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  1. Man, how did you do the jump for the third token? I'm kinda desperate right now
  2. The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers
  3. Wait, what do you mean exactly?
  4. How did you grind the lums? Any advice for fastest kind of grinding?
  5. What do you think about that, guys? I will copypaste the text that I read in a Facebook group to share it with you. It is not my text. EVERYONE STOP THE GRINDING!!! (Literally) haha I have just found a much easier and less time consuming way to reach level 100. It is a process but in the end much quicker. This process for me can get around 12,000 Xp every 30 mins. First you need to have completed all of the hard speed runs, and have completed multiplayer challenges (not needed but helps) Second you need to uninstall game (I have disk not sure if digital works) reinstall game but don’t update patch. Start up game and free skate for a min with tony (only option) then quit game and close. Update game patch and open game again Upon opening game it will show that you have not completed the speed run challenges or multiplayer challenges. No worries as joining a multiplayer match will unlock those and completing one speed run will unlock everyone. Netting you 12000 xp in a few minutes of playing. (Note: when completing speed run, must be faster than your previous record. Not just the challenge time. So keep that in mind) Repeat process until you reach level 100. The longest time is just waiting for game to instal that’s why I said it’s about 30 mins each time you do this. Let me know if you have any questions about this process and I hope it helps everyone out stuck in the higher levels
  6. Didn't see any difference. In fact it looks like I'm getting a teenie bit more. Sometimes while watching a movie I don't finish a lip after 6500 points rather than like 7200 or ao and at the end I get 30ish EXP for that instead of 25. But my mind might be numbed, I am not really sure
  7. Almost lvl 87. It's ao tedious at this point, even movies don't help me no more. But I want to make this plat my 200th. Oh, well...
  8. Now I'm halfway through lvl 80. Grinding manually, did kost of the challenges that givea you 5k exp. Just grinding and grinding while watching some movies. Hope I get to lvl 87 till the end of next week. I want to plat it before the PS5 is gonna be released
  9. I'm currently at 65,have to do only half the gaps in Skater Heaven to get the trophy and almost all get there in THPS 2. After that I will be probably around lvl 68 or 69 and after that the grind will massively suck. Good that I bought me a CRT to watch old tapes of classic 80s and 90s movies for the sake of nostalgia while grinding ^^
  10. Hi to everyone, I'm not very creative so I play mostly others games and try to get the platinum. I know that leveling up to lvl 30 is faster if you do aome things that you usually don't do. Like if you play a lot that you will earn less exp points than when you switch to sculpting. Now: looking at my passions - the red bar for design is super low. What exactly do I have to do to raise the design bar and getting the imp and how and where to I execute this? Thanks in advance for all replies, much appreciated.
  11. I never managed to beat more than 3 people in a row. There is always someone whooping my ass. No tricks there, eh? I should git gud and stfu...
  12. Loved it for the PC Engine. Bought it for both PS4 and Switch
  13. So, it's enough to start a challenge and quit it after a few seconds, doibg that to all characters with all challenges in order to get the trophy? EDIT: Sorry guys, that was said already multiple times ^^
  14. No, no, don't quit and stop just for me. This trophy boost thing was a one time thing. Was utopic to think that that'll work anyways Thanks for the uploads
  15. Hey, if you already have a tutorual, why not? I like to learn from the pros