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  1. if it helps i got it by shooting head, tried it on the chest and shooting legs off but it didnt seem to work, then it poped on a headshot
  2. I know it works without the update with the disk, as seen below. as for troubleshootng Im not sure what to say. I use the mosin Nagant with an explosive mod, and take it easy and slow. Iv just updated my profile just to show that it is obtainable, I must say that it is rather annoying that this is what it show, but the game only came out yesterday. Sorry wount post the image
  3. can confirm that it works on 1.0, not updates from disk. I only played the final checkpoint in chapter 1 till the end, making sure to go for headshots and having the explosive mod for my rife helped to makesure any that died from anything but a headshot wasnt getting up. Total Revivals was 3 and trophy pops when you crush the zombie in the train door. Hope this helps anyone having a hard time.
  4. Hi all, i have a question about the 2 above mentioned trophies. I have tried for possible 2 days to try and get into a multiplayer game on this and keep getting the same error message no matter if im invited by, or inviting, a dummy profile or a player. I have seen other players in online playing through, but my question is this are the servers sill available to obtain these trophies or are they out of reach? thank you in advance