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  1. Sunset Overdrive and Alan Wake. Never played Sunset Overdrive but it looks fun. I love Alan Wake, that is like the reason I bought an Xbox One in hopes a new one would come out.
  2. Really don't know how this game got so good reviews. There were some enjoyable moments but for the biggest part I really hated it.
  3. #50: Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 40,41% I played this game back on the PS2 but never completed it. I really love the environments in this game and as a kid, and now :D, I always wanted to be there in LasVegum. The soundtrack is also decent, with some great tracks to keep you hyped for the action. The game has some annoying parts, like the second boss fight and some of the challenges, but is overall not to difficult and it's a short game. The biggest flaw is the repetition. Every area you come in, you'll need to fight a lot of Romans and after a while this gets very old. I started to skip some fights between travelling because I really didn't want to fight anymore. There are also some platform sections and vehicle sections to spice things a little bit up. You can upgrade both our Gaulish friends and unlock some really fun to use power ups during a magical potion moment. All in all I enjoyed my time with the game even if it's repetitive. I can see that a lot of people will be turned of by this game by the repetition, but I still recommend it just for the really cool enviroments and the many references to other games. But wait for a sale.
  4. Sound shapes death mode. Every guide claimed Sound Shapes is an easy platinum but those death modes. I still don't have the platinum. Spy Chameleon is another one. Completed the story mode in one day but man those challenges. Even with a guide I just don't have the patient to do them. 2 games with so called "easy" platinums but I just can't do them.
  5. #49: Styx: Master of shadows Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 2,50% I completed the story back in 2016 and thought that it was time to get the platinum. I enjoyed the game but there were some points that frustrated me. The grabbing mechanisme sometimes just didn't work, meaning I would plummet to my death or on a enemy. The game doesn't explain a lot so it's easy to forget that you can whistle to distract enemies for example. Also tips that come on the screen go away really fast, giving you no time to read them. The game is harder in the beginning because you need skillpoints to upgrade Styx. On my first playthrough I found it hard to navigate sometimes because the sublevels (each mission is divided in 3 or 4 areas) are big and some of the paths looked impossible to use at first. The first time I played, every mission took me like an hour to finish. The biggest flaw of this game is the loading screen. It can take a long time to load so it's really frustrating to immediately die or fail after the load. Every mission has it's own submissions like collecting something or killing someone. I found that a nice addition to the game. Also every mission has 4 insignias to unlock (collecting all tokens, no enemies killed, speedrun and no alarms). The token collecting was really frustrating because they were placed in really hard locations to go sometimes. Every mission has also a relic to collect. In the menu there is always a tip where to find them but these tips are mostly really bad. I was not a fan of the enviroments in the game. You go to the same areas multiple times with almost no changes and because most of them look boring it felled like a drag to go trough them again. The game could use some more enviroments. Altough the developers succeded in creating a dark and depressing world so I give them that. The OST is really nice to. Another big plus point is that you can save at any time. This is a real life saver and makes the game a little bit easier. Especially in the speedrun. I wouldn't recommend this game to people who want to tip there toe in the stealth genre. This game is a little to hard and requires perfect timing sometimes. For people who love the stealth genre I would say, give it a try. The platinum can be really frustrating if you keep failing at the same area time after time, but in the end I'm really happy to have it.
  6. GTA V on ps3. I only played it once to play online with my cousin. We thought we were going to play more but it never happened. Thought about just playing the single player but I'm not to motivated to play GTAV.
  7. If you really want to buy stuff, I suggested that you buy games that you are sure to play immediately. Otherwise I would say clear your backlog because all those games are probably going on sale again another time. But hey, I'm not your dad so at the end you need to decide.
  8. First game: The Last Of Us Remastered Hours played: 2046 hours in 132 games TOP 3: Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 2: 85 hours Dying Light: 74 hours Lego City: undercover: 67 hours I'm surprised that Dying light is in there and not Plants versus Zombies Garden Warfare 1. Lego City: undercover is a little surprise but the platinum took a long time so yeah. Rarest Trophy: Godlike in Past Cure (75 players) So all the raging to get that one payed off more then I expected But what can i say, I'm godlike *cough cough* If I compare my numbers to others here then mine are rookie numbers. Time to pump those numbers up then .
  9. Styx master of shadow. Completed the story like 2 years ago and thought it was finally time to get the platinum.
  10. #48: Burly men at sea Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 69,91% I enjoyed the story of the game and the artistic style. The soundeffects were funny and the ost was nice. My only negative point is that the cursor moved to quick and it was sometimes hard to click on stuff. Not a game for everyone but I liked it.
  11. #47: Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 11,01% I would have gotten this one back in February if the trophy for completing the game on hard wasn't bugged. But thanks to someone in the forums here I finally got it by replaying one particular level on hard from chapter select. I really loved the story of this game although at the end I tought by myself: "What is going on here?". The controls are sometimes annoying to work with but nothing to be bad. Hard is doable if you gather all extra lifes and if you are patience towards the end of the game. I really recommend this game and please go in blind if you haven't played the game before.
  12. #46: Lords Of The Fallen Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 7,5/10 Rarity: 4,45% I was close on giving up on this one because their where so many frustrating moments. Pro's: - Good soundtrack - The game can be fun - Bosses drop special weapons if you beat them a certain way Cons: -Glitches (audio dissapearing, crashes, weapons not working, ghost dissapearin, immediately dying when loading in,...) - All bosses have ridiculous range -Almost all enemies are quicker as you -Story is just average -The DLC had good ideas but traversing the maze is not really fun All in all there is fun to be had, but I recommend that if you are interested just pay the game once and see if the plat is worth it to you after that run.
  13. Any reason why one of the trophies is in trophy pack 2? Really need to start getting back to this game and earn the plat for it.
  14. Well there was a remaster of LA Noire so maybe we'll see a sequel. I would really love another detective game like LA Noire with some changes. Some more variation in gameplay would be welcome though and the last two desks story wasn't really my up of tea, although I respect for what they were going for with the last part of the story. I would say Condemened 2 had some detective like parts but it's not the main focus of the game as it's more a horror game although it started my interest in detective games.
  15. That think of the children statement is one of the worst things I've ever heard. There is an age rating on the box for a reason. I know kids want to play what the big kids play, I was like that, but that doens't mean they need to alter their games because kids can buy them. I bought a ps4 to play games like Senran Kagura so it's really sad that this happens.