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  1. So far I’ve gotten EDF 2025: 0.68% Xcom 2: 0.86%
  2. Ah he’s a man of culture *Chad gif* I’m not necessarily sure what that consists of, I see tons of games at 0.00% but isn’t that because of regions, and extreme obscurity. I want good quality games not weird hellshooters no one’s heard of. Super poopy-face is already on the chopping block, it’ll be my #200. Thank you for the recommendation Saejima, very cash money of you.
  3. As title says, I’ve recently gotten an itch for those elusive ultra-rares, give me games to platinum that have under 1% on PSN PROFILES.
  4. MEIN LEBEN COMPLETED. 9 runs total. Message me at xXGIBZXxTOPGUN if you need help, a lot of the guides on YouTube are outdated and there’s multiple secret level quirks and AI manipulation that can trivialise entire sections including the final fight.
  5. https://imgur.com/a/PhPauGu