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  1. #45: Rime Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Rarity: 26,92% What a game! I loved it! This game is not going to be everyones cup of tea though. You need to uncover the story through the keyhole collectables and I see this putting people off. The world you are in is really beautiful with an amazing soundtrack. I just love to relax and explore the place. There are also some puzzles but most of them are easy. I got stuck on some of the puzzles. There is also a lot of platforming but nothing to complex. In my first playthrough the framerates sometimes dropped but nothing to bad. I encourage everyone who is gonna play this game to do a blind playtrough, you won't regret it!
  2. Maybe this will help you. If I understand it correctly she will spawn after 1 hour of game time has elapsed (you'll hear the clock if that happens) and starts to track you down. The Wiki states that she only spawns in the Main Building and the New Building: . Found this on . Hopefuly this can help and if not I'm sorry to waste your time.
  3. I have a feeling this is random. I had runs were I didn't encouter any floating heads and then there were runs where a lot of them spawned. I did notice that at certain points in the game a clock will go off and then one spawned. Don't know if that was just random or not but I always lowerd my volume just in case one spawned.
  4. Watched some of the Bibi and Tina cartoon episodes years ago and found them oke. My little sister loves Bibi Blocksberg and Bibi and Tina so maybe she would be happy with this game. I was surprised by the fact that this is the third installement in the serie, didn't know there were games about Bibi Blocksberg.
  5. #44: LEGO City Undercover Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 25,99% I wanted to platinum this game before my lessons started again but that failed :D. This game is really fun and that is the most important aspect of a game in my opinion. There was alot of funny moments, some cool characters, enjoyable music and the levels were cool. Also some of the soundeffects, like popping of grass, were really satisfying. The open world was also filled with lots of stuff to collect and things to do and find. Sure there were some problems. The game crashed three times and there were some minor bugs like people just popping in. Catching all the car thiefs was annoying in my opinion. Also the fact that in story mode you just play as the same character with different costumes, made me not really care for all the unlockable characters (about 305 of them). It's also a great game to play coop. I played it with my little sister but got a mini heartattack everytime she was about to pick something up because I wanted to do that :D. It took me also around 51 hours to platinum this game so it's a long one. People who looking for a really fun game or people that enjoy Lego games or just parents who want a game that can keep the kids busy for a while, Lego City Undercover has you covered!
  6. Didn't play this alot but I liked the game. Thought it's servers were already closed since March this year.
  7. Really recommend this one. The artsyle is great and the gameplay to. Glad that the DLC is included here.
  8. #43: Hitman 2: Silent Assassin Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 7,5/10 Rarity: 10,17% I was really excited to play this one because I loved Contracts and the speedrunning videos about Hitman. But I was a little bit disappointed by this game. Yeah there were more missions then in Contracts, but there were a lot of bad missions imo. Like the second and third Japan missions, those stupid guards that are always checking your ID drove me nuts. Also the last mission on professional was just a pain. There was also randomly cover that was being blown, missions failed without explanation, guards looking for a suspicious guard and start shooting at me while I wasn't in a guard costume that really annoyed me. There were also good things in this game. The set pieces of the mission could be really cool and the music was great. I was also really glad that you didn't need to silent assassin each mission to get every weapon. There were also some funny trophies here that I enjoyed the creativity of. At first I felt that the trophies were easier then in Contracts, also because I collected all the weapons on normal instead of professional, but the professional mode was way more difficult then in Contracts. Still cool that the two longer missions got you a bonus save or two on professional mode. I had some fun with this game but at the end I was just so annoyed by it. It's a shame because Hitman was sneaking it's way to be in my top 10 gaming franchises but this entry didn't really help to push it further up the list. Still excited to play the rest of the series!
  9. #42: Amnesia Collection Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoymment: 8,5/10 Rarity: 4,25% Man I love this platinum image. And there are other cool trophy image designs, especially in Amnesia a machine for pigs. So this was my first time playing these games and I enjoyed them, although I had some problems with them. Like opening doors, especially in chase sequences, could be quite annoying. I also hated it that when dialog played your character moved really slow and the screen gets darker. Loading screens could also be very long. Possible spoilers ahead of here! Amnesia The dark descent: This one had really great ambiance. But I wasn't really a fan of the enemy design. Losing oil when dying was also annoying but keeping important items was a really great feature. Besides all these problems I had, I still enjoyed it. Justine: The person who tought that permadeath here was a geat idea should be fired in my opinion. Nothing so annoying then collecting everything and then dying because your character didn't want to jump or push a handle. If the permadeath mode was another difficulty level, like in Outlast, I would have been oke with it. Then I had the time to learn the dlc, because you can complete it really fast, and then start my permadeath run. I liked the idea with choosing to help the prisoners, although it was excuted a little poorly in my opinion. There wasn't really a big change, except a trophy, at the end to really feel proud about saving everyone. A Machine for pigs: Thank god for a lamp that isn't working with oil :p. This was my favorite one of the three. There was more variety in level design. I really liked the charachter design of the monsters here. The ambiance is a lot less then in the dark descent though. I liked the pictures on the loading screen a lot because it was like a little map. The biggest flaw was that it got really unintressting in the end imo. I felt like the game should have ended sooner. Also there were a few missed oppurtunities for some scares but overall I enjoyed this one the most. Amnesia isn't my favorite horror game serie but I would still recommend this collection for everyone that has never played these games!
  10. #41: Tales from the Borderlands (Digital version) Difficulty: 1/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Rarity: 54,40% Everyone who loves Borderlands need to play this game. And if you don't like the Teltale style of games then atleast watch a playthrough of it. Even people who haven't played Borderlands should play this, although they wouldn't understand some of the references to other Borderland games. I really enjoyed the story, it has alot of funny parts but also some serious parts. They also use great music to fill in the mood. The strongest point of this game are the characters. I really hope we'll see Rhys and the gang back for another adventure in Pandora!
  11. #40: Gal*Gun Double Peace Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 10/10 Rarity: 5.97% So i bought this game because I wanted to play an on-rail shooter and out of curiosity. Really liked the story and some dialog made me laugh a few times. The strongest point of this game in my opinion was the music. Especially in the final levels where the music just screamed that you were about to hit the deadline. The fanservice was mild in my opinion, so if that is holding you back to play this game I would say just play it. For the trophies, they are simple but takes some time to get. I had at the end like 20 save files just to not replay everything again. There is also a grind to get all girls information, but luckily someone made a Google Excel file where all the information you need is on. Now it's time to use all the tips to get a girls from this game and use it in real life
  12. @tuddeee sorry read the title wrong --' Darksouls 3 then
  13. #39: Destroy all humans 2 Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 19,02% This game was a step up from the first game, although some more mission variety would have been nice. I liked the humour of the game and the soundtrack was good. Really recommend DAH1 and 2!
  14. I'm someone who wants to earns his trophy as legit as possible but I've cheesed a few. - Apotheon: Olympian: Beat the game on Olympian Difficulty. I was playing on my second playthrough of this game thinking I set the difficulty on Olympic. After beating the game I saw that it was'nt. I did'nt want to complete the game again because I wanted to platinum other games but on the other side if I did'nt do it then I would problaby never earn the trophy. So I used a glitch that you that let you load the last boss on Olymoic difficulty and after defeating him I got the trophy. I still feel guilty of it though. I also recommend the game. - Killing floor2: VS Human Win: Win a VS survival match playing as the humans. I tried legit while playing with my brother but we ended up by whoever played as the zeds just do nothing. -Saw 2: This was on xbox360 but does'nt really matter. You need to play this game on halloween and christmas. I wanted to do this legit because I started playing this game in September of that year. But at the end of October I ended up in the clinic so I could'nt play on halloween. On Christmas I was still recovering from my stay at the clinic so I completly forgot it. Ended up time skipping because I wanted to complete the game 100%. This one I did without knowing it, but I still write it down: -Claire: So there is a glitch that if you load your game, the difficulty switches to the highest one. I noticed at the end of the game that by my saves it said I was playing on Nightmare difficulty instead of hard. So I ended up getting the trophy for playing on nightmare by only running half the game on that difficulty. Well that is it for me. I whish you both succes with your podcast!