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  1. #47: Indigo Prophecy/Fahrenheit Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 9/10 Rarity: 11,01% I would have gotten this one back in February if the trophy for completing the game on hard wasn't bugged. But thanks to someone in the forums here I finally got it by replaying one particular level on hard from chapter select. I really loved the story of this game although at the end I tought by myself: "What is going on here?". The controls are sometimes annoying to work with but nothing to be bad. Hard is doable if you gather all extra lifes and if you are patience towards the end of the game. I really recommend this game and please go in blind if you haven't played the game before.
  2. #46: Lords Of The Fallen Difficulty: 5/10 Enjoyment: 7,5/10 Rarity: 4,45% I was close on giving up on this one because their where so many frustrating moments. Pro's: - Good soundtrack - The game can be fun - Bosses drop special weapons if you beat them a certain way Cons: -Glitches (audio dissapearing, crashes, weapons not working, ghost dissapearin, immediately dying when loading in,...) - All bosses have ridiculous range -Almost all enemies are quicker as you -Story is just average -The DLC had good ideas but traversing the maze is not really fun All in all there is fun to be had, but I recommend that if you are interested just pay the game once and see if the plat is worth it to you after that run.
  3. Any reason why one of the trophies is in trophy pack 2? Really need to start getting back to this game and earn the plat for it.
  4. Well there was a remaster of LA Noire so maybe we'll see a sequel. I would really love another detective game like LA Noire with some changes. Some more variation in gameplay would be welcome though and the last two desks story wasn't really my up of tea, although I respect for what they were going for with the last part of the story. I would say Condemened 2 had some detective like parts but it's not the main focus of the game as it's more a horror game although it started my interest in detective games.
  5. That think of the children statement is one of the worst things I've ever heard. There is an age rating on the box for a reason. I know kids want to play what the big kids play, I was like that, but that doens't mean they need to alter their games because kids can buy them. I bought a ps4 to play games like Senran Kagura so it's really sad that this happens.
  6. Gal gun double peace at 6,15%
  7. Liked this as a kid but never completed it.
  8. Yeah I encountered some more annoying bugs like dying in one of those void rooms and then when the game loaded I was dead again and lost all my xp.
  9. Really happy with SOMA. Always wanted to play it but it was just to expensive in my opinion. Everyone here made me excited to play Steins:gate . Papers please looks interesting but I don't have a vita.
  10. If I understand it right, Ubisoft is going to revert the censorship in R6: Siege. source:
  11. Haha yeah the game really doesn't hold your hand. The first time I played this I never understood why I always ended up in the same level after a loop was completed. Really loved this game and the only problem I had was the end boss. Didn't find that fight fun. Hope they release the second one on the ps4.
  12. The Evil Within
  13. The show is a cartoon and the movie is live action. There is also a cartoon of Bibi herself.
  14. So I was fighting against the lost brothers and died a few times. At one point the game said I got 0/260 health but I was still alive. I hadn't any potions anymore so I couldn't heal myself. Because I only got the fire brother I started to use magick crystal and defeated the last brother. The cutscene didn't play and I was stuck so I needed to restart. Really anoying because now I need to defeat the lost brothers again. Has anyone encountered this bug? Didn't find anything on Google.