronger, just that area is bugged. The area right after that, Depths I think? I was 1-2 hitting max every enemy again, and in bonelands it was taking like 15-20, assuming it was my level the entire game would be that difficult, not just one area of it.
  11. Quite possibly the worst game I have ever played, and I have played some complete garbage bullshit. The enemies will nudge you just enough to knock you off a platform, and with no checkpoints during the levels, you have to restart from the beginning. Enemy hitboxes are insanely varied, bow and arrow feels wonky trying to hit aerial enemies, and the level design is fucking terrible. Would not recommend to a single person who thinks this is just a 15 minute plat, game is garbage, and if you see my profile, that's saying something.
  12. Apparently no one on here reads forums. The reason that the lust battle is so god damn hard, is because the bonelands since the last patch have glitched for some players. Simply going for trophies I played my first playthrough on story, and when I arrived in that area, the monsters started 3 shotting, at level 300, on story difficulty. No, this is not because of 'level scaling' as the rest of the game I was 1-2 tapping every other enemy, it's because the developers noted that the game is bugged in that area currently, and that the level is scaled to an insane level for no reason, and they have no intention of fixing it. Basically if I hadn't glitched the games dupping system, I would not have been able to clear that area without doing a literal perfect run without getting hit by any enemy or boss attack. Game is fun, but holy shit a bug that makes 1 boss a God is not enjoyable.
  13. FYI You need to have 8 palettes to unlock colormania trophy!
  14. Got the inverted powerup, sunk the ball, no unlock. Reinstalled the game, got the collector trophy, still no unlock, not sure what I'm supposed to do at this point. Seems it just doesn't register on some of the powerups, on the third inverted sink I completed it!
  15. I just came across the same issue on NA. I closed the game, and just redid a Grand Prix cup on the last turtle again, after the first win it gave me the All Star trophy.