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  1. Man these screenshots look so good. Know it's not just about looks but this is the most hyped I've been for a game in ages.
  2. Thanks dude! You too! We did good. I've never been top 10 or anywhere close for anywhere close before so very happy with this!
  3. Think I'll take a tumble when more people synch their profiles up too. Know at least one guy in the US got it before me, as I was watching his Twitch stream while I was waiting for the game to show up on the EU store. Got up really early too. Damn digital launches!
  4. Anyone be able to give me a hand with the online trophies for the DLC? Been trying to do it legit but struggling to get a game. If anyone is looking, I've got the llama trophy set up. Just drop me a friend request and I can sort you out.