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  1. #55: Men in Black: Alien Crisis Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 5,5/10 Rarity: 35,36% So I'm going to be honest here. I have never seen a Men in Black movie and only played this game because I wanted to play a short and easy game. This game is an on-rail third person shooter that is not that good. Cover does'nt really help to protect you and at the end of the game I was just not using it anymore. Also the enemies think they are in COD: WaW veteran because they are spamming grenades that are hard to dodge. Enemies blend in with the envoriment so they are sometimes hard to see. Also there is a chance that they get behind you and can still shoot at you and throw grenades and there is nothing you can do if that happens. The story of the game is not good and I was loosing interest very quick. There are also no subtitles which I find really stupid in a game from 2012. Visually the characters look really bad and I'm not someone who is going to critique graphics quickly. Some good things the game did was that there is some variety. Like flying with a car and shooting at aliens (which is not that fun because their is so much stuff going on and they placed objects in your way that are impossible to dodge), some interrogation sections and even a sort of point and click section (where you move really slow that it's not even funny). But I need to be honest that some of the levels were fun to play and the second time I played the game it was'nt that much of a chore anymore, but still nothing amazing. Yes you read it right, I played it a second time. You need to unlock the highest difficulty by completing the game once. That's a way to make your customer the game longer. The game itself is really short, I beat it the first time in 4,5 hours and the second time in like 2 hours (skipping the cutscenes), but some parts feel like an eternity. The final boss is a real mess to. Spawning little enemies that you can't see, healing 3 times to like half her health. This makes the final boss take longer then it should be. Trophy wise it's really easy but there is one trophy that can just die in a fire. You need to dodge mines in the flying car but the hitboxes are really bad. I got hit multiple times when I wasn't near them and there was one mine where you could just fly through. All in all this game can be a little fun but my advise is to just not bother at all.
  2. #54: The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 (ps4) Difficulty: 2/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 31,21% Before you play this game I recommend to play the first one to have a better experience. I could follow the story but their are a lot of references to the first one. I enjoyed this game, the backgrounds look fantastic, the OST is great and their are a lot of lovable characters. I also laughed at a few jokes and references to other games and movies. I felt accomplished after most of the puzzles although they are not very hard. The hidden trophies are also easy to know how to unlock them. The biggest flaw of this game is that the pacing in the beginning is really slow. The game is split in 4 characters and at the start of the game their is constantly switching between them. That makes their stories hard to connect. But when everything starts connecting the story get interesting in my opinion. Till the middle of the game your also at the same few scenes and that gets old really fast. Their are also two really stupid puzzles. One is starting a machine but it's just trail and error and the other is an optional, but still needed for the platinum, puzzle where you need to navigate a dark labyrinth with sound cues where the music is to loud to hear something. You can also not restart the labyrinth and the auto saves screws you over so many times in that puzzle. I would recommend to play this game with all it's flaws but only after you've played Grim Fandango on the PS4.
  3. I really liked the first one and I'm really happy to see a sequel. And a plat this time. Can't wait to name my citzens the most random names!
  4. The last of us: Left Behind The Evil Within: All three Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina DLC Borderlands 1: Zombi island, Claprtrap revolution and the Secret armory This are the ones that come to mind.
  5. Enjoyed the first one and I'm excited to finaly see what the second game has in store for me!
  6. I only read reviews as amusement and see how broken a game is. But I've never based a purchase off a review. I played games that got negative reviews across the whole internet and enjoyed them more then some games that got good reviews across the internet. I also watch some gameplay and if I don't like what I see I don't buy the game. At the end of the day it's you who makes the decision if you like a game or not.
  7. Singstar PS4: Just loaded up the free version for some laughs but didn't know you still needed to pay for the songs.
  8. #53: Phineas and Ferb: Across the 2nd Dimension Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Rarity: 18,21% This game showed me how lucky we are with a starting from checkpoint option. The levels are not that long but most of the trophies are earned at the end of a level and if you fail you need to restart the whole level again. And that can be very annoying. Dying is not really an option because you can only die when you are playing with two controllers (if you play solo you need to wiggle your control to regain health and if you can't do that it will automaticlly give you health back) and you need to die both at the same time which can be tricky if the hit detection is all over the place. There are times when damage won't register on you or the enemies. In between levels you can play 2 minigames. A crane game and Perry ball (throw the ball on the moving target) to gain tickets to buy figurines, characters, weapon mods and costumes. This minigames are fun for like 5 minutes and you need to play them a lot to gain everything. Also the hit detection here is all over the place. The game would have benefited from another minigame. The costumes and the figurines are nice and some of the weapon mods (different coloring for your weapon attacks and different sounds) are great for a few laughs. Like I said the levels aren't that long and every level implements like it's own thing. Only the jetpack levels are a bit to long for my taste. The only glitches I had besides the hit detection, was at the second to last boss. The boss stopped attacking and got stuck. I could'nt progress or die, meaning I needed to restart and do the whole level again. Beside all the critisim, the game is stille fun to play and some of it's dimensions are really fun to go through. It has the charm of the show and that is a one of its strongest points. I would say give the game a go but beware, the platinum is not the most fun one and can become a real annoyance when you need to restart the level a couple of times.
  9. #52: Drawn to Death Difficulty: 3/10 (boosted) Enjoyment: 7.5/10 Rarity: 1,71% My brother and I were having fun when we played the game together. There were not many people playing the game anymore, but we occasionally found another player. I really loved the art style of the game. The design of the playable characters were great in my opinion and the unlockable skins all looked fantastic. Most of the taunts were pretty funny and some off the humor around levels and from the announcer made me laugh. The maps also look great. The trophy titles give away a story and the developers put little references to that story in game, like a character from one food establishment not taking heal items because it's food from the rival. Organ donor was an original take on multiplayer modes, which I really appreciated. There were also mystery boxes which you could buy from the ps store but after 150 kills you get one for free. If the mystery box contained duplicates you got coins which you could spend on skins. I found this really nice and I felt like I was rewarded for doing my best (alright I boosted but still ). But there were soooo many design choices I could not look away from after playing the game for so long. There are like 4 modes and when you play with two there are only 2 modes. It would have been nice that atleast we could choose which mode we wanted to play. It takes like a minute to start the match and there are a lot of matchmaking errors which made it more infuriating when we were about to start the match and could start the whole process again. The announcer, while at the start a nice addition, became just annoying with the same lines every time. Some of the missions are really grindy and I have honestly no idea how someone would have the patience to do them legit. There are also blood keys to unlock to buy weapons and unlock the sphinx. You need 10 keys to unlock the sphinx but it's so slow to get there. And I think that's the biggest problem with the game. There are some interesting things to do but it just takes to long to get there. I found it a shame that not more people played this game. But after some hours I started to see why. I think if the developers supported the game more (there is still a sign from when the game launched with coming soon on), this would be a great game in my opinion. But they didn't and so players started to leave. A shame but in the end my brother and I got an Ultra rare platinum.
  10. I would recommend the game and the DLC. I loved the DLC more then the main game actually. Kurayami mode in the DLC is the best mode I've ever played. Beware that the main game had some controller throwing moments, in my opinion.
  11. It's not a glitch. When you see the bugs in "Face off" you don't need to do the QTE. Even if it says failed, Lucas will just act normal and the level continues.
  12. #51: Rogue Trooper Redux Difficulty: 3/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 16,73% I enjoyed playing Rogue Trooper Redux but it had some flaws. Sometimes Rogue (the main character) didn't want to use cover and sometimes refused to throw a grenade. Also there is no reload button, the game does this automatic but it takes a long time and does it mostly when you have no ammo left in your gun. This can create situation where you need to switch to a different weapon really quick but while toggeling you come across a gun that needs reloading and so the reloading starts, leaving you vulnerable to enemies. I also had the feeling that some enemies were bulletsponges and others just died after a few shots. I liked the story in the beginning but at the later chapters I sometimes had no idea what was happening. This game is based on a comic so I problably missed information from there but it would have been nice if the story had been fleshed out a little bit more in game. There is also an encyclopedia on the world and characters in the game but you can only look at it from the extra menu. Some of the levels were really fun and there were some great music tracks. I also liked that you need to salvage enemies to create bullets and medkits. This creates a little tension to not waste bullets. You can also find salvage spots in the levels that give a lot of salvage. The trophies are easy but they require some grind. The online trophies can all be unlocked solo but it makes it a little bit harder. I recommend the game but not at full price thanks to it's flaws. I think it's time that Rebellion gives our blue rogue trooper a sequel!
  13. Sunset Overdrive and Alan Wake. Never played Sunset Overdrive but it looks fun. I love Alan Wake, that is like the reason I bought an Xbox One in hopes a new one would come out.
  14. Really don't know how this game got so good reviews. There were some enjoyable moments but for the biggest part I really hated it.
  15. #50: Asterix & Obelix XXL 2 Difficulty: 4/10 Enjoyment: 8/10 Rarity: 40,41% I played this game back on the PS2 but never completed it. I really love the environments in this game and as a kid, and now :D, I always wanted to be there in LasVegum. The soundtrack is also decent, with some great tracks to keep you hyped for the action. The game has some annoying parts, like the second boss fight and some of the challenges, but is overall not to difficult and it's a short game. The biggest flaw is the repetition. Every area you come in, you'll need to fight a lot of Romans and after a while this gets very old. I started to skip some fights between travelling because I really didn't want to fight anymore. There are also some platform sections and vehicle sections to spice things a little bit up. You can upgrade both our Gaulish friends and unlock some really fun to use power ups during a magical potion moment. All in all I enjoyed my time with the game even if it's repetitive. I can see that a lot of people will be turned of by this game by the repetition, but I still recommend it just for the really cool enviroments and the many references to other games. But wait for a sale.