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  1. I set up a boosting session for tomorrow night and can set up/join up on other sessions throughout the weekend to really knock this out
  2. I'm in too! Damn, here's to you @Tiricy nice work Alright, now time to clear up these trophies before it really goes down Best of luck to everyone and remember:
  3. Alright, just unlocked the 50 side quests and the Space Y Intern based off of RNumbers advice above so can add to their confirmation that the trophies do unlock after doing the 25 landings and 50 side quests WITHOUT going back to menu. A couple notes I found in my runs: - The game is bugged in that if your party is wiped and you are sent to the medbay, the next time you go for the quest the game will stall/freeze during the talking and you will have to go to the main menu to start your run over (happened to me twice during my Space Y Intern run, very frustrating so watch out for that.) -As RNumbers said, you can get the Space Y Intern about half way through Act 2 so it should only take 75-90 min if you are hitting all the planets ASAP. -For the 50 side quests, I found the easiest thing to do is the "Hunt" quest on Tanton over and over as by the time I had 3 members in my party this quest is so easy you only have to mash X until everyone is dead and they usually never break through your shields. You can also re-initiate this quest from the location without going back to your ship so its just an hour or so of grinding through it. -Also as RNumbers said, suspending the app/going into rest mode doesn't negate the trophy, only closing the game or quitting to main menu. Thanks again @RNumbers for figuring this out!
  4. Big kudos for the footwork @RNumbers! Sometime in the future I’ll go back and do a full run from scratch (when I am less salty from the glitch hahah.) how long did your second run take you?
  5. Thanks again for the above @Twiton! For anybody still slogging through this grind I found tutorial quest 3 “Nuanced concepts” a great place to grind the power and Gandalf trophy Istari (Summon Gandalf 100 times) and Phial of Galadriel (use a power 1,000 times). 2 heros have powers that can be used every turn and you are guaranteed a Gandalf card 2 rounds after traveling. (The quest itself is also rather quick albeit annoying to get through the tutorial messages.)
  6. The trophy list does seem very linear and simple so that is nice. After watching the teaser trailer, I’m not impressed however. The world seems open but empty, I’m hopeful the puzzles are worthwhile but it looks like a walking simulator in that interactions with people and places seems very limited to whatever the current objective is. I’ll hold off for reviews to see, here’s to hoping I’m wrong though!
  7. Just booted it up and saw the changes from the most recent update and i'm split (har har.) The new UI and menu looks clean but they cut down a ton of individual game mode queues (currently no laser tag or team fiesta which were my go-to quick wins for the 1047 wins trophy) and will cycle them in and out weekly supposedly. If this helps with queue times, I guess it's two steps forward one step back but still a bummer for some of those niche game modes I liked to play daily. "Gameplay Mantling – Adding support for mantling (ledge grabbing). Designed as jetpack boost so that there is not first person animation that interferes with aim/gunplay. Option to turn off in Settings > Gameplay" ^This will be cool to see because I have missed a jump by mere inches too many times lol
  8. After the funding the studio just got I imagine this game is going to be around for a while so I’m in no rush for this. It’s fun and the challenges keep me coming back for a couple rounds a day. With all the rumble game modes too the game gives you a ton of options to get to the 1047 wins.
  9. Yeah I haven’t seen any patches come through for this since I played it earlier this year. I reached out to the developer as well to see if they could address/fix but haven’t gotten a reply so safe to assume it is still bugged and may remain that way sadly. Will circle back if anyone from behold reaches back out with an update though!
  10. I just played a seed last night that had 7-9 GB's around Fallgrim tower (120000) ornate token and GB right at spawn. I've been saving them up, you say they are glitched to stack and be indefinite? That would be super helpful in spamming supers on bosses hahah.
  11. As I understand it, the shades for each shell are obtained after killing certain enemies/completing cycles (complete runs) with that shell. The obsidian shade is a shade for the foundling (no shell) and is obtained after completing a cycle with the foundling. So for the obsidian run you will have to do 2 “no shell” cycles/play throughs. That said the seed that @mike0oscar0oscar linked above is an AWESOME seed for grinding out some glimpses, tar, ornate, spectral, and mortal tokens. @Optinooby also has made a great point above and in other threads about using ornate tokens with your no shell run to negate some damage for the harder boss fights so that will help a ton but 2 no-shell runs on permadeath is just going to be awful. I’m going to keep looking for other seeds that have potential for either being good for grinding out some items or having some great starter instincts off the bat. Cheers to everyone above for their input, I didn’t think this game mode would be so addicting!
  12. For anyone that wants to grab it, it releases tomorrow August 18th and will be free for 5 days. I just recently got the platinum and am hopeful that new trophies will be added to the DLC for the new shell, weapon and rougelike mode. (I'm sure the new mode is going to be a pain with its randomized mob spawns but it can't be worse than the crypt boss on my no shell run lol.)
  13. Just started this as well and you are not kidding; you are going to have to replay the solo content over and over and over again to get some of these grindy trophies. Gameplay is fun but playing the same quests repeatedly is going to be banging-my-head-against-the-wall grind. Does anyone know if any other card sets are available after completing the different campaigns or is it just the core set?
  14. Yeah, sorry it looks a little confusing in the picture. I put a wood raft base but no wood floor for the middle so it would help contain the animals.
  15. Appreciate the vid, super quick 👍