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  1. Once 10 seconds have went by you can leave the game whenever and it'll count as 1 transformation.
  2. This method is for after you obtain all the other trophies for the werewolf which will only take around 15 games to complete them all (if you buy the second werewolf skill). DET tokens shouldn't be a worry for the wolf too. As long as you do all the human trophies before playing as the werewolf, you will have more than 5000 DET tokens which will add up to the 50 games needed for the Moonlit Night Trophy. This method will save alot of time for players rushing for the platnium before the servers shutdown.
  3. Hi everyone, I'm just letting you all know the fastest way to achieve the (Moonlit Night) trophy is to quit 10 seconds after you have turned into a werewolf. This saves alot more time than waiting for someone else to kill you. Hope this helps!
  4. Do kills from the werewolf and humans combine towards the (One Man Army) trophy or do we have to get to 200 kills for either werewolf/human to obtain the trophy?
  5. Fifa 09 - fifa 13. Would have been great to platnium them all since I have every fifa on the ps4 platnuimed
  6. Mortal Combat X
  7. If you loved black ops 3 you should definitely go for Black ops 1 If you loved black ops 3, you should definitely go for Black ops 1
  8. Gta San Andreas
  9. I found out yesterday that you can face the same accounts again but that was because the season ended, I also know that playing during the week days makes it easier to boost rather than weekends but I wouldn't be sure if that's because people don't play the game as often during weekdays or because I'm from Europe. The boosting would require a good bit of patience as once you reach a high rank of 400 trying to face a second account with 0 points, it's going to take quite a while to match against the second account as you have to let the second account (maximum) search reach 400 which would take around 40 seconds, while the main account (minium) search would have to reach 0 which would also take around 40 seconds. The only problem with this is the chance of facing a random opponents but if you you still go into the game facing the random opponent as the second account you can just forfeit that game straight away to never face him again for that season or just search again with the slight chance you may face that player again. I wouldn't be so sure if doing that would save time or not but it seems like a good option. Even our main accounts can do that but that's only before we reach rank 400 as once you reach rank 400 you start losing points for a loss.
  10. It seems to be possible but would take quite some time as once you face a friend or a second account and win, its impossible to face the same accounts again and the higher the rank you are the less points you recieve from wins against new accounts. So you or your friend who's helping you with boosting would have to make many PS accounts unless if you can face them again after a few weeks but I wouldn't be sure about that. Boosting sessions could help people save time as well from making accounts!
  11. Does anyone know if its possible to boost the (Welcome to the chip) trophy with a friend by searching at the exact same time and repeating this over and over?
  12. Would I still obtain the (Zombie Fanatic) trophy if I unlock all the IX Characters instead of their other unlocks? Currently I have Dempsey, Richthofen, Nikolai, Takeo, IX Diego, IX Scarlett and IX Shaw. The only IX character left for me to get it IX Bruno
  13. Does Royale Master autopop once you go into the game or will we have to win 10 games again?
  14. Thanks, I appreciate the help!