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  1. Quite possibly the worst game I have ever played, and I have played some complete garbage bullshit. The enemies will nudge you just enough to knock you off a platform, and with no checkpoints during the levels, you have to restart from the beginning. Enemy hitboxes are insanely varied, bow and arrow feels wonky trying to hit aerial enemies, and the level design is fucking terrible. Would not recommend to a single person who thinks this is just a 15 minute plat, game is garbage, and if you see my profile, that's saying something.
  2. Oh I've done that section with the glitch and without, doesn't make a difference, the level in that area is bugged (for some people) and scaled for some reason, I'm talking first playthrough story difficulty, I was getting 2-3 shotted by basic enemies, and when I went through on Apocalyptic with Armageddon mode they were hitting me for the exact same amount, maybe slightly stronger, just that area is bugged. The area right after that, Depths I think? I was 1-2 hitting max every enemy again, and in bonelands it was taking like 15-20, assuming it was my level the entire game would be that difficult, not just one area of it.
  3. Apparently no one on here reads forums. The reason that the lust battle is so god damn hard, is because the bonelands since the last patch have glitched for some players. Simply going for trophies I played my first playthrough on story, and when I arrived in that area, the monsters started 3 shotting, at level 300, on story difficulty. No, this is not because of 'level scaling' as the rest of the game I was 1-2 tapping every other enemy, it's because the developers noted that the game is bugged in that area currently, and that the level is scaled to an insane level for no reason, and they have no intention of fixing it. Basically if I hadn't glitched the games dupping system, I would not have been able to clear that area without doing a literal perfect run without getting hit by any enemy or boss attack. Game is fun, but holy shit a bug that makes 1 boss a God is not enjoyable.
  4. FYI You need to have 8 palettes to unlock colormania trophy!
  5. Got the inverted powerup, sunk the ball, no unlock. Reinstalled the game, got the collector trophy, still no unlock, not sure what I'm supposed to do at this point. Seems it just doesn't register on some of the powerups, on the third inverted sink I completed it!
  6. After beating World 6-5, the game jumped me to chapter 8-1, the final boss. As there is no information online about this game, I'm wondering if this is some sort of secret unlock, or if I've been shafted out of the platinum trophy, as it seems there are other things making certain trophies unobtainable.
  7. I just came across the same issue on NA. I closed the game, and just redid a Grand Prix cup on the last turtle again, after the first win it gave me the All Star trophy.
  8. Best bet for grinding out the trophies is to set autoplay for a beginner area and let the game do the work, otherwise the trophies are just tedious rather than difficult.
  9. So I've run through the game a few times now and am only missing the all secrets trophy, all black pictures, and all pictures trophies. As I did this in shared co-op for some reason secret 17 is bugged and won't unlock, as well I've seen secret 20 will not unlock for anyone currently. Also Black picture 5 seems to be completely bugged and won't unlock but I need to be the one to grab it on the shared co-op run to confirm if it's just bugged since I'm not physically grabbing it. Anyone else experiencing these issues or is it just a bug, as well have the devs or anyone responded to these sorts of things as it's kind of tedious when a games trophies are this messed up.
  10. Just picked up the trilogy on sale and looking for others who want to boost the ranked trophies out quickly, PSN is ShadowWalsh
  11. Hey there me and my friend started playing Destiny 2 without any DLCs or prio knowledge to the franchise, currently looking for others who are trying to do the same, at the moment trying to beat the nightfall strike (270 power) and then to beat the leviathan raid at 300. Anyone interested in playing or grind can add me ShadowWalsh thank, if anyone has any tips and ideas on how to quickly get to 300 light level I would greatly appreciate it!
  12. I got through most of the game alone apart from a few bosses that just destroyed me, but as I was looking into the chalice dungeons I saw there are an enormous about of spiders... My arachnophobia isn't as bad as most people, but being swarmed with them is not the best experience. I'm trying to get the last few trophies in the main game, and looking for someone to help out, I'm not expecting a carry through the area, just helps to have another person so I'm not too freaked out. Any help or ideas to deal with Ailing Loran and eventually Great Pthumeru would be great appreciated! PSN: ShadowWalsh