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  1. Anima: Gate of Memories in my opinion. I bought it a few years ago in a sale without knowing to much of it, but I really enjoyed it. Great fighting mechanics, some challenging boss fights and a decent story. Haven't played the sequel though.
  2. #68: Prince of Persia: Warrior Within Difficulty: 6/10 Enjoyment: 4/10 Rarity: 12,59% Back when I was a kid, the PS2 version of this game was the first PEGI 16 game I owned. From the darker settings the game had compared to Sands Of Time, the metal music in the main menu and the great ass shot in the beginning of the game, I felt like a badass for owning it. I really liked it as a kid, but never got far. So as an adult I was really excited to play the game againd and finish it. But man, I hate this game. From the countless bugs to the enemies that hit way to hard. I was just getting angrier and angrier, like the prince in this game. But first some positives. I like the dual wielding mechanic of the game, even though weapons break to quick. And the hidden weapons are mostly fun to use and add some humour to the game. I also liked the soundtrack. Some of the platforming bits and the moves of the Prince I really liked. And the story was not bad in my opinion. But all the rest is just way to hard or just bugs out. Like the secret end boss. I did him on hard and he was really hard. When I finally hit him to like 0 health he bugged out, got half his health back and my hits did not register anymore. You also repeat a lot of the same areas, which makes the game a real slog to play. The most fun I had with this game was when I played this game on easy for my collectibles. Yes the stupid combat was to easy but it was more fun. And this is way I'm so angry with this game. This could have been a great sequel to Sands Of Times, but instead we got a frustrating mess. And also, I always tought that the Prince wore glaives on the box. So I was really excited as a kid to use them. Turned out it were no glaives but just swords and I completly gave up on this game. #69: Witching Tower (EU version) Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8,5/10 Rarity: 15,91% I bought this VR game in the recent January sale after seeing the trailer. The Witching tower is a game that contains puzzles and combat and like the title says a tower. You play as Anna, a girl that is trapped inside the tower of the evil queen. It's your job to escape the tower, and figure out what the plan of the evil queen is. Off all the VR games I played, this one gave me some trouble with my setup. Items were to low on the ground to grab them. So while i was trying to configure everything right, I got dizzy and got a headache. But aside from that, it was a short, fun adventure. Some of the puzzles made me think and while a little bit buggy (like hits from me or the enemy not registering), the combat was for the most part fun. In the last levels you can start to take over enemies and use them for puzzle solving or for fighting. You can also use traps to your advantage to kill enemies. This game can be a little pain with the items low on the floor or having trouble registering your moves, but I had fun with it. But don't buy it at full price, it's really short. Great for a quick VR platinum.
  3. Like the others said, your best bet would be a 100% guide. I was very lucky that the confetti I missed were hidden in the beginning of the level. I'm sorry I can't give you the guide I used, because it has been years ago sinci I completed this game. I wish you the best of luck and hope you'll find the missing confetti quick.
  4. #67: Astro Bot Rescue Mission Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 15,17% I really recommend this game if you like platformers and have a VR headset. You play as a little robot that is trying to save his friends. You watch the robot from like a bird eye perspective. This perspective gave me some pain in my neck but that was in like brief moments. The worlds all look fantastic and are varied enough to not feel the same. Every level has kind of a gimmick, like spraying flowers to climb a bean stalk, revealing hidden parts with a searchlight,.... The worlds have also great music tracks. There was only one level I didn't like and that was the last level of world 5. The enemy placement in that level was just BS sometimes. The bosses are easy except for the last 2. But it feels really great to watch big bosses in VR before your eyes. You feel so small . Every level contains 8 robots to rescue and 1 chameleon to unlock challenge levels. In the challenge levels you can rescue two more robots based on your performance. The challenge levels are mostly easy, taking a couple of tries. But there is a challenge early on in the game were you need to be as fast as possible while using a hookshot. The hookshot is the worst thing in the game. It didn't go were I pointed to and trying to be quick with it was frustrating. But the hookshot is not used very often so that makes up for it. The challenges also contain doing every boss without getting hit. The last 2 bosses were so frustrating to do this. They take way to long and are not that fun to begin with. You can also collect coins. you can purchase a try in a grapple machine to collect toys. You can then navigate through the collected toys in the robots space ship. It's really charming. And the quality of the toys you unlock after you get them out of the machine is great. There is a lot of detail in them. But there is a lot of details in the game as well. The robots you need to rescue scream help in an adorable way, so you know that you are close to them. The chameleon also makes a noice but I found that out way later in the game. I really enjoyed this game and if they could bring one more Astro Bot game to the PS4 I would be really happy!
  5. PS1: Resident Evil 1 Because it's the only game I played on it. But even then it's a really good and atmospheric game. Especially when I played it with my brother without a memory card. We tried to beat it but always ended up dying. One time we got really far but we got so nervous and scared that we stopped playing and watched the rest of the game on Youtube. PS2: Sly Cooper 2: Band of thieves It was a really close one with Kingdom Hearts 2, but Sly 2 was in Dutch so I could understand the story as a kid. I got this as a present for Sinterklaas (a Belgium version of Christmas) and loved the box art. But man the game was awesome but I could never beat the last boss. Even when I replayed the game last year I had a hard time with the last boss. After my first playtrough I always played the game again with my brother, each taking turns in completing a mission. I really loved the mission debriefings and I always used MS Paint to mimic them. I'm really sad that after my last playthrough of the game the game ended up being corrupt. PS3: Sly Cooper: Thieves in Time Granted I have not played a lot of PS3 games but this is such a fun game and is in my opinion the second best Sly Cooper game. I really tought I was not going to like this one but I was genuine surprised by it. I liked all the hub worlds and all the characters. It also has a good story. I'm really dissapointed we didn't get a Sly 5 on the PS4 or just a whole remaster of the series. PS4: Life is Strange This game has such a fantastic story and great characters. It has also some really nice set pieces. Music is great to. I always tought that it was just a story about taking photographs. Man was I in for a rollercoaster. This is problably my second favourite game, my favourite is Dust an Elysian Tail but I played it on the Xbox 360 so it could'nt make this list. I still have a lot of Playstation games to go trough, so this all could change. But in all honestly, you cannot replace the great memories of playing these games.
  6. When the news of a Harry Potter RPG was posted on game sites I was really excited. After seeing this trailer I'm hyped. I really hope this delivers!
  7. #66: Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8,5/10 Rarity: 21,37% Where is the time that I played this game on the PS2 at my nephews home and wanted the game aswell. And then I got the game and got stuck for reasons I don't remember anymore. As a kid I always liked all the moves the prince could do, like wall running. And I still do now as an adult. You have a lot of moves to fight with, like bouncing of walls to attack, climbing on an enemy to attack it's back,... The most usefull moves the prince has are the one's you get thanks to the dagger of time. You can freeze time to have an advantage over the enemies, do a devestating mega freeze attack that is like a screen clearing move,... Using the time abilities cost sand from your sand tanks that you can refill by stabbing an enemy with the dagger of time (which you need to do to completely destroy them) or finding sand clouds that also gives you more sand tanks if you collect 16 of them. You can also get more life by drinking from the hidden fountains. I always liked the mechanic that water heals you. This make it so that every river or fountain can heal you. Even the bathwater can heal you, they should have used that in the marketing of gamer girl bathwater. You also get a companion called Farah. She was a childhood crush of my :). Although she can be helpfull by stunning the enemies, she is rather annoying. She can shoot you with her bow and even kill you with it. If she dies you need to restart from a savepoint. And she never moves in a fight so it also really easy to hit her and kill her. And she always points out the obvious like You have opened the gate". The prince itself is a d*ck. Thinking that he is better then te rest and not listening to Farah because she is a girl. This annoyed me so much because I always liked the prince as a kid. The game is not to long, finished it in like 8 hours the first time and was on a quicker course to clear it in my clean up playtrough. But the fighting gets so repatitive and cheap. Like if the enemies knock you on the ground the can just destroy you. And if you have to fight you need to fight a lot of enemies in one room to clear it. This especially hurts when you go for the "Game master" trophy in which you cannot rewind time more then 20 times. Yes you can rewind time in this game, given that you have enough sand for it. It's really usefull if you make a bad jump or if you die during a fight. You can just rewind time so that you have not restart the whole fight. Altough I did not use it that much in my playthrough, I found it a cool mechanic. The platforming in this game is really fun. It's not challenging but it still fun to run on walls and jump from them and then jump from a pole. I also liked that there are no loading screens. This makes the game flow better and it really gives off that vibe that you are traversing a castle. I encountered a few bugs like scarabs ( ), audio glitches (mostly in the first section of the game) and an untextured room The voice audio is also really quiet, I don't know if that is a glitch or not but it's hard to hear what the prince and Farah have to say. There are also no subtitles making it harder to hear what everyone is saying. Also the camera can be a massive pain in small rooms during fights. Even with all of the negatives, I really liked playing this game. It has a really charming environment and it's just bringing me back to the good old days while playing my PS2. But if the rumours are correct for the remake of this game, I would problably wait to play that one instead of this version of the game.
  8. When I get the platinum of the game or 100% I never play that game again on the console I got the 100%/platinum on. Like others have said, I've a lot of games that I want to play. Most of the time if I've the platinum I feel like I've got my moneys worth with that game. But there are exceptions like Far Cry Primal were I got every collectible and completed every side mission, even though it's not necessary for the platinum. If I liked a game enough (like Life is Strange), I'll buy it on another system, not full price though, so I can replay it and can get all the trophies/achievements again. Altough with both Ps plus and Xbox gold you have some chances to get some double games.
  9. #65: Hitman: Blood Money Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8,5/10 Rarity: 12,37% Now I have all the platinums from the Hitman HD collection. I really liked this games and it's missions. It was really fun to sneak around on a boat, partycrash a wedding and help recover alcoholic gangster through killing them. I really liked the accident system, giving you more oppurtunies to kill your targets. Also the music is really great like the other games in the HD collection. There are also some downsides with this game. I feel like the coin is worthless and that I couldn't get it to work like I've seen in all the videos I watched about this game. Also some targets had really long walk cycles so I had to wait like 6 minutes to assassinate them. And if I failed on pro, I had to wait the whole walk cycle again. I also sometimes got a witness while there was no one around me. All in all I really liked the game and cannot wait to start Absolution (even though most Hitman players say that it's not really a good game).
  10. #62: 2064: Read Only Memory Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 7,30% So I thought this was going to be a point and click game but it is more a visual novel. The story is fun to unfold with some emotional scenes. There are some really great music pieces. Also the cast of characters is great. There are also some fun jokes and trophies. Some problems I had with the game were the controls to shoot. You have to do this like a few times but it's so sluggish. And there is a trophy tied to one of the shooting sections where you cannot get hit and it's harder thanks to the bad controls for it. Also there are a few moments you need to input something and the controls to input something don't work for most of the time. I don't know how you can f up an input screen. Also there are some philosophical moments which I didn't really care for. All in all not a bad VN, not for everyone but if you got it with PS Plus I would at last say to give it a shot. #63: Spy Chameleon Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 5/10 Rarity: 11,91% This one tormented me for a long time but I finally did it. What started as a fun little stealth game turned into one of the most frustrated games I've ever played. You need to be so pixel perfect with every move that it's just not fun. I followed videos for all the collectibles and speedrun trophies and I swear that everytime I did the same as the person in the video, I got caught. And for the trophy to complete the game in under 18 minutes you to get so under the par time for most levels, I cannot understand how they tought this was ok. Just don't bother playing this game for you own sanity. #64: Sound Shapes (EU) (PS4) Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 6,5/10 Rarity: 27,64% And just like Spy Chameleon, this is a game that drove me mad for so long. I cannot understand how so many people have this platinum. Must probably be the auto popping trophies for other systems. And I don't blame people for doing that. To be honest the story mode in this game is really great and I would recommend playing that. In the beat school levels you have to listen to a music piece and then create the music chart for it. It's a fun little puzzle but after like doing two I started spamming the notes all over the place until I completed it. And then come the death mode levels. Those can just bugger off. It's all luck based. So you need to get a set of notes in time. Does not sound to bad, but the notes always spawn random. So most of the time you get a wave of notes you cannot get in the time limit. And you need to dodge difficulty obstacles while trying to collect everything as fast as possible. Some levels you will get lucky and get it on the first try. And while you are doing that you'll listen to sometimes earraping music. It's just a recipe for disaster. Just play the story mode and play some beat school levels but stay away from the death mode levels. I'm really glad those didn't return in the DLC.
  11. I watched a playthrough of this game I think a year ago and it looked very interesting. At first glance I think the trophy list is for getting all the spycams done, probably not to hard once a guide is out (not that I will use one on my first playtrough if I decide to play it ).
  12. #61: Until Dawn: Rush of Blood Difficulty: 7/10 Enjoyment: 9,5/10 (if we don't count Psychotic mode, that mode is a 3/10 for enjoyment) Rarity: 1,56% If you have a VR headset, liked Until Dawn then I definitely recommend this game. Even if you have never played Until Dawn, I will recommend to play Until Dawn and then this one. This game is an on rail shooter set in the Until Dawn universe with great atmosphere. There are lots of good jumpscares and some nice throwbacks to Until Dawn. It was really fun to shoot things with the move controllers. There are also some parts where you need to duck and dodge obstacles. The game itself is really short. Think I finished it the first time in like two hours with some breaks in between levels. But I had lots of fun from level 1 tot the last level. But then you have Psychotic difficulty that is just a mode to ruin all enjoyment you had in this game. Psychotic difficulty is just insane difficulty but you have one life to complete all the levels. While insane difficulty is pretty doable with checkpoints doing it without is just a pain. After each level I uploaded my save to the cloud an reloaded that if I died. But then it the later levels I was just doing 3 hours of reloading, dying, crying, asking if throphy hunting was worth it and repeat :). The first couple of levels were very doable, only dying a few times. But then came level 6 were I died a lot. And that level is a real slow level to start. Like all levels have like an unskippable cutscene but level 6 and 7 have like nothing to do in the beginning part. While that was fine the first time, because of the atmosphere, I started to get really annoyed. And then came the last level. I didn't want to give up but it was the worst thing I've ever done in my life on psychotic difficulty. I cursed a lot, my bullets started to not register and my mom got angry because I sweared the whole time. But when I finally completed the level I was shaking and almost crying that it was over. Now that I rambled enough I'm going to give a short conclusion. Play the game on normal, get all collectibles, play it on insane and then never look at the trophy list again.
  13. I enjoyed the Goosebumps game on the PS4 so I probably pick this up at one point or another.
  14. #59: Resident Evil 7: Biohazard Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 8,5/10 Rarity: 11,36% If you love horror games and you have a VR headset, I really recommend to play this game with it. RE7 has a great cast of main characters that I really hope to see in next RE games. It also has some really great scenes which I didn't see coming. I really liked to explore the Baker house and uncover the back story from the Bakers through files. The game has also some good jump scares which with were really effective while playing in VR. Also what they did with the 'Don't tell Aunt Rhody' song is simply awesome The madhouse difficulty has also some changes that made it more intense to play it and put me more on edge. But thanks to the cool unlock you get from the speedrun trophy, it was manageable. The game is not perfect though The game starts really slow and you cannot skip cutscenes making it a little slog to replay it. But once the game opens up it's a great joy to replay it. Also the loading screens are really long (especially when starting and completing a tape). There is also a part at the end of the game that was not so fun to play through. I also would have loved to have some more puzzles but that is just personal taste. Also don't buy the season pass at full price. While the dlc is fine it's not worth the full asking price. #60: Crypt of the Serpent King (EU version) Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 53,83% So I tried the demo of this game like months ago while my younger brother and sister were watching. We made jokes about the game and my sister wanted me to buy the full game to make more jokes about it. The game itself is not bad. You go through a randomized dungeon collecting keys and slaying enemies. With the keys you can open the gate to the boss and end the level by defeating him. While killing foes you also earn experience points and collect gold. You can upgrade yourself (although I did not notice any difference by doing that) and buy new weapons. There are seven levels and every level has a new enemy type and a new hazard to avoid to get the key. There are some problems with the game though. Level 2 is the hardest level in the game (on every difficulty) thanks to the broken hitboxes of the enemies in that level. And they decided to let you the fight the boss of that level in a really small cage. The jumping feels really off, so every jump I held my breath because I did not know if I jumped over the lava or in the lava. The music also starts to get real horror like in the later levels. That made me actually scared that something strong would pop up to ruin my day. All trophies are for completing the levels on easy, normal or hard but they don't stack. Making you play through the game three times. Not that it's a long game, every level can be beaten in like 10 minutes even on hard. I can see why people will find this game boring and tedious. There is not much variation in the gameplay and completing every level 3 times can be boring. But I did play like 1 or 2 levels after work so it was not to tedious for me.
  15. The third one was a lot of fun to get all the achievements in, so I would not mind to do it again. But I had rather all three in one package then only the third one. I really need to start the fourth game and gat out of hell.