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  1. Yeah, sorry it looks a little confusing in the picture. I put a wood raft base but no wood floor for the middle so it would help contain the animals.
  2. Appreciate the vid, super quick 👍
  3. The Meat smoker has 2 dings if you put it on the rope: the first ding cooks the meat and the second later ding lets you know it is smoked. I also got confused and took my meat off prematurely at the first ding and had a whole heap of spoiled meat the next day. The dings sound different so I would suggest trying again and giving it another 4-5 in game hours (i can't remember how long it takes to go from raw > cooked > smoked but it usually all happens in 8 hours if I remember correctly.) Hope this helps, the food cooking and allocation in this game took me way too long to figure out lol
  4. Nice, congrats! Yeah the big takeaway from this thread is apparently I need to wishlist or keep it in the cart and then just express checkout when these sites get restocked lol
  5. I’ve also been using the restock alerts trying to get it and have come close with Best Buy and GameStop. I got one Sony direct invitation via email a while ago but it sold out while I was in the queue. Has anyone gotten multiple invitations from Sony or is it a one time thing?
  6. Yeah to be honest at first glance I was expecting more of a Shaq-fu or Scott Pilgrim level in terms of graphics/gameplay. Just looked up the gameplay and I’m less than impressed.
  7. My interest was piqued seeing this list, not sure how bad a hard mode run with no game over will be but the rest looks like a nice little list. Since you have to unlock hard mode it'll probably be minimum 2 play-throughs but since its an NES-style game it should be a short run start to finish. That said I think I might wait for a sale for this one, an old NES port-style game for $15 is a little to steep for me.
  8. @anbukakashi1994 Here is my trophy screenshot (didn't get one of a better view of the raft sadly) but this is a 3x3 wood base and wood floor raft. I got this just a couple days ago. 2 x boar 2 x snake 2 x giant crab 2 x crab (not in inventory, on raft) 2 x giant hog As you can see too it wasn't even really storming, I just started going into some dark clouds and it popped. My raft barely floated out to sea without sinking so luckily I saved right before I left the island. Best of luck!
  9. Children of Morta was a recent surprise for me in its coach co-op, really fun solo and co-op and can alternate/drop-in or out between the two nicely. It’s mildly annoying to me having to do a completely separate save for co-op sometimes.
  10. I would estimate at least 25-30 hours, I’m playing through it now and have only done partialplay-throughs for some misc trophies and have already put 5-6 hours into the game.
  11. In case anyone is still having difficulty with the vegan trophy, here is the order of operations I just did to get it along with some notes. General notes: -You should have 3 yucca trees on your island (the third is usually clipping into some bushes but all 3 are close to each other.) they respawn their fibrous leaves every 48 hours so definitely utilize them because that is 18 fibrous leaves every 2 days. (Not to mention the young palm trees that spawn every other day.) -There is 1 edible fruit plant on the island. (I always get Kura so I reference it as such in the list below but others get potato or Quwawa.) Wild fruit plants do NOT respawn once picked, only farmed ones will, so only pick it right before you put it in the farm -Eat no more than 2 coconuts at a time to be safe. I recommend saving before eating them in case you eat too much and get diarrhea. If timed properly you can eat 2 in the morning, one in the afternoon, and 2 at night however be mindful of your overall supply. (Honestly I got away with only eating 3 a day.) -This technique also stacks the same island for 10 days and no fish for 10 days trophies as well. Order of operations: Skip tutorial Day 1 Make tool Make refined knife Make axe Collect 4 coconuts Make shelter Make water still Make coconut flask Make Hoe Make Farm Plant Kura Day 2 Collect ALL OTHER coconuts and pile them on ground Wait in shaded area Tend to farm Remember: 2 coconuts in morning 2 coconuts at night Days 3-10 When kura bears fruit (48 hours later), PLANT IT IN NEW FARM Stick to coconut regimen and wait in shaded areas doing nothing. When kura farms fruit eat one and plant the other. You should now have 3 kura farms, this with coconuts to supplement will get you to 10 days. Use your excess fibrous leaves from your yuccas to fill water still to keep constant supply of water.
  12. Damn I hate when that happens. If you're that early on I would suggest starting over from scratch. I have no idea how hard new game + is but if it's anything like other souls-like games the difficulty really ramps up. I'm playing through now as well and even on my first play-through there are some areas that are just destroying me.
  13. I’m usually not one to base buying a game on the amount of trophies/points but this is ridiculous because it is so lazy to hodgepodge together a paltry list like this. To me the point of a trophy list is to get the player to play the game as close to as fully as possible, exploring different quests and playthroughs/endings. This is the exact opposite of that and leaves so much left on the table of possible trophy earning experiences. Shame.
  14. That's the frustrating part, technically yes it should be possible. The trophy is glitched in some way however no one understands how it is glitched. Does the game not save your progress if you don't do a complete run? I thought this might be an issue so I recently wiped my save and started from scratch ONLY doing full runs and keeping a meticulous list of alien races and still no trophy. This game has become a pitfall for many of us who have tried to figure it out and dump a ton of hours into this game for the trophy to not unlock. I'm hopeful for the day someone figures out a way to get this trophy
  15. It took me way longer than it should have to try the different service weapon loadouts. Trying to do the first few bosses with just grip was a long tedious process but once I got spin and shatter it all started to get easier. Agreed on the DLC, I usually avoid dlc because often I find them too repetitive of the original game without introducing new content but the AWE and Foundation really expanded on different abilities and delved into the lore more.